Armor tattoo ideas for men – ultimate symbol of masculinity and strength

by Kremy

roman warrior armor tattoo design on shoulder and chest

Armor tattoo ideas for men are really one of the most spectacular ways to demonstrate strength, courage and masculinity. It is true that tattoos never go out of fashion and have been around for thousands of years, only slightly changing their meaning over time. We must not forget that different images have different energies which they pass to their owner.

The art of tattooing is very popular nowadays and we see unique designs that are close to masterpieces. If we look closely at the meaning of armor tattoos, it can be noted that they are primarily intended for men. Some people think that these tattoos are mostly made by tough, courageous people who are fond of martial arts and who know how to handle cold weapons. Others, on the contrary, suggest that such a tattoo will give strength and determination to men who are not quite courageous. When you examine the symbolism of armor tattoos, you will notice that it is believed that the armor on the body can serve as a shield against evil and this has its explanation, since armor’s main function in the past was to provide protection.

shoulder tattoo roman armor warrior designs


For thousands of years men were warriors and it is not a surprise that this type of tattoos is enjoying such a great popularity in modern times. Men choose it for different reasons and for every individual it has a special meaning. To some, the image is just a super cool body decoration, for others it symbolizes their masculinity, readiness to fight for their ideals or as a way of expressing their life principles. There are men who use the image as a protective tool, as an armor for the soul, as a shield from the hardships of life, etc.

Armor tattoo ideas for men – meaning and elements

Armour tattoo ideas for men shoulder sleeve and chest

Armor tattoo ideas for men vary in designs and styles. We shall look at some of the most popular elements below but before that let’s have a look at the meaning of these unique drawings. Armors are always associated with military protection and chivalry.

The obvious purpose of the armor is to protect a person from various types of weapons. A modern analogue is a bulletproof vest, but as a tattoo, the armor looks much more spectacular, despite the limited color range. This tattoo is a manifestation of the courage, inner strength and strength of the spirit of its owner. It can serve as a talisman against external aggressive factors and contribute to resistance to life turmoil.

armor sleeve tattoo medieval knight design

As a symbol of chivalry, the armor symbolizes nobility, readiness to stand up for the weak, loyalty to ideals, honor and valor. Armor is a symbol of loyalty to duty. At the same time it may have a meaning of of a privileged position in society.

An armor is also an expression of the military ideals in modern times, especially in combination with emblems, inscriptions and other symbols, as well as images of animals that give additional meaning to the tattoo.

shoulder tattoo ideas for men masculine armor

Armor tattoos vary from samurai to gladiator, a Roman warrior to Medieval knight, from a Viking or Celtic warrior. For example, Samurai armor is an expression of man’s readiness for self-sacrifice, restraint, solemnity. Gladiator’s armor speaks of purposeful, decisive and firm character. In ancient Rome, often the only way to stay alive was a victory in a fierce duel. Therefore, protective armors made of bronze plates and wide belts are associated with the courage and strength of the wearer. Knight armors embody the idea of honesty and help. Such men do not need praise and glory, they do not tolerate empty promises, do not allow to offend the weak, help the elderly and do it quietly without feeling deprived of the attention of others.

Armor tattoo ideas for men

As you know, additional symbols add their meaning to the overall tattoo design and their importance gives the image depth and personal characteristics.

  • European knight armor tattoo can be decorated with heraldic symbols. For example, the surface of a shoulder strap may be crowned with a lion which will make the image more aggressive while fleur de lis speaks for nobility, strength, purity of thoughts and generosity.
  • Capricorn symbolizes  stability and reliability;
  • Oak leaves – honor, dignity, fight and victory;
  • Dragon or caduceus (the staff of Hermes) – wisdom, caution, strategic mindset;
  • Rose – nobility;
  • Unicorn – firmness, power, reliabilityм
  • Animals are also used as an additional element in armor tattoos. If they are in attack, the meaning indicates active action, a peaceful pose symbolizes planning, strategy and distribution of forces, readiness and willingness to act in some moment.

chest and shoulder tattoo ideas armor and lion

We have to point out that armor tattoos are usually designed as a protective equipment of a certain historical period and reflect the attitude of their owner – a defender, an indestructible warrior or a conqueror. The meaning will depend on the choice of type and image. For example, chainmail symbol may mean love for freedom, flexibility of decisions. A knight’s armor is the choice of men with decisive character who will not give up their position.

Armor tattoo ideas for men – designs and location on the body

original masculine tattoo ideas armor on shoulder

Armor tattoo ideas for men vary not only in design but in location on the body. The location of the tattoo changes the meaning. For example, when the image is on the shoulder, it speaks about the character of a warrior. Usually the armor covers part of the chest and the heart area. A full-scale tattoo can be lowered towards the ribs or cover part of the back. The shape of the armor depends on the owner’s desire to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Such option is appealing to men who fight for their beliefs, who are accustomed to difficulties and who are able to withstand any life situations.

Armor tattoo on the forearm is a good choice for men who prefer a masculine but less aggressive image. In addition, the forearm provides a large space for tattoo and due to the fact that there is a dense dense layer of subcutaneous fat and muscles, images look expressive and bold.

tattoo of armor on shoulder ideas for men

When you choose the design of your armor tattoo it is important to choose an image that reflects your personality.The design should create an attractive image of strong and confident person. Look at the photos in the gallery and get inspired by these real works of art!



shoulder and chest celtic style armor tattoo

shoulder and arm tattoo designs for men

realistic tattoo designs for men armor on shoulder

original tattoo ideas for men shoulder ideas

masculine tattoo design ideas for shoulder and chest

greek style armour tattoo design ideas for men

exceptional shoulder tattoos realistic armor designs

celtic tattoo design ideas armor on shoulder

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armor tattoo ideas with fleur de lis

armor and inscription tattoo design on shoulder and chest


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