Not ironing your clothes? 10+ tips to save time and effort without sacrificing style!

by Kremy

There are household chores that are less unpleasant than others, as well as home tasks that leave us exhausted. However, which ones are yours is a very subjective question. Hate dusting, but have nothing against washing dishes? Do you like vacuuming? Either way, don’t read this article if ironing is your favorite chore! You are still here? All joking aside, ironing is a job that leaves few people indifferent – we either love it or we totally hate it. So, for anyone in the second group, here are 10+ tips for not ironing your clothes!

How to avoid ironing your clothes?

tips tricks not ironing your clothes

Don’t worry, not ironing your clothes doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices with your neat appearance. On the contrary, we offer you some good tricks that will make ironing completely superfluous or considerably reduce the ironing time.

Not ironing your clothes tips – Do you know the trick with ice cubes?

Not ironing your clothes tips ice cubes tumble dryer


Did you know that putting a handful of ice cubes in the dryer can save you a lot of ironing? After washing the clothes, fill the dryer drum with them, add 3-4 ice cubes and start the usual cycle. The idea is that the steam from the melting ice cubes will help remove wrinkles from clothes easily and quickly. These days there are also dryers with steam technology which are very effective at smoothing out wrinkles.

What’s the mistake everyone makes?

overloading machine mistakes to avoid

Let’s be honest, overloading the washing machine is a mistake we’ve all made. Whatever the reason, the result is always deplorable in terms of creases. After washing, you may find that the stains have not disappeared and even some clothes are damaged? To avoid these penalties and not iron your clothes, you must always make sure that there is enough space in the washer and never overload it. By the way, the same goes for the dryer!

Shake clothes well before hanging them up

how to avoid ironing clothes tips

What if you don’t have a dryer? In order not to iron your clothes, you must first perfect your hanging technique so that they dry without creasing. First of all, you have to shake them roughly several times to smooth them out and then lay them out properly. At best, we hang the most crumplable items on hangers and the rest on the clothesline.

Not ironing your clothes tips – Place Clothespins Strategically

do not iron clothes good tips mistakes to avoid how to hang

Along the same lines, to avoid clothespin marks that need to be ironed after drying, hang clothes by the strongest and least visible part of the fabric. For example, hang T-shirts by the armpits, shirts by the collar, and pants by the waistband.

Can ironing your clothes be avoided while taking a shower?

how to avoid ironing clothes tips and tricks hot shower

Don’t have time to iron? So take a long hot shower! This tip probably sounds weird to you, but hanging up whatever you want to wear in the bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower is awesome! You simply let the steam work its magic and ironing your clothes is no longer necessary! You can also fill a spray bottle with water, spray the wrinkled garment, and hang it on a hanger. The wrinkles will disappear as it dries.

Sort so as not to iron (all) your clothes

how not to iron your clothes good tips tricks

Your grandmother will surely disapprove of the idea, but not ironing your clothes (at least not all of them) is not a mortal sin. Consider which items really need ironing. The elegant blouse or shirt you wear at work? Absolutely! Towels and sheets? Not necessarily. So eliminate some items this way and you’ll save hours of ironing per week.

Can ironing be fun?

how to make ironing fun Not ironing your clothes tips

Not ironing your clothes altogether isn’t always possible, but you can at least make the experience a little more enjoyable, even fun, right? So light a scented candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and play your favorite music. If you couldn’t avoid the dreaded clothes ironing altogether, make it more pleasant and the laundry pile will disappear sooner than you think.

What fabrics not to iron?

straighten clothes on rack

Those who aim not to iron their clothes must at all costs invest in items made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Polyester, acrylic, elastane, polyamide and nylon, among others, are synthetic fibers that do not wrinkle. Wool, silk, cashmere and some specially treated cotton fabrics are also wrinkle free. Linen is rather to be avoided if you hate ironing.

Washing tips to avoid ironing or make it easier

tips tricks not ironing clothes laundry mesh

Before washing your clothes, put them in laundry mesh to minimize wrinkles forming in the machine. Use the delicate cycle or simply decrease the number of revolutions when spinning to avoid excessive wrinkling.

Take advantage of the straightener so as not to iron your clothes?

not ironing your clothes tips use straightener for shirt collar

Fold your clothes immediately after removing them from the clothesline or drying rack. When using a dryer, try a short cycle and lay out items that are still damp to dry completely. Use a straightener for collars, hems and other visible parts instead of turning on the iron.




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