Air plant terrarium – how to take proper care of Tillandsia

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There are more than 650 species of Tillandsia, which can grow without soil and this is the main reason for the popularity of the air plant terrarium.

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Why is Tillandsia so easy to grow? These air plants receive the necessary amount of water and nutrients through their particular leaves.


Tillandsia uses its roots only in order to get attached to rocks, trees, shrubs, and the ground. Air plants come from South America, Mexico and Central America and love the warm climate. If you want to learn how you can maintain Tillandsia properly, read on.

How to arrange and take care of an air plant terrarium?

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Although an air plant terrarium is easy to maintain, there are a few rules that you must observe.

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Constant air circulation – as the name suggests – air is an essential factor and your plant needs it to be happy.

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– Air plants need some moisture – Spray daily from late spring to mid-autumn and in winter, only once or twice a week.

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Use a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis during spring and summer. Usually you fertilize weekly.

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 Although they love warm climate, most Tillandsia species must not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the type of Tillandsia you have grows on trees in its natural habitat, keep it in a damp, partially shaded place. If it is a ground-type, then you should grow it in bright, filtered light and outdoors on a spot with a partial shade.

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Do not keep air plants r in a place colder than 7 degrees, because they will die at these temperatures.

Air plant terrarium – Decorative elements in the room

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An air plant terrarium arranged with Tillandsia looks great alone or as decorative elements. Choose different varieties such as Tillandsia aeranthos ‘Amethyst’, which is also called the rosy air plant.

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It will create a nice contrast with its pink floral lace. You add some peat moss in the terrarium for extra moisture.

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Tillandsia species are also a good companion to orchids planted on a branch because they like the same conditions. Hanging air plants are a popular design element in modern interior design.

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