How to wear sequins day & night? Find many fashion inspirations for the holidays!

by Gabby

During the festive holiday season, it is our duty t find the most sparkling dress and shine through the crowd! This year the sequins are back, and they are trending. They caused a big sensation among the Instagram models. We didn’t only see them on the runways, the affordable fashion brands also released a lot of sequins clothing. If you are wondering what to wear for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you already know the answer! But how to wear sequins day and night, so we look absolutely fashionable? Here are some of the top choices for you to wear in the last days of year 2022!

How to wear sequins day and night?

how to wear sequins day and night outfit ideas party New Years Eve Christmas trendy chic elegant dress

Usually sequins are worn when we have some special occasion like a holiday, birthday, or some party. The year 2023 will be very much focused on experimenting with fashion and thinking out of the shell. Because of that, why not wear sequins during the day too? If paired right they can make your entire outfit very chic. Let’s send off the last days of 2022 in style and not be afraid to sparkle and stand out! You are going to find many inspiration to wear sequins at night as well, and be a true fashion queen!

How to wear sequin dress?

how to wear sequin dress viva magenta color of the year 2023 trends party outfit ideas


If you are planning to wear a sequin dress for the holidays, why not wear in the color of the year 2023? Viva Magenta is the perfect shade to make you absolutely stand out. This look is definitely for the brave ladies, that are not afraid to wear something that will make them different. It is absolutely empowering and fashionable! Did you just find the perfect sequin dress for New Year’s Eve?

Zara asymmetrical sequin party dress 

zara viral asymmetric sequin dress party outfits how to wear ideas 2023 trends

This asymmetric sequin dress became a huge trend on TikTok, and I am sure you can see why. It is a piece of art! The great thing about it is that you will not have to spend a fortune to look amazing for a party. It is affordable, but so stunning! The black and silver sequins make it look expensive, and the sleeve is just one of a kind! I have to say that I have already ordered it, and this will be the outfit I will rock on the night of 31st of December! You can match it with black tights and black heels, so the dress will be your statement piece!

How to wear sequins day time?

how to wear sequins in the day and look chic outfit ideas 2023 trends inspiration chic fashion

I already mention that there is no reason for you to wear sequins only at nighttime. If you manage to match it correctly, you can look rememberable in your daily outfit. The thing with the sequins is that if you don’t want the outfit to scream party time, you have to dress it down a bit. Just as shown on the picture, you can wear a sequins skirt with black polo and black boots. During the holidays, there is nothing that can stop us to be in the festive mood. What better to wear than something sparkly?

Sequin suit: nighttime party outfit

sequin black suit the perfect outfit for a party and the holidays find many inspirations and ideas


These suits are turning into a huge hit. They are sparkly, elegant, and classy. With the right shoes and accessories, you can create an outfit that will not be considered “too much”. Plus, you have to remember that sequins are so trendy right now, that there will never be “too much” sparkle! Even though this is a suit, I don’t think it goes into the business category. For a birthday night out, or a party, this will give you the “it girl” moment. You can inspire yourself more with the holiday party outfit trends.

The new must-have for the holidays: Sequin boots

sequin boots outfit party trends 2023 fashion ideas gold how to stand out stunning shoes

Have you seen how many people are currently obsessed with sequin boots? I personally have seen so many ladies on Instagram, rocking these, and I am in love!  They are surprisingly easy to match. If you have an oversized black blazer, these can be the ideal shoes for the outfit. You can wear the blazer with shorts underneath, and put the sequin boots. They will make the outfit have this high-end fashion vibe. Try wearing them with regular jeans as well. You will not regret it!

How to wear sequins day and night? Try sequin pants!

sequin gold pants bold looks for 2023 party outfit inspiration and ideas how to wear

Want to look stunning in sequins but still not betray your city girl style? Sequin pants will allow you to accentuate your style and create an outfit that will allow you to stand out. If you’re feeling bold, you can add a shirt with embroidery and sequins to complete that sparkly look. For all the beautiful brunettes out there, gold sequins will highlight the color of your hair, and will make your haircut look expensive!

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Other ideas on how to wear sequins day and night

golden outfits runway models inspiration sequin blouse matched with jeans how to look stunning and trendy how to wear sparkle day and night

Sequin suit in purple 

purple sequin suit runway fashion model how to wear it party outfit inspiration very trendy

Sequin skirt and black leather boots 

leather boots white shirt and sequin silver skirt party outfit inspiration style fashion icon

Casual sweater and green sequins

green kenzo sweater and green midi sequin skirt casual outfit inspiration be trendy and chic in 2023

 Black blazer and sequin boots 

sequin boots new york style trendy black blazer and mini bag how to look fashionable and stand out

Sequin subtle dress for the holidays 

sequin dress for the holidays party outfit inspiration how to be in style for 2023

Sequin gold pants to wear on Christmas day

golden sequin pants to wear on christmas day outfit inspo very trendy and chic

Golden sequins skirt with a sweater 

golden skirt with sequins with a white christmas sweater inspiration on what to wear for the holidays

Very trendy sequin pants 

trendy sequin pants model inspiration outfit trends for 2023 chic white blazer

Sequin skirt with black blazer and trendy blue shoes

black blazer sequin silver skirt and blue shoes with rhinestones how to be trendy in 2023

For girls who are bold and love to experiment with colors 

sequin skirt many colors orange pink boots how to experiment with colors and look trendy


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