40 stylish bachelor bedroom ideas and decoration tips

by Kremy

Minimalist design bedroom gray colors bachelor bedroom interior decoration tips

We have collected 40 modern bachelor bedroom ideas and will give you some useful tips for the decor and style of a man’s bedroom. There is an opinion that the style and decor of the bedroom will give an idea of the true nature of its owner. Usually the decoration and furniture of men’s bedrooms speaks for the homeowner and his lifestyle. What is there in a man’s bedroom? The answer seems very simple. Although it is believed that men do not pay particular attention to the design of the furniture in the bedroom and the important is to have a wide bed, you will see that accents and accessories add style to the interior.

 Bachelor bedroom ideas – balanced, cozy and elegant

mens bedroom ideas elegant grey decor modern lighting decorative wall panels


There are many bachelor bedroom designs which feature extremely stylish, elegant and even sexy designs. Often men’s bedrooms are designed with minimalist interiors, pure shapes and straight lines. Beds are with high headboards upholstered in quilted fabric or leather. The modern interior in a male bedroom should be creative and far from conventional.

brick wall modern red bed design bedroom ideas for men

The styling is often simple and moderate with a limited palette of colors. Leather elements are distinctive and an excellent accent in the interior of the bedroom for men. We believe, that the perception that male bedrooms should be in chic contemporary style with an emphasis on minimalism is quite wrong. It can be stylish and comfortable, whether it is furnished in ultra-modern or more traditional style.


 Bachelor bedroom ideas – colors and trendy hues

bachelor pad ideas hardwood floor wooden bed modern lamps

To achieve a balanced, stylish and elegant interior in a man’s bedroom the selection of colors is of great significance. Most bachelor bedrooms feature black, gray, beige and brown colors, although when it comes to color selection, the personal taste is the most important factor.

Modern bedroom with leather bed bedroom for men

Thus, the choice of color depends entirely on the person who is using the bedroom. Although the colors have a huge effect on people’s mood, it is essential to choose the right shade of the palette. Each color and its shades create a unique atmosphere and choosing the colors for a bachelor’s bedroom will depend on the effect you want to achieve.

elegant mens bedroom gray color shades decor

Gray color in the interior is a modern color in contemporary designs, and if the bedroom is decorated in shades of gray, it looks quite attractive. Gray provides designers with a variety of shades – softer hues or bold masculine tones.

 bedroom trendy gray wall color white bed modern pendant lamps

Gray adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom and can be successfully combined with other colors like black, silver, white, blue, turquoise, etc. Modern gray color can be added to the bedroom interior with accessories, linen and curtains.

contemporary bedroom blue interior closet

The blue is unbeatable for a masculine look and has the advantage to be very soothing color. The various shades of blue – ocean, topaz, sky blue, hot electric blue shades create a feeling of modernity. Blue and gray make fantastic combination and is one of the popular bedroom color trends.

modern bachelor bedroom furniture ideas closet ideas barn door

One of the best colors for a bachelor’s bedroom is brown as it is a neutral color. Brown walls are perfect for wooden furniture and chocolate brown is the best choice for contemporary interior designs.

mens bedroom decor black white interior wallpaper

White is considered as an unusual color choice for men’s bedrooms but if you cannot make a decision on the right color of your bedroom – white is always a safe choice.

minimalist black white interior design

Paint your walls in white and choose a dark home decor to spice up the effect. Curtains, cupboards, sheets and rugs can thus be used to add color to your white room.

Bachelor bedroom interior design black wall colors decorative accents photos

Black can be an ultimate choice. Black and white is one of the most popular combinations of room colors for men. Make sure the bedroom furniture for your bachelor’s bedroom is carefully selected to complement the wall color combinations.

contemporary bachelor bedroom modern bed lighting wooden floor

Remember that lighting and bold accent pieces are transforming an ordinary bedroom into a truly masculine room.

platform bed open shelves modern chandelier bedroom furniture ideas

Minimalism is an ideal style for a man’s bedroom as it is not burdened with a lot of detail. It is a place where a man is sleeping, resting, reading and the space must be clearly zoned. Closet system is important as it should provide space for multiple shirts, costumes and other garments and it is necessary to place as many horizontal shelves which are always useful – for t-shirts, sweaters, linen. In short, everything has to be comfortable and at hand – not to spend a lot of time looking for things.

 bachelor minimalist style brick wall modern pendants

bachelor pad ideas for men

stylish bachelor pad decorative ceiling wall decor hardwood flooring

contemporary pad for men furniture ideas decoration ideas red dresser

bachelor bedroom brick walls wall picture modern lighting

Leather bed headboard gray wall color modern bachelor decoration ideas

male bedroom dark brown color creative lighting ideas

masculine bachelor pad decor gray brick wall wooden furniture

male hardwood flooring wooden platform bed

bachelor minimalist interior wall decoration

modern bedroom for men designs ideas furniture ideas

bachelor bedroom gray wall color antler decoration

mens grey natural wood chic masculine bedrooms design ideas

 grey interior white wall color

 grey brown colors modern bedroom

mens contemporary bachelor pad ideas blue yellow wall color poster bed

Mens bedroom design contemporary bachelor ideas modern lighting

mens bedroom decoration ideas dark wall color skylight modern furniture

male bedroom design ideas natural wood bed frame area rug

contemporary bachelor male furniture wall decoration

black white bedroom interior ideas for men

 ideas for men modern bachelor pad black white colors

 ideas for men minimalist bedroom white bed gray wall color

bachelor bedroom ideas trendy gray wall color gray curtains area rug

bachelor small bedroom design brick wall open shelves

bachelor bedroom ideas for men brick wall original decor


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