Garden stone wall provides slope stability and privacy protection

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Natural stone retaining wall for garden

Garden and landscape privacy ideas offer several design options. The garden walls are important elements of garden design, which serve a very practical purpose. There are many retaining wall ideas – whether a dry wall, stone wall, concrete wall or gabion – any type has s a very special charm. A garden stone wall provides privacy protection, can be used as a noise barrier or built as a border for flower beds or lawns.

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There are garden stone walls built from different variations – granite, sandstone and limestone. Granite is the hardest stone, which is used in landscaping. Its amazing shades vary between gray, black, crimson to yellow, gray, blue and white, and show their beauty especially when wet. Granite stones are offered in certain standard sizes. Their weather resistance is very good in general. The golden-yellow sandstones are more brittle and easier to handle compared to granite. In contrast to the more coarse-grained structure of granite, basalt is a dense rock and very resistant to weather, but unfortunately difficult to machine. Dolomite is a dense, granular stone and has a higher resistance to air and water as limestone. A granite or sand-lime stone wall in the garden, however, is not an eye-catcher, like a garden fountain or garden pond for example, but it is an important component of the garden background.

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Natural stone for garden wall

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Before you start building a garden wall from stone, one must consider the exact process and the rules. Walls of natural stone require a firm foundation. The stone wall can be decorated easily with plants. Dry stone walls can also be transformed into small vertical gardens. Wall plants transform the ordinary stone wall in a vibrant green wall. Overgrown with moss and ferns, with colorful flowering shrubs or plants, the drywall offers many insects’ shelters.

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