Fascinating back tattoos – design ideas for men and women

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Unique creative back tattoos design ideas for men and women

Back tattoos are hugely popular and if until recently they were mostly men’s choice, nowadays we see a lot of women wearing such tattoos as well. Professional tattoo artists create real works of art and very often their work is so flawless that one cannot take his eyes off the fascinating images. The incredible tattoo designs are truly spectacular for their individual features, extraordinary approach, creative ideas, as well as an undeniable originality. Thanks to this, even the simplest tattoos have their own unique charm. Classic or unusual figures of animals and people, lines with or without borders, geometric and floral ornaments – all these are assembled into a single composition which creates an aesthetic and visually pleasing image. Why choose a tattoo on the back? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the most popular images and their meaning? We shall give you the answers and you will find photos of some of the most beautiful and impressive back tattoos for men and women in the gallery below.


Back tattoos advantages and disadvantages

awesome back tattoo ideas for men lion and inscription


Almost every tattoo artist will tell you they love to work with large-scale designs. Back tattoos have a number of advantages and here are some of the most important ones:

  • The back is the largest part of the body, which is distinguished by a relatively smooth surface, so men and women can choose any pattern and design.
  • The muscles and the skin on the back practically do not change with age. This is a guarantee that the image will not lose its initial appearance.
  • Back tattoos look exceptionally good on muscles with relief and will surely attract a lot of attention.
  • The back is a universal surface. For example, when wearing a swimsuit or a dress with an open back, a woman will look very extraordinary, but if you wish, you can easily hide any tattoo.
  • Visual aesthetics – this is one of the main reasons why people choose a tattoo on the back. There is not a single woman who would remain indifferent looking at a beautiful male back with an original tattoo and vice versa. When the design is chosen with taste and carefully thought out so that the composition has a deep meaning, any tattoo will provoke your interest. People who place tattoos on their backs communicate and express themselves with the language of graphics.
  • Choosing to have a back tattoo is very practical. You can choose the design without thinking about the opinion of other people, you will not worry whether it is office appropriate, you will not have to comply with corporate rules, you can work anywhere and communicate with different people.

Back tattoo enjoy great popularity for one more reason. The process of drawing the image is relatively less painful than applying tattoos to other body parts. The lack of nerve endings on the surface of the skin, the muscles and the fat under the skin make the needle punches less painful. During the healing period, tattoos on the back do not create any particular discomfort. The place can be bandaged and hidden under comfortable clothing. Of course, it is recommended to limit the physical exercise, visits to the gym and fitness studio as well as lie on the back.

back tattoo ideas for women

What are the disadvantages of back tattoos and what do you need to keep into consideration before going to the tattoo studio.

On the first place back tattoos may take a lot of time, depending on the design. A simple inscription, a flower or a small-sized symbol are mane quickly, but a big complex pattern with many colors will require a lot of time and work.

Back tattoos are difficult to access. This may cause you some discomfort, especially in the first days after its application. It will be a bit difficult to take care for the skin and you may need help.

You may experience unpleasant sensations during the process of application. We mentioned that tattoos on the back are not as painful as compared to tattoo on other body parts yet, inking in the area of the spine, ribs and scapula can be painful.


How to choose the place for back tattoos?

beautiful and feminine flower tattoo for women

When choosing a back tattoo design it is necessary to decide on which part of the back it will be applied. You have several options:

Whole back surface – Such tattoos are impressive. They require first-class work and a lot of time and effort, but the end result will exceed all your expectations. One of the most impressive designs is angel wings. Usually, such tattoos are located on the shoulder blades. Predators like lions, tigers, hawks, wolves, eagles, etc. are also widely popular as well as mythical creatures.

On the spine – usually such tattoos are done as inscriptions. They can be narrow or wide, in different languages, black or colored. Another option for narrow and long tattoos are snakes, flowers, geometric patterns, etc.

On the shoulder blades you can have a single image or a more complex design. For example – flowers, hearts, wings, religious or spiritual designs, mandalas, inscriptions, etc.

On the waistline most often people apply abstract images. Women often select flower tattoos or intriguing designs which are visible when wearing low-waist skirt or pants.

Closer to the neck is an area where small tattoos are usually applied – hearts, birds, religious symbols, infinity sign, flowers, star signs, etc.


Back tattoos – design ideas for men and women

tribal back tattoos Maori tattoos ideas for men

It is impossible to describe all types of tattoos that are suitable for the back but we shall look at some of the most popular and good looking designs. It is interesting, that the selection of images of men and women differ significantly.

Men’s tattoos emphasize masculinity, strength, courage, will, commitment, determination. Usually men choose complex or abstract sketches that amaze with a multitude of details and the level of their elaboration. Predators express masculinity and most often men choose old school, traditional Japanese (Irezumi), Biomechanical styles as well as tribe tattoos, scenes of historical battles and events, warriors or samurai. Some patterns and ornaments, images of bones and skulls, crosses, scenes and characters from computer games are also considered to be men’s tattoos. As a rule, large-scale back tattoos depict a whole plot or scene. Often, such works are performed in color, using many shades. Sometimes men choose different designs that are not connected with each other. Dragons are chosen to show masculine power, and sometimes even aggressiveness. Birds most often symbolize the love of freedom.

back tattoo ideas for women hearts and flowers

Ladies choose images that emphasize their femininity, fragility, sexuality, romantic or mysterious nature. Clear lines can be combined with smooth contrasting shapes which creates a stunning effect. Lines, stems of plants, snakes and inscriptions along the spine emphasize the elegant curves of the woman. Symmetrical angel wings on the shoulder blades, floral ornaments on the lower back, butterflies and flowers, cute cartoon characters or black cats are also popular designs among ladies. Inscription tattoos have gained immense popularity among girls. In many inscriptions there is a text about purity, chastity, enlightenment or perfection. Women who consider themselves strong and courageous sometimes choose tattoos which are more suitable for the opposite sex.

Mythical creatures are perfect for the back. The graceful curves of the back perfectly complement the contours of various dragons. The meaning of the dragon tattoo is interpreted depending on the color, but in the general meaning this mythical creature characterizes the lady as an open-minded person. Blue dragon means openness, compassion. The red dragon shows a wide range of emotions and openness. Japanese motifs are a fairly common theme in the world of tattoos. This is not surprising only because the flowering branches of sakura are identified with the natural beauty of the female body. Geisha personifies tenderness and youth.

Matching infinity tattoos ideas for men and women

Matching tattoos express something personal and important. They are the choice of couples, friends or family members. Usually people choose a design that has a personal meaning to them – names of loved ones, relatives, friends, as well as symbols like infinity, love, faith, etc.

Indian themes, Celtic, Japanese, Polynesian motifs look equally advantageous on the backs of both sexes.

So let’s summarize the most popular back tattoos for men and women:

  • Wings – angel wings, butterfly, swan or phoenix wings;
  • birds -eagle, phoenix or a couple of flying birds;
  • Ethnic, Japanese, Celtic, Tribal tattoos;
  • Inscriptions in Latin, French, English, etc. This group also features music lines, notes, kanji, aphorisms,
  • Snakes and other reptiles;
  • Dragons and fantastic characters and other mythical creatures;
  • Predators like panthers, tigers, lions, wolves;
  • Animals like elephants and horses.
  • Flowers;
  • Portraits;
  • Blooming sakura branches;
  • Arrows and spears;
  • Names;
  • Dates;
  • Crosses and religious symbols;
  • Crowns;
  • flame;
  • Feathers;
  • Dreamcatcher;
  • Yin-yang symbol.

The list may go on as every back tattoo is very personal and has a special meaning to its owner. Have a look at the photo gallery and enjoy these works of art!



wing tattoos on back design ideas for women

Upper back tattoo ideas for men inscriptions

unique dragon tattoo design on back

unique back tattoo design ideas for women

tribal tattoo design ideas for men

tattoo ideas for men skull on back

Tattoo design ideas for women wings on the back

spiritual tattoos ideas unique buddha design

spine tattoo ideas feminine flower design

phoenix tattoo design ideas for women

Japanese tattoo back designs for men

Japanese style dragon tattoo ideas for women

exceptional dragon tattoos on back design ideas for men

dragon tattoo design ideas for women back

back tattoos for men and women ideas

back and arm tattoos ideas for men eagle inscriptions




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