Airy Bob: Light, voluminous and airy, this hairstyle is suitable for all hair types

by Kremy

A truly phenomenal haircut requires proportion, balance and structure – like architecture for our strands. This is something hair professionals train for years to perfect it, and each client’s facial features, bone structure and hair texture dictate exactly where to trim. Therefore, if you get a good haircut, you can hold back on the styling because the shape will do the heavy lifting. An excellent example – the so-called Airy Bob.

What is an Airy Bob?

For more volume blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of the parting

So what sets the Airy Bob apart? The skillful layering and shaping result in a haircut that is so light, voluminous and airy, that it defies gravity. The Airy Bob is like your own personal wind machine, in a haircut.

A good haircut requires proportion balance and structure


Basically, you want a classic bob that you can easily add movement and volume to. If you have thick hair, you need to remove some weight to make it easier for you to achieve the styling you want. If you have fine hair, your best bet is a blunt cut and a great volume/hold spray.

What hair length fits your face

For added zest, hairstylists like to add barely-there layers to breathe life into the cut and lift and move the roots. They describe it as the equivalent of a wind machine, and we definitely agree.

How to style an Airy Bob?

How to style airy bob

If the texture of your hairstyle is already amazing, you can just wash it and walk away and it will look gorgeous. The trick is that the hairstyle has to be subtle so it doesn’t look too “done” (the hair equivalent of makeup without makeup). You want it to look like it has a very natural texture. If you can’t wait for your hair to air dry, blow dry it for a few minutes to make it easier to work with.

If you can get a good haircut you hold back with the styling

Mess up your hairline by parting it in half – head down if possible – this is a great trick to create volume. Section your hair into horizontal sections about 3cm thick, place on your round brush, lift and wrap over the brush so that it curls over. When you get to the parting, blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of the parting.

Feathered Bob is the trendy hairstyle for fall 2022. You can find out more about the haircut here!

Test! What hair length suits your face?

Occasionally we look in the mirror and decide it’s time for a new look. Well, here’s a quick test that could save you stress, money and unnecessary mourning for your hair – it only takes two seconds and can help you determine if a shorter hairstyle suits your face. You can test the 5.5 cm rule in the comfort of your own home with a pencil and a ruler and find out which hair length suits your face shape best.

How to do this:

  1. Place a pencil horizontally under your chin in line with your shoulders.
  2. Hold a ruler vertically under your ear.
  3. Note where the pencil intersects with the ruler.

The 5.5 cm rule states that if the measurement is less than 5.5 cm, a short hairstyle such as a youthful bob will suit your face. If the value is over 5.5 cm, short hair is less likely to suit your face structure and you should settle for longer curls.

So take the test and find out which hairstyle suits your face best. And if you’re feeling brave, go to the hairdresser!

Airy Bob is the hair equivalent of makeup without makeup

Airy bob is the hair equivalent to makeup without makeup

Hairstylists like to add barely-there layers for added zest

For extra swing hairstylists like to add barely visible layers

Airy bob can add movement and volume to your hair

Airy bob can add movement and volume to your hair

Airy Bob is like your own personal wind machine, in a haircut

The airy bob is like your own personal wind machine in a haircut

There are many ways to style the Airy Bob hairstyle

How can you style airy bob hairstyle

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