Bathroom Trends 2023 – These are the latest styles and colors in modern bathroom design!

by Kremy

Designers are focusing on comfort in bathroom trends 2023, using richer color palettes to create stylish spaces. With the year ahead, this essential area of every home is in focus. From the tiling to the amount of cabinetry and storage, there are many elements that work in harmony to create a functional space that suits any need. Whether you want to renovate or redesign your bathroom, you can find inspiration in the following examples.

Natural vanity in future bathroom trends 2023

wood vanity copper bathroom fittings and modern shapes as stylish bathroom trends 2023

Of any room in your home, going to the bathroom should make you feel the most encouraged. So if the square footage is small, make sure that standout features like wallpaper and dark color don’t overwhelm the limited space. In addition, color combined with natural materials such as wood is a star in this year’s bathroom design trends. After years of painted gray or white vanities dominating bathroom design, designers say it’s time to embrace the use of natural wood cabinets in bathrooms. Wood is a warm and organic element that a painted surface lacks. It creates a correspondingly richer and more complex material palette for a bathroom. The key to being trendy by using wooden cabinets is to keep the door style simple and classic.

saturated colors and earthy nuances bathroom trends 2023 focus on sustainable building materials


In addition, current bathroom fittings, sinks and faucets are distinguished by a variety of shades, from the richest shades to pastel shades. All this can be perfectly combined in a new area dedicated to glossy ceramics. At the same time, however, the space for textured surfaces is also intended to be in harmony with broader furniture trends. The result is a bathroom that you can touch and feel. Not forgetting the all-black designs and an attention to sustainability, which is reflected in new shower trays, radiators and materials.

Use saturated and glossy colors

Blue as modern and common color for bathroom trends 2023 with natural looking effect in the room

Bathroom trends 2023 naturally include the use of more color in interior design. Whether it’s color on plumbing, lighting or stone, customers and designers are increasingly looking for an eye-catcher in the bathroom. That could mean intense jewel tones or soft pastels, with a gradual move away from all-white bathroom designs.

Combine dark wood frames and tiny bathroom tiles with marble surfaces in a bathroom with tub

Furthermore, modern bathrooms have been deviating from white in recent years. Bathroom trends 2023 will be no exception. The rooms offer more saturated tones and glossy finishes to be seen alongside pastel tones and matte shades seen in previous years. So the trend that immediately stands out this year is colors, and in particular glossy colors. These have been popular for a number of years and continue to expand, opening up to shades like mustard, blue and glossy blush. Pastel colors entered the market a few years ago. After their success about five years ago, neutrals like beige and gray, which still exist today, give way to intense, saturated color palettes.

Contrasting frames in black and smoked glass as bathroom trends 2023

shower cabin with smoked glass in white bathroom with wooden accessories and round mirror with lighting

Black accents and smoked glass are signs of elegance in this year’s bathroom design. In addition, black tones continue to be popular in bathroom design, both in terms of ceramics and shower enclosures. In combination with smoked glass and black textures, this creates stylish rooms with matte or glossy surfaces. Accordingly, there are a variety of combinations with black, paired with traditional white ceramics or in colorful compositions. Nuances such as salmon, beige or powder pink add additional warmth and create an inviting atmosphere.

salmon and pink with beige and contrasting black in contemporary bathrooms

Newly designed collections also include bathroom cabinets and sideboards that are just as suitable for other rooms in the house. This can be seen in kitchens, for example, and this trend is also changing the relationship between indoors and outdoors, work and living areas or gym and bedroom. In addition, new bathroom furniture is also increasingly suitable for other living areas and aims to create design and stylistic continuity between different rooms. Bathrooms are evolving year after year because modern people want to design these spaces with the same attention to detail as other living areas. Style is becoming more and more important because everyone these days realizes that being in a beautiful bathroom can be very satisfying.

Visual appeal with clean lines and tactile finishes

oval shapes with modern design in retro style in a minimalist style bathroom

Another important trend has to do with the surfaces and walls. Cladding, floor coverings, accessories, faucets and handles are becoming more and more tactile. More and more people want to touch and feel to contrast with the thousands of images they scroll through on social media every day. In addition, bathroom tiles are also transforming with clean lines and textures to create even more depth and visual interest. The clever use of line, shape and texture in any bathroom is reflected everywhere. This applies to sinks and tiles as well as vertical lines in the curtains and mirrors. Choosing to place a large, freestanding bathtub adds more luxury without sacrificing the subtlety of the design features.

dark wall tiles as current bathroom trends 2023 with contrasting bathroom fittings

There is also a preference for clean shapes and generous proportions that give the bathroom a new feel. The trend in ceramics focuses on very clear, geometric shapes. They are postmodern and are fundamentally inspired by modernism and minimalism. What changes are the proportions, with a definite preference for determining volume.

classic style with modern bathroom design and add art pieces into the room

Research continues into new materials that are lighter and therefore require fewer raw materials and less waste. In addition, everything in the world of ceramics is currently geared towards sustainability. The starting point for wall tiles and sanitary fittings are raw materials of natural origin. Energy-efficient production processes and new solutions that shorten processing phases are also important considerations.



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