Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas for men inspired by the Vikings series

by Kremy

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo realistic portrait design ideas for men

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas appeared after the series of History channel “Vikings” became hugely popular around the world. The series started a whole new trend in hairstyle for both men and women as well as in tattoo designs.

Scandinavian mythology is appreciated not only by the descendants of the ancient Vikings. Today, other peoples are seriously interested in the culture of the harsh northern peoples. Pagan gods, mythology and legends of the Vikings found their place in the development of tattoo culture.

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas inspired by television series

arm tattoo long sleeve with ragnar design


When we think of Nordic tattoos we think of the images with protective runes worn by the ancient Vikings and the tattoos of the most famous characters of film and television. Undoubtedly, the tattoos of fierce Viking warriors have been gaining popularity in recent years, especially after the successful Vikings series. However, a young actor created such a powerful character that can be seen on men as a very detailed realistic portrait.

Ragnar – the cult hero of the popular television series “Vikings” became the embodiment of animal power, courage and strength. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo designs are becoming increasingly popular. The portrait of this hero is worn not only by men, but also by girls.

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas combine mythology and masculinity

Ragnar tattoos masculine designs and sketches

It is not a surprise that Ragnar tattoos are becoming more and more popular among men. Ragnar is one of the most famous Vikings ever born. He is a ruler of the Vikings from the 9th century who, in 845, invaded and plundered Paris. According to historians, Ragnar has never existed and he is a collective image combining together the stories of several Viking leaders. Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure, Travis Fimmel played the character so spectacularly, that he actually became Ragnar.

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas combine not only the portrait of the character but other symbols as well. It could be a sword, a ship, raven, runes, etc. Most tattoos are in black and grey but some designs include color like blue for the eyes, sea or sky.

Ragnar tattoo design inspired by the Vikings series

Have a look at the photos in the gallery below and enjoy these masterpieces of tattoo art!



Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrock in the Vikings series

Unique masculine Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas

Vikings series tattoos ragnar arm tattoo for men

movie inspired tattoo ideas ragnar design

realistic Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo arm tattoos for men

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas Vikings series inspired

Ragnar Lothbrok tattoo design ideas for men movie inspired tattoos

masculine tattoo ideas for men Vikings series Ragnar

half sleeve Vikings series Ragnar tattoo ideas for men

half sleeve tattoos for men ragnar tattoo ideas

back tattoo ideas for men with ragnar lothbrock design

arm ragnar tattoo design in black and grey


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