How to make a small bathroom visually bigger – tips and design tricks

by Kremy

How to make a small bathroom visually bigger tips and design tricks

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of any house or apartment. After all, every day begins and ends there. However, despite the importance of the bathroom, most often it is the smallest room in the whole house and it is a common problem in apartment buildings. How to make a small bathroom visually bigger? Well, we have some useful bathroom hacks and design tricks that can help you create an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Our recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and make your bathroom not only functional but comfortable.

How to plan the design of a small bathroom?

inspirational minimalist small bathroom design


How to increase the space in a small bathroom? When you have a limited space, you need to be creative and take advantage of design techniques and methods of visual correction. You should understand the most important tricks that will enlarge the space. As a rule, the choice of this or that style of space design can be affected by:

  • The total area of the room;
  • Communication lines on which the placement of plumbing and sockets will depend;
  • The shape of the room – square, rectangular, etc.;
  • Ventilation.

Choosing the right finish, plumbing and furniture, you will see that it was not the narrow area that made the bathroom look cluttered but the wrong layout, lighting and colors.

Design tricks to increase the space in a small bathroom

bathtub vs shower in small bathrooms designs and tricks

The first thing that you need to think about before starting a bathroom renovation is the design style. It will determine the overall look, color scheme, finishes, etc. For example, if you plan a rustic or industrial style interior, you may think of wood, metal, etc. and for contemporary interiors glass, stainless steel, etc. Here is a list of some design techniques that will help you to visually enlarge the available space.


tiny bathroom ideas for colors furniture and accessories

Lighting is essential for small spaces and creates the impression of more space. It is important that the whole room is well lit. Choose bulbs and fixtures that give brighter light. A window with a natural light source is great but in apartment buildings bathrooms seldom have windows. In this case you should try to use as much artificial lighting as possible. Install spotlights or recessed lights around the perimeter of the room, as well as lights near the sink. Place small sconces on the wall, and the mirror can be equipped with LED strip. The bottom of the cabinets can also be highlighted.

Choose light colors and shades

How to plan the design of a small bathroom floating vanity cabinet mirror bathtub

It is not a secret that light colors make any space larger. The design of a small bathroom should be based on the use of light shades to create a neutral background. Accent details should be placed on one of the walls or furniture. The lighter the walls, the bigger the bathroom looks. Choose the lightest tone for the finish – paint or tile.

Choose the right tiles

how to increase the space in a tiny bathroom to appear visually bigger

Tiles are the natural finish of walls and floors in bathrooms. Large tiles make the room visually smaller. That is why is recommended to purchase larger size. For visual correction, tile with a mosaic pattern or with a small ornament are also suitable, especially as an accent. To correct the height, lay the tile vertically. Light is reflected from glossy surfaces so it is better to choose glossy finish instead of matte. Do not experiment with colors and ceiling finishes. White paint is better than decorative ceiling panels. If you want contrast, cover the floor with dark tiles.

Reflective surfaces and mirrors

tiny bathroom designs lighting and furniture tips

Any glossy surfaces increase the space by reflecting light. This is especially important for small bathrooms. The leading magnifier in interior design remains the mirror. If there is a window in your bathroom, install a mirror opposite it, this will help to create the illusion that the walls are not so close to each other. Illumination around the perimeter of the mirror will add volume to the space.

Remove excess

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Too many things in sight create the impression of a small, cluttered space. Do you really need extra towel holders or a shelf on the wall? Pay attention to objects that you do not use or rarely use. Think of storage systems that will help you organize shampoos, hygienic materials, cosmetics, etc. Use the space efficiently, for example, you can store bottles with household chemicals under the bath.

Use compact pieces of furniture

small bathroom design and decor ideas white vanity and above toilet storage shelves

In a small bathroom everything should be balanced. Use space rationally. If it seems that the bathroom is crowded because the sink is too large or the cabinet takes up more space than necessary, change them for smaller ones. Compact furniture pieces will give a greater sense of space and free movement. Opt for transparent decorative elements or furniture in the bathroom. Using transparent materials will give the bathroom a feeling of lightness and airiness.

Use corner and wall space

corner sink in tiny bathroom design and decor ideas

Corner sinks significantly save space. This option is an excellent solution for small bathrooms than a bulky vanity cabinet. Wall cabinets and shelves allow you to store towels, detergents and all kinds of little things.

Shower instead of a bath

bathroom remodel and creative designs to increase the space

What to choose a shower cabin or a bath? If a person cannot imagine his life without relaxing in a bath, then a tub is definitely needed. It can be combined with a shower. If a shower is enough, then this is a great way to save space.

creative storage ideas for small bathrooms

Remember that simplicity is the key to successful interior design of small bathrooms. Make sure that all the equipment is in the same style and color scheme. The fewer items in the room, the bigger it appears. Look at the designs in the gallery below which demonstrate how effectively these simple design techniques work.



tiny bathroom with walk in shower tips and design ideas

storage shelves in small bathroom design tricks to make space look bigger

small bathroom design with tub floating vanity cabinet

Design tricks to increase the space in a small bathroom

bathroom renovation ideas for small spaces

bathroom decorating ideas for storage


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