Flagstone patio ideas – the perfect outdoor space design

by Kremy

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How to create the perfect patio design? It all starts with the right choice of flooring.

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We have collected some flagstone patio ideas which will show you awesome outdoor designs. Stone is never out of fashion.

Patio design outdoor kitchen stone fireplace flagstone patio flooring

It is durable, lasts for decades and maintenance-free. A flagstone patio looks classy and stylish and there are many options to choose from – colors, patterns and designs.

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Flagstone is a natural stone and is quarried in different deposits all over the world. When choosing the color, you need to know that the array varies from almost black to blue or red.

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It is important to know that flagstone pavers are manufactured from different materials – sandstone, quartzite, bluestone, slate, limestone and this defines the color.

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One of the greatest features is that the material has an enormous visual appeal and blends harmoniously with natural environment.

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The design can feature a random rectangle pattern which gives a more formal look. An irregular pattern of paving gives a more casual appearance and accents on the natural shape and beauty of the stone.

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You could mortar flagstone patio flooring if you wanted a smooth surface or use small stones to fill the gaps between the stones.

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Every homeowner wants a stylish and reliable design for his outdoor area. A stylish flagstone patio will be the perfect entertaining area for guests and family.

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Flagstone not only looks good but is also firm, strong, resistant to load, and is not afraid of bad weather conditions or high temperatures.

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This type of flooring is not slippery which is another advantage compared to other materials.

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The natural shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues are perfect for creating lovely designs and are a complement to the architecture of the house.

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Moss or grass can be grown between the stones as well for a more organic appearance.

small design stone grill outdoor dining furniture

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