Fluorescent light – environmentally friendly kitchen lighting ideas

by Kremy

fluorescent light ideas home lighting ideas

Do you need inspiration for your kitchen lighting? Here are some beautiful ideas with fluorescent light !

Modern kitchen design ideas beige brown color fluorescent lamps


With regard to the furniture and design, perhaps the most common saying is that the kitchen is the heart of the house.

minimalist kitchen fluorescent light under cabinet lighting

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to design and decor. Why? Because with the right light fixtures any room looks better.

Fluorescent light – energy efficient lighting for your kitchen

contemporary light over island

Many people remember the fluorescent lamps of the past – a metal body with a tube that buzzes and hums.

modern kitchen ideas


Those days are long gone and modern lights have electronic control gear so no more humming and buzzing.

ceiling lighs contemporary lamps

The output is between four and six times more efficient than any other lamp source. Moreover designers offer beautiful solutions which make a fluorescent lamp attractive, stylish and elegant.

light contemporary

A great advantage is the warm light as it is suitable for any home. Modern fluorescence lamps use much less energy and have a longer life.

under cabinet light modern

This makes them environmentally friendly and this is of great importance to many homeowners. Having a fluorescent light source also means that you will not be bothered with maintenance, changing bulbs, etc.

 Create the perfect workspace with fluorescence lights


Proper lighting can create the perfect mood. Considering the fact that the kitchen is usually one of the most visited places in the house, you need to carefully consider how to design the lighting.

cost effective

The lack of light can lead to health problems. Excessive illumination may also affect the health in a bad way. The conclusion is that the kitchen lighting should be well balanced.

purple modern cabinet light white island

Fluorescent lights are especially helpful in workspaces. Installed lengthwise they shall illuminate an expanded area of the countertop and work space.

light modern island

Fluorescence lamps can be installed overhead or nicely fit beneath cabinets to cast additional light.

modern black cabinets granite countertops light


modern pendants

contemporary under cabinet lights

contemporary ideas minimalist ideas




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