Terrarium plants – the mini garden as a fresh accent in the interior

by Kremy

home decoration ideas terrarium plant ideas succulents fresh colors

Although the charming terrarium plants are really tiny and small, they can be an original idea for your interior design.

terrarium plants ideas succulents mini garden ideas


Green and fresh, these adorable mini gardens are one of the latest eco-friendly trends in art and the interior design and can add a beautiful accent to an ordinary interior.

Terrarium plants as home decoration

indoor garden ideas home decoration terrarium design ideas

We have collected several ideas for beautiful terrariums with charming terrarium plants which can be a fascinating accent for your home decoration.

terraruim plants ideas how to arrange a terrarium

A beautiful terrarium is a unique item and has the great advantage that it can be placed anywhere in the house.

wall decoration ideas terrarium plants glass vessel hanging wall decoration

This is especially important for people who do not have a garden or a balcony.

terrarium plants home decorating ideas mini garden ideas

Many urban dwellers are deprived of outdoor area where they can grow and enjoy green plants.

terrarium design glass vessels

Having a terrarium at home is a way to solve the problem creatively and enjoy beautiful plants in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

An accent in the interior decor

cool home decoration ideas terrarium design ideas

There are many creative and very interesting ideas how you could arrange a mini garden with terrarium plants.

lovely indoor mini garden ideas terraruim design ideas

Terrariums can be attached to the wall, you could place them on a shelf, on the coffee table in the living room, on a windowsill or why not on a side table by the sofa?

how to arrange beautiful vessels plants succulents

 Succulents and cacti, moss and Moon Valley plant are some of the most popular species for terrariums.

home decor creative mini gardens

Asparagus Fern, Button fern, Spider fern will add height to the design of your terrarium. Aquamarine would also look lovely as it has small, silvery-blue, rounded leaves.

succulents patio decoration glass aquariums

Tillandsia always looks stunningly well so it can never be a wrong choice. Shamrocks and some orchid species are also suitable for terrariums.

mini garden design indoor garden ideas terrarium orchids plants

Terraruim plants combined with sand and stones will be a fantastic mini garden in your home. You might find some unique glass vessels with original form or group some round vessels for a bigger impact.

terraruim design glass vessels

succulent plants glass vessels Buddha statue

mini garden herbs fern

cacti fern creative home decoration

original home decoration DIY terrarium

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