The secrets of wedding makeup – all that you need to know

by Kremy

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The wedding, of course, is one of the most important days in life and every woman wants to look perfect. Wedding makeup always causes the most discussion, because it must perform several functions at once – to be beautiful, to be suitable for photo and video shooting, and remain intact during the day no matter what. At first glance, combining all these tasks is a difficult thing, but with some knowledge, it is not impossible. The main thing is to know some secrets. What are the secrets of wedding makeup that you need to know? We shall give you the answers as well as some practical tips and tricks.

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It is very important to match all the elements of the bride’s appearance – dress, hairstyle and makeup. Every girl, who has already been through this, will tell you to check all the options in advance and leave nothing for the last minute even if you already have an idea how you want to look. Just because you have an idea for the wedding hairstyle does not mean that it will work with the style of the dress. It is best if you have an appointment for your makeup and try it out with the dress. N this way you will know if you need to make any changes.


Wedding makeup basics – prepare the skin

what is important to know about wedding makeup

For a perfect makeup you need a good skin. It is not a very good idea to think that a makeup artist will be able to create a miracle and remove all the flaws. Yes, many minor problems can be hidden successfully, but if the skin has major problems, some of them may remain visible.

The skin should be prepared at least a month and a half before the wedding. It is advisable to do a series of cleansing and nourishing procedures. They will be able to prepare the skin and ensure that the cosmetic products can be applied smoothly, creating a beautiful makeup. Experts advise not to rush into procedures if only a couple of weeks are left before the wedding as this may have an opposite result, as cleaning will make the face red. In such cases, the best thing to do is apply facial masks and moisturizing treatments. Do not take chances with new products. Use ones that you have already tried before and know that they are good for your skin.


Wedding makeup basics – primer, foundation, powder and blush

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Makeup artists often face a real problem when brides ask for a minimum of makeup that looks as natural as possible. The typical result is that they do not like the way they look on the wedding photos. It is important to understand that a good quality primer is essential as it will hold the makeup longer. Make sure the primer is similar to your original skin tone.

The foundation will make your skin smooth and will prevent the appearance of greasy and shiny spots. It will also hide spots and dark circles. Even if you do not use makeup in your daily life, you will have to sacrifice this rule at the wedding. Modern high-quality foundations and primers not only do not damage the skin, but take good care of it.

basic rules of DIY makeup apply foundation and primer

Face powder is applied after you finish the base of the makeup. It is advisable to use translucent powder and blend it really well. In this way you will avoid a “mask” look.

The blush will give a healthy and natural look to your cheeks. It is important that you distribute it well on the cheekbones and along the contour of your nose. Choose a blush that suits your skin tone. It will help you not only look beautiful, but you will not look too pale on the photos.


How to choose the color of eyeshadow and lipstick?

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Depending on the type of makeup, you need to choose the proper colors of eyeshadow and lipstick. Colors allow you to create accents. Some brides prefer natural wedding makeup and some prefer to accent on their colors or their lips. One simple makeup trick is to apply white shimmery eyeshadow on each eyelid. This will make your eyes bigger and more open. Mascara will emphasize the eyes. It is advisable to apply two layers of mascara, but make sure you wait for five minutes between applying the second layer. This will give enough time to the first one to get dry.

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Lipstick is essential for every woman and exceptionally important for brides. If you want to make them stand out, use a bright and bold color – red, purple, dark pink, etc. If you want the accent to be on your eyes, the color of the lipstick should be more neutral. Remember to apply moisturizer to the lips before you apply lipstick. In this way they will appear smooth and fluffy. The lip liner will help you for the neat application of lipstick. To make sure that your lip color remains intact longer, dab some powder over it, then brush it off and apply a second coat of lipstick.

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Your perfect wedding makeup will need to be refreshed every now and then, for example right before the ceremony, before the photo shoot, etc. It will be a good idea to have a small bag with all the necessary cosmetics and keep it at hand during the day. You will need lipstick, blush, a small mirror, brushes, etc.



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