Original shelf design – creative storage ideas for kids bedrooms

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Original shelf design ideas kids room decorating tips

Kids’ rooms have a special place in the home. This is the shelter of the child, his little fortress. All parents are trying to create a friendly and safe environment for their little ones and it is very important to furnish the room not only with functional, but also with beautiful and high-quality furniture. We selected some ideas for original shelf design which can be a beautiful decorative element in the room of your child without compromising the functionality.

In urban dwellings storage space is never enough and finding enough space for keeping toys and books is always a big concern for parents. Some parents buy ready-made storage systems for children’s belongings while others prefer DIY racks, shelves and cabinets ideas. Which way to go is a purely individual decision. We hope that you will find new ideas which will help you organize the area of your children’s room and arrange additional storage without losing precious floor meters.

Original shelf design ideas – pros and cons and where to place the shelving system

original wall mounted bookshelves kids room furniture


Shelves are a great piece of furniture. You can put a variety of items on them, ranging from children’s toys and photos, to books and souvenirs. In addition, an original shelf design in the kids’ room immediately becomes a decorative element in the interior design. Why choose shelves instead of cabinets? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s have a look and see!

On the first place wall shelves look light in terms of design. They do not clutter up the space of the room and do not take up as much space as a regular cupboard or storage cabinets.

You can choose the size and number of shelves in accordance with the room size, child’s age and personal needs. If the room is shared with a sibling you can purchase a rack with a height from floor to ceiling and with several rows of shelves.

Shelves can be positioned from the floor to the ceiling and accommodate different children’s things, toys, books, craft materials, etc.

It is easy to organize the child’s toys by adding a variety of boxes and baskets for small items. In addition, you can adjust the height if the shelves so that they are easily accessible. You can add one or more slats depending on the needs of the child at any time.

Original shelf design ideas for kids rooms a shape

Some shelf design combines open design and closed cabinets. This allows a lot of flexibility and you can choose cabinets with glass doors for books, for example, or with wooden doors. An option is to paint the doors in different colors from the overall palette in the room or set bright accents.

Shelves help divide the children’s room into several zones.

Shelves blend well into children’s rooms designs. They look harmonious and can be used in any style.

Shelves for kids’ rooms come in a huge variety of models, shapes, size and colors. The wide range allows you to choose options that will appeal to a child and decorate any interior. Of course, the shelves in the nursery should match the overall style. Generally, there are three types of shelves and when choosing the furniture you need to make sure that it is suitable for the age of your child and the overall style of the interior.

kids room furniture and decoration ideas original wall mounted shelf

Wall shelves remain the most popular, space saving and functional option. They have a low price and are easy to install.

Hinged shelves are ideal for storing books. It is better to choose shelves with a special rim when the child is small.

Suspended shelves – they can be a unique element in the child’s room but are suitable for children of pre-school age and older. A special feature of hanging shelves is that they are not nailed to the wall, but hung on ropes, cords, metal chains, etc. Such original designs give the room individuality and are very appealing to teenagers.

Corner shelves allow you to efficiently use the free space in a small room. With their help, it is convenient to create a separate reading or playing area. Under the shelf you can palce a soft pad or bean bag.

Shelves can be placed above the bed, under the bed or as a part of the headboard, around the window, above the desk, so there are many options to add an original shelf design to the children’s room.

How to choose the best shelves for the kids ’room?

kids room furniture ideas with built in storage shelves

Open shelves expand storage in the nursery, help keep things, books and toys in order, and allow you to quickly fill empty walls. When you choose nursery and kids’ room furniture, one of the most important criteria is environmentally friendly material. Solid wood, as well as the more affordable option – MDF, are considered as the most environmentally friendly material which is suitable for children.

Safety and functionality are equally important. It is better to avoid mirrors and glass in the finishing of facades in order to avoid cuts and injuries, and all corners should be rounded. The fittings as well as all parts designed for frequent use must be durable and of good quality. The shelves must be convenient to the child and the height of all elements must match the height of the child.

Stability and durability are other features that the parent needs to keep in mind. The shelves must be level, without tilting and built-in modesl should be fastened securely. The quality of the material also matters. Choosing poor-quality materials can cause an allergy in a child, or be fragile, and collapse under the weight of things. The better the material, the longer the furniture will last. Of course, you may need to pay a higher price, but it will be worthy and you are not buying it for just one year. In addition, shelves that are made of durable material allow you to place a lot of things on them.

Easy maintenance – the surfaces should be easily cleaned.

Appearance- Kids’ room furniture should be bright and interesting. After determining the type of shelves for the children’s room, you must choose their color. You need to consider not only your personal preferences, but the general style, size and lighting of the room, as well as the child’s wishes. Light colors are suitable for small rooms – white, beige, light green, pale pink, pastel shades. They visually expand the space and make the interior unobtrusive. Calm colors are accented with bright toys that children can arrange on their own.

Original shelf design and super cool ideas for your kids’ room

Original shelf design ideas hexagonal honeycomb shape

These original shelf design ideas will show how to create an unusual and interesting interior in the children’s room. Every detail in the room should add to the atmosphere.

Manufacturers produce round, oval, triangular, curved, rectangular , square models and these geometric shapes can be a charming feature in a modern and cozy room. Geometric shelves are not only practical and multi-functional products, but your child will like them for sure, because this type of furniture allows numerous combinations and configurations.Honeycomb shape is also very interesting.

cute wall mounted shelves DIY house shelf ideas

House shelf designs are adorable and you can find them in different sizes and colors. They are ideal for storing dolls, soft toys, books, etc. Actually, this is an easy DIY project and you can make these original shelves on your own from plywood sheets or wood. You simply cut out the elements, sand and polish them carefully and then paint them in the desired color. It is possible to add various decorative elements to each house shelf.

original DIY wall shelves ideas wall mounted crates

Shelves from crates look very original as well. Painting the crates in the right shades will transform them completely. All you need to do after that is mounted them on the wall.

nursery room wall decorating ideas tree shelf

Tree branch shelves are incredibly cute. You can use paint or wallpaper to create the tree and the shelves will perform the role of the branches.

cloud shelves ideas for boys and girls rooms

Shelves in the shape of a cloud are suitable for creating an original atmosphere. They will help the child to plunge into the world of fantasies, invent new games and adventures. For a boy’s room shelves can have the shape of airplanes, trains, cars and this will be an interesting detail in the interior.

creative storage ideas for kids bedrooms original wall mounted shelves

As you see there are many original shelf design ideas and you can choose one that will add character and individuality to the interior of your child’s room.


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