Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 – how to look like a true star?

by Kremy

Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019

Long hair has always been and will always be fashionable and is already a hairdo! Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 allow a woman to look beautiful and unusual, attracting the attention of others. This year, fashion returns to naturalness.

Hairstyles offer fresh solutions and there are fantastic options for wavy, straight, thin, thick and curly strands, transforming their owner beyond recognition. Modern women prefer diversity and originality in everything, trying to look interesting, new and fashionable. Thick, healthy and shiny long hair is a real wealth, so do not rush to cut it. It is enough to refresh the image with the help of bangs or to choose a trendy color to surprise everyone.


Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 – classical look or a bold haircut?

long straight hair without bangs trends 2019


Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 feature bold decisions which please with their naturalness and allow women to complete their attractive appearances with long waves, curls or straight locks.

The length of the hair, the way it is laid and the hairstyle that every woman and girl chooses for herself depends, first of all, on individual preferences like character, occupation, lifestyle, personal taste, face shape, etc. For some people, a short pixie haircut may be the best choice, for others extreme haircuts with shaved side are quite appealing, some prefer haircuts with bangs, but there are ladies who prefer the classical beauty of long strands. For centuries, long hair and beautiful braids were the best decoration for every girl. Let’s have a look at the original ideas for hairstyles, presented by stylists, so that you can create the perfect look.

It is important to remember that haircuts for long hair look really beautiful and elegant when your hair is shiny, healthy and well-groomed. When creating a fashionable haircut it is the health and the shine of your hair that will provide the desired effect. Many of the trendy haircuts are elongated versions of the familiar types of bobs and cascades. You can choose a trendy shade and coloring technique in order to achieve an amazing result.


Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 – choose the bangs!

trendy long hair hairstyles 2019 bangs

One of the top long hair hairstyles 2019 will be bangs in all its varieties – blunt and straight, long and ultra-short, shaggy, side swept or parted, etc. Choosing bangs is a real art, so before you decide on a haircut, consider the possible options. Side bangs, elongated or asymmetrical, covering the eyebrows are universal options that look good on almost everyone.

Haircuts with blunt bangs are coming back to trend. True, this type of bangs is not for every type of hair. If you have perfectly straight and smooth locks – this is a good solution. It is better not to cut it in this way if you have a naturally curly and naughty hair, as the styling will take a lot of time. Blunt bangs look great, allowing you to hide your forehead and give your appearance a new look, transforming long-haired ladies beyond recognition. Spectacular straight bangs with elongated bob haircuts will be great for young women.

Ultra-short bangs (baby bangs) will make you stand out in the crowd. This hairstyle is for bold ladies and it is recommended to young girls with oval face and a straight structure of strands. Baby bangs combined with long hair gives special charm and spontaneity to the images of modern girls.

Shaggy bangs paired with a cascading haircut is a good solution for curly hair. Styling will take a minimum of time, and others will get the impression that you have just left the salon.

Parted bangs – this is a wonderful solution for lovers of spectacular long hair and is often the choice of celebrities. This styling looks elegant, giving the appearance a special charm and a romantic and mysterious touch.


Fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019 – cascade, asymmetry, buns, waves, braids and ponytail

long straight hair with bangs trendy styling

Natural and charming haircuts for long hair will be the mainstream of the coming season. Cascading haircuts will be an ideal solution for heavy, thick hair, which will help give it a light look. Fashionable long cascade adds volume to curls and will be spectacular both for work and festive events. This hairstyle looks very dynamic and you can experiment with half up half down hairdos. The hairstyle is suitable not only for young long-haired ladies, but also for the ones aged 30-40.

Asymmetry can look great and there are many variations. Of course, experiments with long hair will appeal to the most courageous and creative young ladies, who are not afraid to be the center of attention.

Buns, high and low, are a classic hairstyle for long hair both for everyday and festive occasions – prom, wedding, anniversaries and celebrations of all kind. The low beam differs from the standard version. The hair is fixed in the lower part of the head. For this, hairpins and bobby hairpins are used.

The high bun is, usually, an evening hairstyle, although today many women prefer it even in an office. To collect the curls will need a rubber band and some hairpins. There are many accessories for making a donut bun as well which looks neat and tidy and is especially appropriate for the office.

The ponytail is a classic, simple and popular hairstyle. It is the perfect choice when you do not want to wear it loose.

Waves look beautiful and you can easily cope with that hairstyle at home with a curling iron. Have a look at the photos in the gallery below to find your favorite from the trendy and fashionable long hair hairstyles 2019!



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