Feathered Bob: This is the trendy hairstyle for fall 2022, which looks perfect on young and older women!

by Kremy

Have you been wearing your bob for so long and finally want to give it an update? Then we have the perfect hairstyle for you – the feathered bob! Feathered hairstyles that were all the rage in the 1970s are currently making a big comeback. Feathered layers work well with any hair length and a bob looks extremely trendy. Plus, it’s a great choice for both thick and thin hair. While it removes excess thickness, this bob haircut variation can also add volume to thin hair. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, we can make things easier for you. We have selected some of the sassiest feathered bob hairstyles that will give you a extravagant yet elegant look.

What is a feathered bob?

What exactly is a feathered bob

Thanks to Farrah Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels, this look was one of the hottest hairstyles in the ’70s and it still is today. That’s why you see this look on many celebrities, including Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, and even Jennifer Lawrence. It is a layered bob style with a feathered hair texture.

Feathered Short Haircut for Older Ladies


Feathering, also known as a razor cut, is a hair styling technique that reduces and refines the volume at the ends of the hair. The result is hair that appears thicker at the roots and thinner at the ends.

Trendy short haircuts for fall 2022

As the name suggests, the feathered hairstyle makes your hair look like bird feathers. The main benefit of this hairstyle is that it makes your hair look thinner and stringier. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types but is most beneficial for thick and coarse hair.

Smart short haircuts to choose from: Feathered Bob

trendy hairstyle fall 2022 for young and older women

The feathered bob is a modern take on the traditional bob haircut. The simple feather technique creates a fluffy look that makes your entire hair look more feminine, classy and unusual. Not only is this short haircut amazingly easy to maintain, but it also offers some key benefits for all hair types and textures, including more volume, lighter strands and faster drying time.

Stylish chin-length bob with bangs

smart short haircuts to choose from feathered bob

If you are looking for feathered bob hairstyles that look attractive and feminine, you will love this chin length bob. It’s voluminous and a bit messy with stylish bangs that will bring out the princess inside you. A stacked, chin-skimming bob haircut flatters virtually all face shapes and hair types.

Feathered Bob Smart Trendy Hairstyles Fall 2022

Add feathery layers and you have a modern fall 2022 hairstyle that will turn heads. Choose a shade that suits your complexion and highlights your features to enhance the effect.

Graduated bob hairstyle with feathered layers

 short haircuts fall 2022 Layered Bob with feathered layers

While a feathered haircut adds volume by default, you can add dimension with the use of highlights, like a subtle balayage color like the one in this photo. As opposed to chunky highlights that create a striking contrast, a subtle balayage creates a more natural, blended hair color.

Side Swept Bob

Side swept feathered bobs are trending

You can look stunning with a big curly side swept bob haircut. Style your shiny tresses with feathered strands at the bottom of the hair, giving your hairdo a playful and romantic look.

Curly feathered bob modern trendy hairstyles 2022

To get perfect sassy curls, use volumizing mousse and a thick curling iron. Afterwards fix the glamorous curls with some hairspray to tame annoying strands of hair. Side swept bangs show off your facial features well.

Feathered pixie bob with soft layers

Fresh Hairstyles 2022 Feathered Pixie Bob with Soft Layers

Airy styling can’t be more popular than with a feathered pixie bob haircut. Ask your hairstylist for a few wispy layers to give the hair luxurious movement and enviable style. The soft, subtly feathered layers of this pixie bob add volume without sacrificing the ultimate femininity of this cute haircut.

Feathered Pixie Bob Trendy Hairstyles 2022

To make your feathered pixie bob look elegant and extraordinary at the same time, choose one of the vibrant, classic shades like auburn, chocolate brown or a crazy hair color like pink.

Long Feathered Bob

Feathered Long Bob as a modern hairstyle

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your long bob, consider adding feathered layers. They make your hair look more interesting and add extra volume to your mane. A little tip: If you have fine hair, try an uneven parting – this lifts your strands and gives them more height at the roots.

Long bob retro haircuts are trendy again

Add a retro touch to your hair with this long bob with bangs. Since this hairstyle is tousled, the bangs should be too. Anything full or thick seems too heavy. This hairstyle opens up the lower part of the face and showcases a gorgeous jawline.

Sassy feathered A-line bob

Trendy Short Haircuts 2022 A Line Feathered Bob

This super sleek A-line bob features a sharp line for a dramatic touch and feathered layers for stunning volume and texture. To ensure that you turn heads with this haircut, go for a darker shade.

Inverted bob as the trending hairstyle for fall 2022

Inverted Bob Haircut for Women of All Ages

An inverted bob is unique because it follows the natural lines of your hair and facial features. And with the feathered hairstyle, your hair will look gorgeous.




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