Awesome hummingbird tattoos meaning, design ideas and photos

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hummingbird tattoos meaning and design ideas

Hummingbird tattoos are among the most popular bird tattoo designs. People choose this bird for its beauty and grace. Hummingbirds are the smallest, but perhaps the most beautiful and interesting birds on earth. They belong to those species that do not live in all parts of the planet and therefore the meaning of the tattoos is not as universal as the meaning of other symbols. These birds are interesting for their size, anatomy and other features. For example, the smallest one has a length of less than 6 cm, and its mass barely exceeds one and a half grams. Nowadays about three hundred species of hummingbirds are known, and each of them has a unique color, a different tail shape and other features.

hummingbird tattoos for men and women meaning


Hummingbirds are a symbol of beauty, lightness, tenderness, their amazing ability to soar on the spot has attracted the attention of people since ancient times and even nowadays these miniature birds enjoy a lot of attention. In many cultures hummingbirds are considered to be highly spiritual beings and were associated with magic and supernatural abilities.

Hummingbird tattoos meaning in different cultures

delicate tattoo design ideas hummingbird

Having a tattoo is a personal choice of every individual. Every person adds his own special meaning to the chosen image. It is necessary to carefully select the symbols so that you do not regret your choice in the future. Tattoo styles vary in color and techniques and some people prefer minimalist designs while others like bright colors in the drawing. Those who chose to have a hummingbird tattoo should understand what the tattoo symbolizes and the different meanings.

To understand the meaning of hummingbird tattoos you need to look at the traditions of the cultures where this image was popular. In ancient times it was believed that the ability of the bird to hover in place was as a result of magical properties. You can see hummingbird drawings in the Caribbean where it is a symbol of the amazing diversity of nature. The Aztecs represented their deity Huitzilopochtli as a humming bird. Maya and Aztecs believed that hummingbirds are a love bird and collected its feathers to make love potions from them. Maya also believed that birds flying in pairs are the souls of deceased lovers who did not want to part even after death. A pair of hummingbirds in a tattoo design stands for the desire of a person to live in a pair with his other half and expresses the importance of love, loyalty and devotion to that person. Feathers falling from the bird, going down express the regret and longing for the past joyful moments.

Indians have many stories, myths and legends about this brave bird telling how it saved people from drought and famine, guessed the riddles of Gods and fought for justice. Therefore, it is often considered a symbol of overcoming life obstacles.

beautiful tattoos ideas hummingbirds

The image of a hummingbird bird is considered to be a recognized symbol of love for life and joy of life. It symbolizes strength, energy and the ability to cope with difficulties.

A hummingbird tattoo also symbolizes the well-being and sexual energy of a person. Most often the bird is depicted hovering in the air and drinking nectar from a flower. This nectar is identified with the intoxicating nectar of insane love.

Hummingbirds are a symbol of positive attitude and optimism, the sincerity of a person and his unique individuality.

Hummingbirds with butterflies and flowers are a very popular tattoo design for women as a symbol of incredible lightness, beauty, purity and grace. Women choose such designs as a demonstration of their sensuality and tenderness. For example, if you add a rose to your tattoo, it will symbolize passion and feeling of love.

Like most bird tattoos, hummingbirds symbolize the desire for freedom. Among the general meanings of these tattoos are also love of life, cheerfulness, positive thinking, freedom, honesty, sincerity, optimism. In addition, such a tattoo can mean brightness, vivacity, lightness, tenderness, sexuality and feminine energy, peace, care or serenity, ability to overcome any difficulties. While this bird is popular among women, men do not select hummingbirds that much, maybe because they think that it is not an appropriate image because of its beauty and tenderness. However, for the stronger sex, a hummingbird tattoo means speed, endurance, strength and perseverance. In the past the bird was considered a symbol of wealth, so a man who wants to achieve material well-being can use the image of a hummingbird on his body.

birds tatoo arm tattoo for men hummingbirds

In general, the meaning of the tattoo will depend on the additional elements. As already mentioned, girls of nature are creative, tender and vulnerable, so they want to demonstrate their with the help of flowers. Exotic flowers will symbolize the desire of the girl to get maximum pleasure from everything that happens in their lives, but

What is the right place on the body for hummingbird tattoos?

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Before going to a studio, one should think about how the tattoo will look on his body. Tiny hummingbird tattoos can be placed anywhere but large designs require more space. It depends on the size and type of bird where it is best to place it. If you chose a hummingbird with a long tail, then it is worth starting the drawing either from the shoulder all over the arm or from the hip to the shin. If the tattoo is large with a lot of details and other elements like flowers or a colorful background, then it should be placed on the back or shoulders, sides. Another good option is a design in which the head begins in the area between the shoulder blades, and the tip of the tail falls to the waist line.

Hummingbird tattoos on the leg is a fairly common option. Some people prefer the thigh while others choose on the calf or ankle. Having in mind that this bird is really tiny, there is enough space on the leg to depict it in full size without sacrificing details.

There are great designs suitable for women that can be applied on the forearm, wrist, or even the hand. This will emphasize their elegance, tenderness and femininity A girl can afford to get a tattoo on her stomach, or under the breast. Tiny hummingbird tattoos can be done on the neck or behind the ear.

Hummingbird tattoos styles, colors and design ideas

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Hummingbird tattoos can be made using one or more colors or in black and white. However, when you plan a tattoo with a beautiful bird colors are important and images look more realistic.

Hummingbird watercolor tattoos look amazing. This is one of the best styles for drawing an image of this little and delicate bird. Smooth color transitions will make it possible to accurately convey the lightness of the wings and the fluttering of the bird’s flight. Watercolor tattoos always look smooth and precise and with a few random splashes the design will have a really original look. Experienced tattoo artists not only can make an accurate picture, but they can create the illusion that the image was applied not with a tattoo machine, but with real brushes.

Realism will always exceed your expectations. Tattoos in realistic style attract many admiring glances and drawings on the body in this style are widely appreciated. Usually, hummingbirds are depicted in color, because there is no other way to convey the fabulously beautiful coloring of their feathers and tattoos can be confused for a photo.

Trash polka style allows the artist to add a few unusual details and a more artistic to the tattoo design.

Minimalism and dotwork are ideal for small tattoos and fans of discrete drawings.

You will see different hummingbird tattoos in the gallery below which can be your inspiration. Of course, it is best if you consulted with the artist for the exact design, the colors and the details and ask him to create a unique drawing that no one else will have. Generally, bright and realistic tattoos are more popular among girls. The design of each individual tattoo can take from several hours to several days depending on the complexity, size, detail, number of colors, etc.

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Many people ask if the application process is painful and how long it would take to have the tattoo inked in. Every experienced artist will tell you that it depends on where exactly the tattoo is made. The closer the bone, and the thinner and more sensitive the skin, the more painful the process will be. Of course, people are different and some feel more uncomfortable than others so there is not one answer to the question about pain. As far as time, this depends on the size and complexity of the image. It may take one visit to the tattoo studio or several ones, if you chose a big and complex design. Have a look at the photos in the gallery and see some of the most beautiful hummingbird tattoos!

Tiny hummingbird tattoo ideas design

tiny hummingbird tattoo ideas

thigh tattoo for women flowers and hummingbird

small tiny hummingbird tattoo ideas

small tattoos ideas for women hummingbird

Hummingbird tattoos meaning where to place them

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