Charming garden obelisks and ideas for spectacular garden designs

by Kremy

obelisk in garden vertical garden designs patio decorating ideas

Since ancient times sculpted obelisks are used as garden decoration. In addition to metal garden obelisks you could opt for stone or concrete ones, depending on the purpose.

garden obelisk designs garden decoration ideas garden statues


Obelisks for the garden are a remarkable decorative element of the private garden area. You can buy a sophisticated model or craft it by yourself and arrange your garden in a spectacular way.

garden obelisk designs ideas garden decoration ideas rose pillar

This design is known from the times of ancient Egypt. In Europe, the obelisk was used in the French gardens in the 17th century, and became popular as an element of the garden decor after Andre Le Notre used them in the gardens of Versailles.

spectacular garden obelisk designs garden decoration ideas patio decoration

In landscape design garden obelisks perform a variety of roles – they can be a focal point which attracts the attention to certain corners of the yard and garden.

garden statues garden obelisks vertical garden ideas

An obelisk in the garden could be an attractive garden sculpture and part of the garden decor.

ornate garden obelisks vertical gardening ideas garden decoration

The obelisk can be used to separate different zones in the garden without using a fence.

traditional garden obelisk garden decoration small garden ideas

Last, but not least, the obelisk serves as a support climbing plants, decorative and garden.

wooden garden obelisks vertical gardening ideas small garden design ideas

Obelisks in the garden can be made of wood, metal or other material. Wooden obelisks are the most common type. They have a simple design in the form of a narrow pyramid. Wooden obelisks can be crafted by vine branches or wicker as well. The height can vary depending on the purpose of the obelisk.

metal garden obelisk white small garden ideas garden decorating ideas

Metal garden obelisks are stronger and more durable. They can be purchased from specialized manufacturers or custom made. They look especially beautiful and are perfect for areas that are already used cast iron gates or fences.

small garden designs garden decoration ideas obelisk vertical garneing

Planter boxes with an obelisk are a convenient option for climbing plants growing on paved areas, lawns or along the paths.

obelisk woven willow DIY garden decoration vertical gardening

Such designs are especially useful for small patios and have a great decorative value.

landscape designs garden obelisk ideas garden decoration

Obelisks for vertical gardening would look even more spectacular when used in groups.

Garden obelisk small patio designs patio decoration

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garden obelisk garden decoration ideas small garden designs

garden obelisk designs vertical garden landscape ideas garden decor

garden obelisk designs garden decoration ideas vertical garden ideas

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