Phoenix tattoo meaning and stunning design ideas for tattoo lovers

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Phoenix tattoo is an incredibly beautiful pattern and is suitable for both men and women. The image of the legendary bird is still an integral part of world culture. The phoenix is a mythological bird, distinguished by unusual beauty. It is sacred in many cultures because it symbolizes resurrection from the dead and immortality. What does the phoenix tattoo mean? What are the best designs and where to place your tattoo? We shall give you some great ideas which will help you choose your own unique tattoo.

Due to the fact that phoenix is popular in many cultures there are different legends for this mythical bird. According to the legend, the phoenix dies and is reborn every 500 years. Feeling the approach of death, the bird makes a nest and sets itself on fire. After 3 days, the phoenix comes to life, but the experience from past lives remains. Phoenix exists in Greek mythology and the ancient Greeks used the word for a particular palm tree. The word itself means “tree of the sun”. The bird’s feathers had a golden color, which reminded the ancient people of the sun and its burning rays. Therefore, the meaning of Phoenix is associated with rays, light and wealth.

Ancient authors wrote that they saw a phoenix in real life. The mythical bird lived in Egypt and was depicted with the head of a heron. The deity was identified with god Ra, symbolizing the sun and the resurrection from the dead.

In Chinese mythology, the phoenix symbolizes the feminine beginning as opposed to the dragon, personifying the male energy Yang.

Phoenix tattoo meaning

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Phoenix tattoos have a deep and special meaning. The essence of this image on the human body is that it symbolizes the end of one period of human life and the beginning of another one. The sacred bird is reborn from the fire and opens the way to renewal. That is one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of the tattoo among people of different ages, both men and women.

This tattoo also means infinity, strength, patience and is often the choice of people who have gone through many difficulties and bitter experiences.

A phoenix is the choice of self-confident men as it is accepted as a sign of a winner, who fought the difficulties of life with dignity. Their independent and proud character does not allow them to ask for help from others.

For women, the phoenix tattoo embodies the idea of sincere love, loyalty and devotion. Tattoo sketches of birds with a dragon symbolize the interaction of male and female beginnings and have the same meaning as the sign of yin-yang. To many, the mythical bird is an expression of virtue and femininity. Usually, such tattoo designs are highlighted with bright colors in red, yellow, green shades, indicating the feminine beginning, grace, and kindness.

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Another popular meaning of the phoenix is the idea of rebirth. This is the main essence of the tattoo. Modern people see some resemblance of death and a miraculous resurrection in 3 days with the story of Jesus Christ, a new beginning, taking roots from the remnants of the past. This is a popular drawing of winners and believers in eternal life after death.

Victory and strong will, internal strength and reliability – the fire and flames stand symbolize death and the phoenix rising from the ashes defeats it. The symbolism of the Phoenix emerging from the fire can be interpreted as a manifestation of life and its renewal. The meaning of the tattoo is also referred to the inner state of a person, which is characterized by an incredible strength of mind, a huge desire for life.

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A popular interpretation is that phoenix tattoos represent immortality and hope for the future. Infinitely reborn, the bird embodies an infinite life and gives hope for a happy and bright future.

The phoenix embodies the concepts of longevity and creation. In many images the flames of the fire are accepted as an illustration of the idea of purification, the process of leaving everything negative in the past.

A flying phoenix symbolizes the desire for freedom, free thinking and flight of creativity.

Phoenix with tears in his eyes – indicates the treatment of severe wounds and renewal of body and soul.

As a symbol of immortality, the phoenix is considered as a mighty patron. Very often the image is accepted as a strong amulet – a talisman, granted by the sun, which is able to prolong human life.

Phoenix tattoo design ideas and styles

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As you see the meaning of every phoenix tattoo will be different to each person. We listed some of the most popular interpretations which will give you an idea for the depth and special significance of this fabulous bird. Usually tattoo designs are fascinating bright pictures that tell a whole story. The most common places for impressive large tattoos are the back, chest, thighs and shoulder.

The mighty bird is depicted in  red-orange or fiery-gold color. A strong emphasis is placed on the red color. Based on the place of application of the tattoo, the artist may include additional elements like flame, sun, fire, etc. Phoenix tattoo styles vary significantly and most often it is the personal taste that determines the style and technique. You can share your ideas with the artist and he, as a professional in his field, will help you create a unique drawing.

Watercolor technique looks spectacular on a large scale images. Gentle pastel colors and vague contours give the composition lightness and airiness.

Black and white sketches will certainly attract the attention of young people who want to emphasize strength and independence. These can be done with dotwork.

Oriental style is dominated by gold and red colors. Lotuses and sea waves organically blend into the composition.

Small tattoos look originally in the style of geometry. The composition is dominated by clear contours, thin lines and geometric shapes.

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In conclusion we have to say that the fascinating look of phoenix tattoos is appealing to many people due to the fact that this noble creature is characterized with elegance and exceptional beauty. Have a look at the unique tattoo designs in the gallery below.



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Phoenix thigh tattoo design ideas for women

Phoenix tattoo designs for men and women

Phoenix shoulder tattoo designs cool ideas for men and women

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phoenix bird tattoo styles and design ideas

original phoenix tattoo on forearm design ideas for women

original phoenix arm tattoo ideas for women

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beautiful phoenix bird tattoo design ideas for men and women

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