Garden decoration ideas – the mysterious charm of modern sculptures

by Kremy

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Green plants and plastic figures seem to complement each other in a mysterious manner, as if they were created for each other. Green emphasizes the harmony of line and the silhouettes of the sculptures scattered in the garden and makes them a true work of art. With such garden decoration you will never feel lonely and certainly can always enjoy your leisure time there.

Garden decoration – sculptures as an element of modern garden design

Small garden decoration ideas water features metal sculptures


The selection and placement of garden sculptures needs to follow some rules that you need to know so that their charm is not lost. Here, the laws of harmony and style which apply to any decoration for garden, are prevailing. When decorating your outdoor area you are offered a vast choice. You can go for a work of art sculpture. The selection is huge, first, depending on the theme of the sculpture, and secondly, the material from which it is made. This garden art can be realistic or abstract, in principle. Sculptures are made of stone (granite, marble), steel sheets, or painted metal, wrought iron, ceramic tiles or wood. Unlike a bowling ball garden decor, sculptures are pretty expensive works of art and not everyone can afford them.

Garden decoration tips – how to select the appropriate sculptures

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The alternative to the sculpture as garden decors are garden plastic figures, which can be found in any garden center. No one would not call them unique, but they carry a comic touch and bring good mood. Such figures are usually made of colored glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. The choice depends on your preferences and your budget. Sculptures and decorative figures must be carefully selected according to their appearance, their size and material. NOTE: you must try to match the sculpture with the style of the house and with the garden design. Classic marble statues would look ridiculous standing in a rural farm. And vice versa – cheerful colorful ceramic chickens scattered in the grass, will make a classic-style garden design look tasteless.

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The purpose of decorations in the garden is to unite the space around them and thus become the center of attention. Add lots of color and texture in different parts of the garden. The small courtyard is interesting with decorative sculptures, it will be visually enhanced, since the figures create this optical illusion of space. A large garden statue attracts a lot of attention and they must be carefully placed either in the center or in a corner where it will draw the attention in a more moderate way. The size of garden statues is also very important. Small figures are lost in a huge yard, and a massive sculpture needs enough space to be perceived correctly. It is often quite sufficient to select a stylish figure that gives your garden a lot of charm. Depending on the style of your garden, you can also arrange groups of figures. For example, in a rural village, a group of cocks and hens with chicks or chickens looks great. Or how do you find a cute snail family in the grass? Cool, is not it? So, you can make a composition of several small decorative figures, thematically selected, of course. If you have a big enough yard and want to enjoy a few sculptures or sculptural groups, place them so that no more than two are a focal point.

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The decoration for garden must fit harmoniously into the environment. It must be an organic part of the space and revive unattractive areas in order to change the visual perception. For example, you can have some garden statues at the entrance, they are immediately visible and welcome your guests! Some garden statues can remain tucked away in a corner of the garden as a surprise element, and a colorful group of figures can be placed in the green grass outdoors.

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Garden statues should harmonize with your plants, because they create their “living” frame or background. Each elongated shape is highlighted, the vertical lines emphasize the perspective and balance the level of the flower beds and lawns. Thus, the long horizontal line of bushes is broken. Colorful ceramic statues will be lost amidst blooming flowers, but will look much better on green grass. If you want to emphasize the beauty of the sculptures and garden figures, the plants should not dominate, but be used as their background. Here are the stunningly beautiful sculptures by David Harber.

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Garden decorative water features metal garden sculpture

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