Beautiful DIY wall decoration ideas with toilet paper rolls

Written by Kremena Ruseva

If you want to make a very special, unusual birthday gift or you need urgently a party room decoration, you can craft a very beautiful decor quickly and easily from otherwise worthless materials. Let yourself be inspired by the following wall decoration ideas!

Wall decoration ideas with cheap materials

Paper Decoration Crafts

With toilet paper rolls and kitchen rolls many creative craft ideas can be realized. Paper roll flowers are great wall decoration ideas that you can make together with children.

Wall decoration Craft Ideas Red

For the production of such a flower you will need the following materials: toilet paper rolls, craft glue, scissors, hair clip and spray paint. It is best to choose a color that harmonizes with the interior.

DIY Creative wall decoration ideas

Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Wall Decoration ideas

With the following wall decoration ideas beautiful garlands and flowers can be crafted easily. How do toilet paper rolls compose a flower? First cut off about 1 cm wide rings from the roll. Before you start with the glue, you can experiment with several designs. If you have chosen a particular form, the decorative elements are pressed together and held together with bobby pins until the glue dries. When the flower is completely dry, you put it on a box and shake the spray paint can for about 30 seconds. Then spray the flower from all sides and allow to dry. At the end, the beautiful flower is attached on the wall.

Inspiring decorating ideas for your home

Easy Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Rolls

Instead of throwing away the paper rolls, you can use them as a wall decoration. You can easily decorate and paint them in different colors. The wall decoration ideas with paper rolls are effective and very cheap. The more the particles, the greater the flower. On the other hand, the smaller the flower, the easier mounting. Flower is perhaps the simplest form, so you may further experiment with other forms.

 Flower with toilet paper rolls

Wall Ideas Crafts kitchen roll cut

 Try different forms

DIY paper flower 5 sheets

 Glue the particles to each other

materials paper hot glue gun

Allow to dry

Flower Shape decorative crafts toilet

Color the decoration with paint

Leave Wall decor dry

Spray paint in red

color spray red

Beautiful DIY idea

Decoration on the wall mount

Jewelry for the wall

Paper rolls flower red

Beautiful garlands and flowers can be designed with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls craft

 Kitchen rolls for the mirror

Mirror Decoration paper rolls

 Floral decorations

Modular Wall Decoration Rolls

 Decorating ideas and easy crafts

Wall Design Ideas

wall decor ideas floral pattern

DIY rolls wall decor

DIY wall decor ideas

creative DIY kids room decor bees

beautiful diy home decor craft ideas


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