Fence screening ideas and tips for privacy in the garden

by Kremy

contemporary home fence screening patio privacy ideas

When we think about garden privacy, living fence ideas, garden fences and brick walls are good options but additional trellises, screens and hedges can block the view from curious neighbors forever. We have collected various fence screening ideas which will help you enjoy your time outdoors without the risk of being exposed to passers-by or neighbours.

Screening garden panels frosted glass patio privacy ideas


There are several options to choose from when you pick up your fence screening. To begin with understanding the purpose and the idea of privacy screens – they have to provide a comfortable retreat for you and your family and guests. They have to add to the design and the appearance of your outdoor place so the aesthetic value is also important. There are many ways to secure your comfort – privacy screens, pergolas, curtains, trellis, freestanding screens, etc. Using screens made of wood is a popular way to secure outdoor privacy and many of them have a great visual appeal. The variety of design options is practically unlimited. You may not want to use traditional screening panels but opt for freestanding panels.


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Fence screening panels can be made of different materials such as wood, bamboo, concrete, stones, gabions, metals or a combination of materials. The quality of the wood is particularly important if the panels are wooden since the elements are used outdoors. Bangkirai, spruce, larch or Douglas fir stand out as suitable quality wood species. Bamboo screening panels are also widely used as they combine both functionality and aesthetics. The market offers modern metal panels which are also used as a garden decoration. Of course, a vertical garden is a great option which should not be overlooked. Finally, a natural screen of bamboo trees or evergreen species will provide both privacy and fantastic green decor for your outdoor area. Green hedges , holly, privet, Thuja, or creeping plants are very suitable.

modern privacy screens wood metal combination succulents

Planning and design of the fence are important so that you know how much material you need. Installing privacy screens is very similar – it requires a good planning not only in terms of design, appearance and material, but in terms of budget. Privacy screens offer many benefits to each home and family living in it. Your needs will help you determine what type of screens you feel most suitable for your garden or outdoor area. If you have the necessary tools you can install the screens by yourself, depending on the type of screens you have chosen. Check out the privacy fencing ideas below.


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modern patio design water feautre fence screening wooden privacy fence ideas

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