How to pack without wrinkles – tips and tricks for tidy suitcases

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How to pack without wrinkles simple luggage hacks

How to pack without wrinkles? To pack a suitcase properly so that nothing in it is wrinkled or broken is science! All of us have been unpleasantly surprised when gathering garments for a business trip or for a vacation that the suitcase is just not able to accommodate all the things that we need.

how to pack shoes in the luggage


You have surely noticed that no matter how neatly you fold a pile of clothes, when you open your suitcase, they come out wrinkled.To keep all the garments presentable and save yourself from clothes ironing upon arrival they need to be properly folded. We shall give you some useful tips and tricks how to pack wrinkle-free so read on!


How to pack without wrinkles – simple steps to follow

Wrinkle free luggage packing hacks

Wrinkle-free packing may seem as an impossible task but the truth is that it is not that difficult at all. You just have to follow these simple rules and arrange everything neatly.

Start with the purpose of your trip. It is clear that a if you travel for a vacation on the beach and you stay in a hotel will require a completely different set of clothes and shoes than if you go on a business trip or a wedding. Make a list of all the things you want to take with you so you do not forget something important.

Check the weather forecast before you travel to adjust your list in accordance with the weather conditions.

make a list of the luggage before packing

Try to see the whole picture. When packing your suitcase do not think about each item separately. Keep in mind how this or that piece of clothing fits into the overall picture. Choose clothes in neutral colors that are easy to combine with each other. All items in your luggage should be as versatile as possible so that you can make a variety of combinations. This does not mean that you can not take something noticeable and unique to your style.

The same applies to shoes. Take shoes that can be worn with several outfits. Pack the most comfortable shoes which allow you to wear them for a long time without problems. Of course you will need a spare pair in case your shoes get wet or your legs get tired.

how to pack wrinkle free what clothes to pack for holidays or travel

Eliminate the unnecessary. Lay out all the items you plan to take with you on the sofa or on the floor. This will help you see the amount of luggage clearly and, probably, eliminate some items.

Take things that occupy the least space. For example, if you wonder between two dresses, the one made of thinner fabric will occupy less space, so it is the one that will go into the suitcase.

It will be wise if you choose clothing that does not need frequent washing. Choose garment that does not wrinkle, especially if you have little time to iron your wardrobe upon arrival.

pack wrinkle free in suitcase suit shirt shoes

Pack your luggage in layers. There is a simple rule that will help to pack a suitcase or bag efficiently so that you can take all your favorite clothing that will not need to be ironed on arrival. You need to arrange all the luggage in layers. Here is how to do it:

  • Bottom layer – stack the heaviest items, placing them evenly and keeping the balance of the suitcase. Put the shoes on the bottom of the suitcase, wrapping them in separate bags. Shoes fit well on both sides of the suitcase and the corners. On the bottom layer you can also put chargers, cosmetic bag, etc.
  • Middle layer – jeans, T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. Fill all the gaps with belts and socks. Fragile things must be placed in the middle, reliably separating them from each other.
  • Top layer – dresses, tops, suits, etc.


How to pack without wrinkles – folding vs rolling

pack luggage in layers to avoid wrinkles

When it comes to the question how to pack without wrinkles, there are several methods and everyone has his own preferences. However, the method of packing will depend on the type of trip. For example, if you pack for a business trip it is very likely that you’d prefer folding your clothing and if you need to pack for a vacation trip, the rolling method may be a better solution. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages so let’s have a closer look.

Pros and cons of folding clothes

how to avoid wrinkled clothes tips and tricks for packing suitcase

Folding clothes is quick and easy and this is the method that most of us use when packing luggage in a suitcase. In addition, our clothing is more or less already folded in the wardrobe (or closet) so it feels absolutely natural to get them and stack them in the suitcase. Even if you need to fold some clothing, it takes a few minutes. The main advantage of this method is that it is quick and does not require any effort. This method works great for T-shirts, pants, jeans, etc. Having in mind that most of these clothes have already been folded, you minimize the chances that they get more wrinkles when packing. On the other side, folded clothes take up more space and leave gaps in the suitcase. When clothes are stacked, it is more difficult to get out something that you placed in the middle without making a mess. Some people prefer stacking their clothes side to side which allows them quick access to exactly the shirt or top that they need.

Pros and cons of rolling method

packing suitcase rolling clothes to save space in suitcase

When you want to pack wrinkle-free, the rolling method is compact and versatile and has some undeniable advantages. Rolling clothes reduces wrinkles. It is effective even for clothes that wrinkle easily. Of course, you need to do that carefully. For example, pants and jeans are first folded in half and then rolled tightly. First the bodies of shirts and tops are folded in half vertically, after that sleeves are folded in and then they are rolled tightly.

Another advantage is that this method allows you to optimize and take full advantage of the space in the bag. You can fit more clothes in your suitcase and fill in the gaps between certain items.

How to pack a suitcase tips and tricks for tidy suitcases and luggage

Another plus of rolling clothes is the better organization of your luggage. Everything is visible, easily accessible and looks more organized. You will not have to rummage through the stacked clothes to find what you need. This is especially important and very useful if you are staying at a place where you cannot unpack.

Let’s look at the cons of rolling clothes when you pack them in a suitcase. The truth is that this method is great for clothes made from soft fabrics. Clothes that are made from fabrics that tend to wrinkle will crease anyway. In addition, this method is not very suitable for bulky garments like sweaters as they may take up more space neither is good for formal wear like suits or gowns.


Pros and cons of folding clothes to pack without wrinkles

So, which method is better? Rolling or folding? The answer is – both! It is best if you combine the two methods – rolling and folding, as this will allow you maximum flexibility. Fold bulky clothes like sweaters and jeans, formal dresses, etc. This will prevent them form wrinkles better than rolling. Roll small or delicate clothes like T-shirts, tops and summer dresses and fill the gaps in the suitcase.


How to deal with wrinkled clothes without an iron?

wrinkle free clothes folding arrange luggage in layers

Even if you did your best when packing your suitcases, wrinkles and creases appear. How to de-wrinkle your shirts or formal gown without an iron? Here are some tricks that may be useful:

how to remove wrinkles without an iron hang clothes in the bathroom

Hang your clothes in the shower. When you arrive at your destination and you find out that some clothing has wrinkles and needs ironing, you can simply hang the garments on the shower rod. Close the doors and windows and have a shower. The steam in the bathroom will remove the creases.

how to remove wrinkles without iron with damp towel

Use a damp towel. This is another way to deal with wrinkles. You need to place the garment on a clean flat surface, damp a towel and place it on top of it. Press the towel and smooth the wrinkled area. Hang and let it air dry.

how to remove wrinkles with hair dryer

Use the hairdryer. This is a great way to remove creases from dresses and suits. You need to dampen the creases and blow hot air until they straighten out. It is better to set the hairdryer on low and make sure you hold it at a distance to avoid damaging the fabric.

hair straightener can iron clothes how to remove wrinkles without iron

Use a hair straightener to remove wrinkles. This is a great way to press shirt collars, for example. Of course, you need to be careful about temperature. Set the hair straightener on low heat for delicate fabrics like silk, and on high heat for cotton clothes.


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