Indoor and outdoor weight loss exercises – How to lose weight naturally

by Kremy

Exercises to lose weight with sports running nordic walking and jogging

Obesity and overweight are often associated with poor diet and inadequate exercises for weight loss or lack of movement. Lack of physical activity also slows down the metabolism in the body and important nutrients cannot be properly absorbed and we cannot really burn and remove from the body the excess toxins and fat. Weight loss exercises and physical activity can help control extra kilograms by speeding up metabolism, lowering insulin levels, and burning excess body mass.

Ideas for weight loss exercises

healthy food and exercises to lose weight


Regular physical activity improves overall health and prevents the appearance of many diseases. If you eat well, exercise frequently, you may still feel that you are not really losing weight. The truth is that eating well and moving often can be a very relative and general process. If we are honest with ourselves, we can safely admit that we all can make a little more effort in both areas. Whole body fitness is actually a lifestyle too. Fat loss occurs only when you find an activity or sport that you enjoy. Plus, you have to start looking at food as fuel instead of something that nourishes your emotions or takes your time.

weight scale and meter weight loss exercises

If you lose weight by practicing weight loss exercises, the first place to look at is the kitchen. Some people focus their energy on burning calories without taking the time to think about what they are consuming as fuel. The diet is at least 80% of the fight.

bread with cream cheese ham cheese cucumber eggplant and radish

While the exact foods that you should eat depend heavily on your body type, metabolism and other factors, it is a good rule of thumb to stick to all natural foods. Try eating most of your starchy carbohydrates, such as potatoes, brown rice, and grains, on days when you’re training. On days of rest, keep to egg whites and vegetables and avoid bread, sugar and processed products.

Restart your body with exercises

play soccer or other suitable sport outdoors


If you consume only plant foods, for example during a fast, the body immediately begins to purify itself of environmental contaminants, various poisons, bacteria, alcohol, tobacco, and the like.  There is a process of self-recovery and detoxification and generally speaking, it happens with the help of the urinary tract, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and lymph nodes. However, it is physical activity that opens these processes of purification and recovery. As a part of our lifestyle, we create conditions for the body to enhance the function of all organs and systems responsible for detoxifying and refreshing the cells.

woman in sportswear practices yoga in studio

However, there are a variety of methods, different types of training and exercise. It is extremely important that you know exactly what you need – you and your body. For example, at the time when the body literally removes toxins and contaminants, there is also a recovery process. During such period, it is recommended to practice aerobics with moderate or low intensity. You should exercise in a way so that you do not overload your body. This can happen in a high and continuous level of fitness training, even with weight loss exercises.

Choose appropriate exercises to lose weight

Physical activity is, or should be, an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, organs and systems in our body work in a completely different way. Physical activity and muscle building help to burn calories, keep muscles and tendons flexible, and that’s not all. When we do specific exercises to lose weight, we help to the detoxification processes in the body. And one more thing that may change your attitude to exercising – it’s encouraging the release of the hormones of happiness.

man in white clothing exercises tai chi Martial Art outdoors

During the summer you can do swimming, yoga, tai chi, walking, jogging, gymnastics and pilates. With their help, your body gradually detoxifies and recharges with energy .These are the best exercises to practice in the morning and lose weight as the body is most rested and the energy level is at the highest. So here are some ways you can naturally and healthily reduce excess weight.

Running or jogging

running and jogging to lose weight

Running is a very popular method if you want to reduce excess weight. This is one of the most effective weight loss exercises that can quickly burn off excess fat while keeping your body in shape. High-intensity running exercises stimulate the processes more intensively, so that the fat burning happens faster than in low intensity exercises. For an hour at an average speed you can burn between 600 and 1000 calories.

Cardio training

man and woman in cardio training

These types of weight loss exercises are some of the most commonly used weight loss training methods because of their effectiveness. They increase heart rhythm accelerates the metabolism. However, it is important to note that if you do this type of workout for the first time, it should not take more than 20 minutes per day. Over time, you can increase the duration and intensity of the workout to improve your stamina and achieve the desired shape.

old woman with fitness instructor in cardio training with suit with sensors

There are many benefits of good cardio workouts, but these often lead to overload and other problems such as knee pain, muscle atrophy, slower metabolism and much more. The training should also be in compliance with your health and mental state. If you have not exercised for a long time and want to start cardio training, it is advisable to consult a professional trainer first.

Cycling outdoors

woman riding bike in the park

Outdoor cycling is also a nice and effective way to reduce your overweight. It has an important advantage – the variety of different terrain and difficult routes. The amount of calories consumed in cycling usually depends on the speed and the route.

cycling in gym workout and exercies

By riding a bike, you can burn up to 372 calories at an average speed of 15 km/h, a moderate 20 km/h up to 745 calories and at more than 25 km/h around 1117 calories. Cycling also improves the muscles. If possible, use a bicycle instead of a vehicle. In this way, you will simultaneously ensure a better physical condition and you will help the environment.


skipping at sunset for better body figure

Jumping with a rope is easy and very effective. If you rope jump for a few minutes, you can do wonders for your body and your weight. In addition, the jump rope affects your entire body and helps to achieve coordination between eye and arm. With a moderate jump rhythm you can burn about 931 calories in one hour.


dance and zumba as weight loss exercises body activity

This is also a great way to reduce the extra kilograms. It is an aerobic exercise that improves both the condition of the heart and lungs, as well as your coordination and balance. Depending on your weight, you can burn between 150 and 250 calories in a 30-minute session. Dance, accompanied by your favorite music, is a great way to reduce or eliminate mental stress you accumulate in your daily life.

Individual sport

marathon race suitable sport to lose weight

Sport is extremely important for those who want to be healthy and maintain a good physical condition. The basic rule when choosing a sport is to practice it with pleasure. The best sports to reduce obesity are: tennis – 600 – 1000 calories per hour, basketball – 600-900 calories per hour, football – 500-900 calories per hour.

Hiking and mountaineering

tourist with backpack on a path in the mountains

Mountain tourism can also help you lose weight and keep you healthy and active. Walking helps to improve muscles, lubricate the joints well, increase lung capacity, reduce depression and maintain ideal weight. Mountain climbing can burn between 400-650 calories per hour.




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