And the Pantone color of the year 2023 is…

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The year 2022 will soon be over, and we are going to welcome 2023. What this year brought me was certainly a mixture of good and bad emotions. However, I am going to remember it with the amazing trends, inducing the inspiration coming from nature and the beautiful colors. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri was the color of this year, and we saw it in a lot of interior designs, clothing, and even on nails. What will be the PANTONE color of the year 2023? What will be the meaning and the message? Let’s find out more today!

PANTONE color of the year 2023: Viva Magenta 18-1750

pantone color of the year 2023 viva la magenta trends in interior design and fashion art

Why does Pantone picks the color of the year? Lauren Pressman, which is the vise president of the Pantone Color Institute, says that they tried to create this color of the year program in 1999, so they can bring the color enthusiasts and designers together. The reason behind it was that they wanted them to have a conversation around one specific shade. They wanted to make them think about how the colors are related to nature and culture. The Pantone color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750. We are expecting to see it in a lot of interior design ideas, fashion, and art. Let’s dive into the further details and trendy ideas!

What message brings Viva Magenta?

viva magenta color of the 2023 year ideas for interior design fashion and beauty


Viva Magenta is a very stunning shade that is coming from the red color. It is vibrant, and it creates this feeling of joy. According to Pantone, this shade should express strength, empowerment, and it should encourage people to experiment more. This is definitely a color that is bold and can help you to express yourself and stand out. Whether you are going to use it for interior design, or wear a fashion piece, this is a shade that cannot stay unnoticed. If you have a more rebellious spirit, this shade will make you fall in love with it. Some people view this shade as pink, as well. It is neither red nor pink. It is something in between, I would say. Let’s see some of the best examples on how can you use it in your life!

Viva Magenta in interior design

viva magenta pantone color of the year 2023 trends in interior design how to use it and match it with other shades

As I already mention, Pantone describes Viva Magenta as a fearless shade, that will promote experimentation. This is also shown in the latest trends in interior design, where designers show their approach to this vibrant color. If you want your space to look one of a kind, you should definitely give this hot pink magenta color a try. If you want a trendy project for your work space, or your home, ask your designer to aim for a pink and red combination. The red should not overwhelm the pink shades, as this can create the feeling of fear. Including this shade in your indoor space will be very futuristic. This color will make you think beyond the shells and inspire you to be more creative.

What colors go with Viva Magenta?

viva magent interior design sofa velvet trends best ideas for projects in 2023

How to incorporate Viva Magenta in your home for 2023? If you are not feeling brave enough to paint your walls this color, start simple. To make your interior design absolutely chic and to stand out, try buying Viva Magenta velvet sofa. Velvet is coming back with full force this year, and it will be even a bigger trend in 2023. You probably already saw the many party outfit suggestions that include velvet, however this material is a hit among interior designs as well. It will make the ambiance of your house look elegant and rich. What colors go with this particular shade? You can match it with grays, blues, pinks, and even greens.

Viva Magenta in your kitchen 

viva magent kitchen design interior ideas trendy projects color of the year white cabinets

In this year 2022, we tried including many natural materials indoor, including plants, flowers, wood, etc. All of that was drawn from the nature itself, just like the color of the year. People even started adapting biophilic designs, to integrate more of the nature inside offices, kitchens, and buildings. The Viva Magenta shade will be used a lot as a pop of color. If your kitchen white cabinets feel a little boring, try adding the color of the year as shown on the picture. It will give your interior what it needs and will make it look trendy.

Color of the year in monochromatic style 

monochromatic interior design color of the year 2023 viva magenta pink red shade how to incorporate it

Are you feeling brave and bold enough to try this monochromatic design for next year? The combination between red and pink was something that not many people dared to try out. That is why Pantone is pushing us to experiment more with this vibrant color. The results will be fascinating, I promise!

Pantone color of the year 2023 in fashion

viva magenta fashion trends clothing ideas how to style it color of the year 2023

The color of the year will be seen a lot in fashion runways. We already saw in Paris fashion week, before it was even announced. It was worn by a lot of celebrities, many of whom chose to wear it on a suit. Creating a monochromatic look is very Valentino style and will make you look classy and chic. The color will make you feel empowered and embrace your womanhood. Let’s say goodbye to wearing only dark shade in the winter time! You can match the color with blue, another shade of hot pink or red, green or gold. Get creative and be fearless! This is what this color is all about!

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