Faux tin ceiling tiles ideas – decorate your home creatively

by Kremy


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Faux tin ceiling tiles are used in the design of ceilings as the tin tiles replace wood. The popularity of ceiling tin tiles is due to the fact that they are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors as well as numerous patterns. You can create and add an accent in any interior style – from Victorian to traditional Artdeko.

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Tin ceiling tiles are available in various styles and textures. Usually, they are used in larger buildings because they are cost effective but have found their rightful place in domestic interiors as well.

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Tin tiles are known for their durability, low maintenance and water resistance. Tin tiles are especially popular because of the easy installation.

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Tin ceiling tiles have a very characteristic feature – they are soft and yet have the visual appeal and luster of metal. The main advantage of tin tiles is the small weight and as a result, safety in use.

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A ceiling, decorated with faux tin ceiling tiles adds class and a bit of solemnity in the interior. It is important to know that there is no need to use tin tiles on the whole area of the ceiling, it can be a spectacular accent in the center or on the perimeter of the ceiling.

rustic kitchen designs hardwood floor white cabinets faux tin ceiling tiles

Using tin ceiling tiles is a very good way to add a vintage flair in the interior design.

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Modern faux tin ceiling tile ideas, designed for decorative ceilings, are able to absorb sounds, hide minor imperfections of the ceiling itself as well as visually increase or decrease the space of the room.

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 Tin ceiling tiles are manufactured in various finishes and ornate details and can be used successfully for coffered ceiling ideas. Once you have decided to go for tin tiles you need to remember that there is no need to overdo the design with too much details. You need some ideas for crown molding on the ceiling to have a finished look.

contemporary kitchen white cabinets black kitchen island decorative ceiling tin tiles

If the ceiling is a little higher than usual, these small details will not be visible. Also, remember that “less is more”.

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basement renovation ideas faux tin tiles bar area dining area

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faux tin tiles decorative ceilings kitchen design ideas

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