How to do Bohemian decor on a budget? 7 stylish and unique ideas that will save you money!

by Kristiyana

With the weather getting colder and colder, I find myself spending more and more time in my flat. I can’t say that I absolutely enjoy it, as I want to spend time outside, but the sky is so gloomy, and there rarely seems to be any sun any more. I have been thinking about changing something about the interior in my flat in order to make it look more artistic, cheerful and cosy, so I can better enjoy all the time I spend there now. However, I myself don’t earn a lot of money and can’t really afford to buy any new trendy expensive furniture or decorations. But I really want to do something different and unique with my place! Any ideas anyone? Maybe I can look up some tips on how to do a Bohemian decor on a budget? What do you think? Let’s give it a try!

How to do Bohemian decor on a budget?

bohemian decor on a budget_cheap boho interior design

You might think it’s impossible, but it is not as complicated as it might look. Bohemian accessories can be quite affordable if you know where to get them from, or even how to make them yourself. Having a visit to the thrift store is always a great idea if you want to look for a rare and affordable item. Thrift stores are great places to find objects like mirrors, colourful pillows and rugs, etc. And for other accessories, you can even give a go at a DIY tutorial! There are plenty of DIY-s on the web on how to make unique hanging decorations, and tips on using natural materials that you can find outside. However, before we go on our Boho decor quest, let’s first mention what the style is really about.

What is considered Bohemian decor?

Bohemian decor is an aesthetic focused on incorporating different styles from various cultures. This includes having a wide personal mix of patterns, colours, materials, artistic creations, etc. The focus is on organic and natural elements, as the style is very self-expressive, creative, and unconventional. Displaying hand-made designs or souvenirs from travels is highly encouraged for creating the completely original Boho look.

1. Cheap Bohemian colourful rugs

colourful boho rugs_bohemian decor on a budget


Are you ready to get a Bohemian decor on a budget? What you need to start off with is a fun and colourful rug. You can display it anywhere you like, could be the under the bed or the living room couch. Your choice! Go with one that matches your personal style. For the best Boho look, get a woven or patterned colourful rug. Make sure that it goes well with all the other decorations in the room it will be displayed in, or use the rug as a base for other accessories.

2. Budget-friendly Boho pillows

bohemian decor on a budget_boho floor pillows

Feel like creating a cosy atmosphere during this fall season? Nothing says comfort and relaxation like an abundance of soft and vibrant Boho pillows! Cover your couch with throw pillows in various shapes and colours, and do the same for your floor! You can place floor pillows on top of your woven rug, or anywhere else you feel you might like to relax now and then with some hot tea and a nice book.

3. Candles for a Bohemian decor

 bohemian decor on a budget_cheap boho decor

Speaking of a Boho cosy interior, we can’t complete the look without adding some candles here and there, can we?! Candles are a cheap accessory that can add a sense of style and serenity to any type of design. Don’t be afraid to pick them out in different shapes, sizes, and colours. That is key to creating a look that is completely unique and yours. Incorporate some Boho candleholders as well, or simply place candles in big glass jars for an original and natural look!

4. Budget-friendly Boho throw blankets

boho throw blanket_cheap boho decor

Looking for a cheap and easy way to incorporate more vibrant colours in your room ? Simply acquire a bright throw blanket! There are various designs to choose from when it comes to throw blankets. They can be single-coloured, multi, patterned, artistic, etc. Select something corresponding to your taste. Place it over a couch, chair, or the bed to add a pop of colour to your home. The blankets are also a great addition to your interior during cold weather, as they add more cosiness and warmth to the room.

5. Boho mirror, mirror on the wall

boho mirror ideas_bohemian style decor

Nothing says chic and stylish Boho decor like a gorgeous mirror made completely from natural materials! This mirror is from wool and cotton, which adds to its overall expensive look. The thing is, that if you decide to get these materials from a craft store and make the mirror frame by yourself, it will be a lot cheaper than buying it! And the material doesn’t need to be wool or cotton, you can use something less expensive as well. Search the web for ideas on DIY Boho mirrors to get inspired.

6. Add plants for a Boho interior

bohemian style decor_plants interior design

Have you ever looked at pictures of Bohemian decor without seeing a few plants here and there? I don’t think so! As already mentioned, Boho design is very focused on incorporating natural materials, and nothing is more natural than actual living plants! Place different potted plants around a room per your preferences. You will notice how they make the place seem more open, and add a sense of ease and relaxation to the overall atmosphere.

7. Boho decor with a mandala tapestry

mandala tapestry_boho mandala tapestry

I have always wanted one of these! Maybe I will finally get one, hah! The beautiful and intricate mandala symbol is said to symbolize the universe in its ideal form. It calls to peace and joy, and is often used in meditation. A wall tapestry featuring a mandala is a must-have accessory for your budget-friendly Bohemian decor. You can even make one yourself, as I have many times by studying pictures online!

I bet now you can’t wait to go to the thrift store to search for precious and cheap Boho items? Am I right? Be unconventional, use your creativity and add your personal touch to get the best Boho decor look for your lovely home! Have fun everyone!

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