Beautiful Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas for men and women

by Kremy

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A union of three mighty symbols, Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas are an interpretation of the three main Christian virtues. The cross, the anchor and the heart, which are connected together, are also an allegory of the Holy Trinity, and are still one of the most popular symbols that express spirituality.

faith love hope tattoo on arm ideas for men


It was sailors who brought tattoos to Europe and it is believed that this tattoo appeared from a Bible text:” And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Sailors’ tattoos were not just body decorations. They revealed the character of these tough men, their hopes and their fears. The images were an expression of the fear of death, homesickness, or the hope of seeing the beloved bride again. Nowadays, having a tattoo is fashionable, and it is really great if the image has a certain meaning. We shall show you some great Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas which are suitable for both men and women.


Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas – understanding the meaning of the symbols

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Today, many people choose the traditional tattoos and symbols as sailors once did. Faith is an integral part of human history and culture and that is why people are always trying to find new ways to express it. The need to have a permanent symbol on your body reflects the need to feel close to a mighty power that will protect the person. Has the meaning of the images changed? Obviously, in modern times, Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas do not have the same spiritual and religious meaning and every person chooses a particular drawing which means something to him. However, one should know the basic meaning of the three symbols when choosing such tattoo design.

small ankle tattoo anchor heart cross

Everyone knows that the anchor is a symbol of sailors. The tattoo was considered to be a symbol that helps you to resist winds and currents and remain yourself under any circumstances, a symbol of love for the sea, strength and caution, luck and loyalty, stability and reliability.However, in ancient Greece the anchor was a symbol of hope and in Rome it symbolized the joy of returning home after a long journey. During the Renaissance, a dolphin with an anchor was a popular allegory of hope as well. Back in times this symbol was associated with Christianity as well. For the early Christians, the anchor personified the hope of salvation, safety and strength as they accepted it as a hidden cross and during the time of persecutions, they depicted an anchor instead of a cross.

watercolor faith hope love tattoo on ribs

The heart is an eternal symbol of love. It also stands for courage, friendship, sometimes pain and suffering. The meaning of a heart as an element of tattoo design is different to every person. The heart was added to the anchor as a religious symbol at the end of the 17th century when the Catholic church established the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Out of the religious context, the heart means romance, devotion and has become a symbol of the unity of loving hearts, the source of human vitality, marriage, relationship, best friends, life, broken heart, unhappy love, etc. Heart tattoo designs are often combined with additional symbols – wings, dagger, arrow, flowers, and each combination has a different meaning.

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The third element, the cross, is one of the oldest symbols of human civilization, found in all cultures since the Neolithic period. The cross, as a symbol, is found in Celtic, Egyptian and many other cultures where it symbolized male and female origin, alliance between Isis and Osiris, cross enclosed in a circle is a symbol of the sun, and in each ancient culture, it had a powerful meaning. The cross was officially recognized as a Christian symbol in the ninth century and since then it is one of the main symbols of faith. Christian cross tattoo is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the Romans and the triumph of life over death. There are different variations of the Christian cross – the Latin cross, the Orthodox cross, etc. and in tattoo design it is often combined with other elements – butterflies, roses and thorns, lilies; angel wings, quotes from the Bible and the classic  – cross with a heart in the middle.


Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas – modern interpretations or classical images?

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For all of us it is very important to never lose faith, hope and love, because these are the basis of a person’s entire life, aren’t they? We all need to believe in ourselves, in our own strength, in people, to love everything that surrounds us, and to believe that nothing is impossible. You will see many people wearing bracelets, charms earrings with these symbols and it is not a surprise that both men and women choose to have them permanently on their body. Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas vary in style, size and appearance and one can choose from simple inscription to a complex image with intricate details. What are the most popular designs? Here are some suggestions for you to choose from:

latin inscription tattoos faith hope love design ideas

  • The translation in Latin – Fides, Spes, Caritas;
  • An inscription of the words Faith, Hope, Love and a pictogram
  • The infinity symbol with the words Faith, Hope and Love
  • A classic anchor with a heart and cross;
  • An ambigram

white dove peace bird and inscription tattoo on hand

Additional symbols like birds, dove, flowers, roses, angel wings, ropes, chains, etc. are also an option but before adding any other image to your tattoo design, it is best to get acquainted with its meaning. Where you will place your tattoo depends on your personal preference and the size of the image, of course. Some people prefer ankle or foot tattoos as they can be hidden, if needed. Others opt for chest tattoo, and image on the arm or the shoulder, so there is no rule. Look at the image gallery below and get inspired for your own tattoo design!



rib tattoo ideas for women text

original faith hope love ambigram tattoo design on foot

foot tattoo ideas for women

foot inscription tattoo faith hope love

foot infinity and inscription tattoo ideas

faith hope love inscription tattoo design ideas

creative tattoo designs for men and women

classic style sailor tattoo anchor heart cross

Celtic style hope love faith text tattoo

best faith hope love tattoo designs for men and women

arm inscription tattoo for women faith hope love

ankle bracelet tattoo chain with charms heart anchor cross


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