Creative and eye catching design ideas for kids bedroom ceilings

by Kremy

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We have discussed many times the design, furniture or colors for the children’s bedrooms. Today we shall focus on something that is often neglected – kids bedroom ceilings. There are many possibilities for decorating the ceiling, many ceiling molding design ideas and this does not necessarily means a lot of effort. With colors, patterns and fabrics you can achieve the desired accents. In addition, a few decorative elements such as balloon lamps, ceiling paintings – and the nursery has a finished look.

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Nobody will argue that parents pay special attention to the design of their kid’s bedroom.

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Everyone wants to create a comfortable, welcoming, playful and inspiring room for his child, a healthy and creative environment in which kids will grow and develop.

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When choosing the design of kids bedroom ceilings you need to be creative and consider the personality of the kids, what they like, and of course, the ceiling design should take into account whether the room is occupied by a boy or a girl. The basic colors of the kids’ bedroom are a big part of the decoration. Look at the ceiling design but be careful not to use too dark colors. This would make the room unnecessary darker and smaller. Bright colors and pastel shades are an ideal option for the ceiling. Walls and ceilings should look harmoniously, but that does not mean that they must be painted in the same hue. Vibrant colors such as yellow, orange and green provide color accents.

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What should be the ceiling in the children’s room? There are people would be happy with a traditional ceiling but many parents choose unique and personalized ceiling designs which are a part of the whole concept for the room of the child.

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 When kids are in bed they will see the ceiling first thing in the morning and last when they go to sleep.

 decorative ceiling ideas kids bedroom design sky clouds

The ceiling becomes a canvas for a Fantasy World and can be anything from a blue sky to mysterious galaxies.

creative kids bedroom ideas decorative ceiling design solar system

Boys are very creative and, in general, more active. Usually, the dominating color in boys’ bedrooms is blue, but there are many creative ways to use the color in awesome ceiling designs.

kids room design bunk beds space ceiling design

Clouds, birds, planets, space, deep sea, safari – all of these themes are perfect for boys’ bedrooms.

kids room ceilings ideas girls bedroom decoration pink purple colors

 Girls are more dreamy so soft pastel colors are more suitable for the ceilings in their bedrooms.

girls bedroom ceiling ideas circular ceiling purple white colors

 White, pink, tender lavender – these colors are among the most popular for girls’ bedroom ceilings.

 stunning kids bedroom ceiling design starry sky modern kids bedroom lighting

Of course, light fixtures can help you in transforming ordinary ceilings into extraordinary kids bedroom ceiling designs.

kids bedroom ideas ceiling design space theme

Led lights, originally shaped pendants, exquisite chandeliers – find the most suitable and original lighting for the kids’ bedroom as it is not only a source of light but a part of the overall concept.

 sky ceiling kids decorating ideas bunk bed with slide

baby room decorating ideas ceiling design blue ceiling white clouds modern lighting

Ceiling decor ideas kids room design blue sky ceiling

cool ceiling designs floats beach theme decor kids furniture

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