Romantic bedroom ideas – how to create a romantic mood?

by Kremy

romantic bedroom interior design poster bed red color accents

Romantic bedroom ideas can be found in many magazines, photos or pictures. However, many people feel uncertain when it comes to actually create such a bedroom design as the usual idea of “romantic” is inevitably associated with fluffy pink decoration elements and pastel shades in the interior. The truth is that very few men are fans of the stereotype idea of “romantic” and we shall give you some ideas how to add a modern touch to your bedroom interior and create the right mood.

Romantic bedroom ideas – what is the right design style?

romantic ideas white bedroom furniture classic style canopy bed


Romantic bedroom ideas are not following some strict rules as romance itself is an individual feeling. Design styles may differ from rustic to vintage or from shabby chic, Victorian, Art Deco, colonial and even eco-bedrooms. What is important is to create a design that appeals to both partners so both feel comfortable and relaxed.

Romantic bedroom ideas – colors in the interior

romantic bedroom ideas design styles classic furniture tufted headboard neutral colors

A true romantic mood is not only a state of mind, but also an atmosphere, which contributes to this. In the bedroom, which is an oasis of rest, such an atmosphere would be very appropriate. To achieve the right effect, neutral and soft colors are preferable – cream, chocolate brown with some silver accents, lavender, blue, etc. Again, we shall point out, that it is quite possible to use more modern romantic bedroom ideas which feature stronger colors like red, black and white, or even pure white.

Romantic bedroom ideas – furniture and accessories

romantic bedroom ideas canopy bed white canopy curtains

The main element of the interior of a bedroom is the bed. It should be wide and comfortable. A canopy will add splendor, elegance and the right touch of romance. One of the most romantic elements in the interior of the bedroom can be a fireplace. A cozy loveseat before the flames will change the atmosphere completely.

romantic style bedroom feminine decor white bedroom furniture dressing table

Textures and fabrics will add softness so choose the right bedding sets as well as curtains. Silk, satin, high quality cotton and jacquard are always a right choice.

romantic bedroom ideas brown decor soft lighting canopy rich curtains

Bedroom lighting is essential for the romantic atmosphere. Avoid bright white lights and opt for soft ambient lighting.

romantic bedroom interior ideas crystal chandelier dressing table candles

Keep your bedroom smelling wonderfully. This is easily achieved with ordinary or scented candles that create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere and pleasant scents. Vanilla and cinnamon are the most seductive aromas on the planet.

Loveseat and a daybed add a feeling of intimacy to the bedroom

romantic bedroom interior white furniture luxury bedding set

Soft colors and accents transform the interior of the bedroom

 bedroom interior ideas soft colors gray red accents

A wood burning fireplace in the bedroom is the centerpiece of the romantic decor


romantic interior fireplace crystal chandelier poster bed

Floral patterns with delicate motifs add  a note of tenderness

 bedroom interior design neutral colors soft lighting

 Shades of lavender complement the white bed

 bedroom ideas pastel colors lavender shades tufted headboard

A canopy bed always creates a romantic atmosphere

white beige colors romantic canopy bed crystal chandelier

romantic ideas canopy bed soft lighting soft orange wall color

romantic ideas canopy bed recessed lighting accent wallpapers

romantic furniture ideas canopy bed metal frame armchair


romantic design canopy bed soft ambient lighting candles

 bedroom decorating ideas bedding set ideas floral pattern

how to design bedroom interior decorating furniture ideas

platform bed purple red bedding romantic atmosphere candles


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