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Beauty tips DIY makeup tutorial step by step instructions

Do you want to give your look depth and mystery? How to make your eyes more expressive and attract the attention of others? We will tell you how to master the technique of cat eye makeup! Find out the secrets of applying eyeliner for different types of eyes, the common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

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This technique appeared in ancient Egypt. Women began to copy the characteristic features of the eyes of cats which were considered sacred animals. The makeup style quickly became popular and even nowadays it has not lost its appeal. Cat eye makeup is very effective and universal. No other makeup for different types of eyes looks so beautiful, feminine, sensual and mysterious.

DIY Cat eye makeup – basic rules that you need to know

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The goal of cat eye makeup is to emphasize your eyes and make them more expressive. There is a huge number of different techniques for creating the style and in addition, there is a huge number of different variations. However, despite the large number of options to choose from, there is one main principle and if you follow the basic rules and steps, you will be able to apply a beautiful makeup without the help of a professional artist.

As experts say, the essence of cat eye makeup technique is the visual narrowing and lengthening of the eye to make it look tender, sensual and bold at the same time. The elongation can be achieved with a pencil, eyeliner or dark eyeshadows. You need to know exactly the length and width of the line you plan to apply so that the result is harmonious. Here are the most important rules that you need to know and follow:

DIY makeup tutorials eye liner tips and tricks

Carefully select the shape of the line in accordance with your eye type and color. For example, for bulging eye type, the line must not be very wide but elongated. It is better if it starts from the middle of the upper eyelid. In addition, you should not emphasize the lower eyelid as this emphasizes the “bulge”. If you have narrow eyes, then the lines should be wide and elongated to make them visually larger. In this case, you need to emphasize the lower eye lid with a brown pencil and blend it. If you have small eyes, draw clear and voluminous cat-eye lines, but be careful not to go far beyond the outer corner of the eye. The wide lines make small eyes look more open and expressive. Accent the lower eyelid with eyeshadows and blend them. Mascara with volume effect is will emphasize small and wide eyes while girls with narrow eyes should choose mascara with lengthening effect.

Consider the position of the eyes. This is important for any type of makeup, anyway. Girls with close-set eyes, for example, need to pull the line of cat eye makeup further out to make the eyes look further from each other and vice versa – in case your eyes are widely apart, you need to draw a shorter line.

Do not overdo your makeup! One of the most important rules is that if you apply cat eye makeup, you need to choose a neutral color for your lips. You can use a darker lip liner and transparent gloss as well.

cool cat eye with colored eye liner

Think of color. As we already mentioned, cat eye makeup is universal and is suitable for all girls and women. You just need to choose the right color palette and the optimal length and thickness of the lines. Using black, brown or gray eyeliner is a classic choice. However, young girls who want to experiment with colors may choose a different shade.

  • Yellow and green color as well as cold shades are suitable for brown eyes.
  • Green-eyed girls should look at plum, lilac, peach shades.
  • Gray and blue eyes will look good eyeliner golden brown, bronze, blue.

If you choose color cat eye makeup, pay attention to the shade of your skin and choose a shade that complements your face.

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Which eyeliner is best for DIY cat eye makeup?

The market offers four eyeliner varieties to choose from – gel, cream, pencil and liquid. Each one has its pros and cons.

  • Gel liner is a good choice for hot weather. It offers the advantage of being lightweight and easy to control. In addition, it dries quickly.
  • Cream liner is comfortable to use and will stay put without running or smudging for hours. This is a good option for weddings and other festive occasions.
  • Pencil liner is universal. It is suitable for beginners in DIY makeup as well as for women who have experience in applying makeup. The disadvantage of pencil liners is that they need sharpening.
  • Liquid liner is the smoothest and this would be your choice if you wanted a more dramatic look and need to draw thicker lines.

DIY Cat eye makeup – step by step instructions

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To create the perfect cat eye makeup you will need a number of cosmetic products and tools listed below. If you are a beginner and you do not have experience in using eye liner, it is better to choose a felt tip eye liner. The lines made with liquid eyeliner are more expressive but you need to have some skill to use this tool. Here is what you need:

  • Eye primer
  • Liquid, gel, cream or pencil eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow, preferably neutral
  • angled brush or eyeliner brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Makeup remover

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Step 1 – Prepare the skin.

It is necessary to prepare the skin of the face. It needs to be cleaned and moisturized. Even if you are a beginner at DIY makeup, you know that this step is a must as it gives you a good base for any makeup. In case you have dark circles or redness around the eyes, apply eye cream or serum.

Step 2 – Line the upper lashline

With small strokes, draw a line on the upper lashline keeping the length and shape that you like. Do not hurry and take your time.

Step 3 – Finding the perfect angle

When you want a harmonious look, you need to follow the shape of your eyes. Use this shape as a guide. Try to imagine an extension of your lower lash line and this should be the right angle for the flick.

Step 4 – Draw the flick

When you are certain about the angle, you can make small dots with the with your eyeliner to create the flick. After that, connect the dots and fill in until it connects with the line on the upper lashline.

Step 5 – Make corrections

You can use a concealer or a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to correct the lines, if necessary. Apply mascara and your cat eye makeup is ready!

DIY cat eye makeup – useful tips, tricks and variations

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As you see from the step by step instructions, DIY cat eye makeup is not difficult to master. Beginners may need some time to get used to applying liner but after each try, the lines will be smoother and the final result will be better. Here are some useful tricks that will be of help to every girl:

Buy a makeup mirror. There are numerous models on the market. Invest in a high quality product with a magnifying option as this will help you see the details.

It is best if you apply makeup sitting at a vanity or a dressing table so that your body has a stable position and your hand is steady.

If you use a pencil, always sharpen it before drawing lines.

While drawing the flick, do not pull the skin near the brow bone as this affects the angle and the shape.

When using liquid liner, always let it dry completely and apply mascara after that.

Make sure you soften the black lines at daytime. Moderation is the key! Leave dramatic, colored and metallic liners for evening party makeup.

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Once you get used to drawing smooth lines, you can experiment with different cat eye makeup variations. You can change the thickness of the line but keep in mind that the thin line makes eyes appear longer. Playing with the length of the line can be tricky and it is best to avoid any extremes. A tiny flick looks natural. If you want a bold and dramatic look then make a longer flick. Combining cat eye makeup with smokey eye technique is quite a popular option for both daily and evening makeup. You can add eyeshadow or glitter but you have to follow the rules for applications of these products. For example, if you want to combine the cat eye with eyeshadow, you need to apply eyeshadow, blend it well and then create the cat eye. If you wanted a smokey cat eye you will need to follow different steps.

Look at the photos in the gallery below for inspiration and see if you can manage the perfect DIY cat eye makeup!


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