Leo Season Nail Ideas – Top 10 Manicures to Make Your Inner Lioness Roar!

by Stephanie Yankova

Happy Birthday, Leos! Your season has officially begun! It’s time to put on your crowns and reign like the true Queens that you are! What better way to kickstart your celebrations than with a little safe care? Give your kitty claws a royal upgrade with these stunning Leo season nail ideas!

Nail Color Ideas for August: What are the Trendiest Nail Polish Shades?

trendy nail polish colors august 2023 leo season manicure ideas

The month of August (or the month of Leos) is all about being bright, bold and present! Neon orange continues to be a crowd favorite, however, it’s making space for a few other shades. Experts predict that the most popular colors this upcoming month will be:

  • watermelon red
  • raspberry purple
  • magenta
  • lemon yellow

Leo Season Nail Ideas Fit for a Royalty

leo season nails design long almond shape pastel pink french tips chrome lettering


Leos are ruled by the Sun. That means they have this organic star-like appearance that never goes unnoticed in the crowd! The Leo aesthetic is bold, they like to make their presence known. They not only know how to attract attention but also how to keep the spotlight shining on them! A great way to translate that energy into your manicure is by using glitter, metallics, and jewels that will really make your nails pop!

Lavender Leo Nails

purple manicure leo season nails gold elements

Lavender is one of those gentle, feminine colors that give an elegant appearance to your nails. While it isn’t a color I would necessarily associate with Leos, when combined with gold it can be a true attention-grabber! Of course, we have the Leo decoration and zodiac sign symbol, just in case we haven’t made it clear enough that there is a lioness in the building!

Elegant Gold Claws

gold chrome nails neon orange french tips leo season manicure

Not a fan of graphic decorations? No problem! These gold and neon orange-dipped claws are a statement piece of their own! To really make the most of this manicure, we suggest an oval, almond or stiletto nail shape.

Gold Glitter French Tips

gold glitter french tips evil eye decoration leo season nails design inspo 2023

Let’s be honest – nothing beats a statement French manicure! Leos may be bold, but they are creatures of great class and refinement, too. This minimal and chic gold glitter French nail design shows just that!

P.S. It’s good to add a little evil eye in there to protect you from those who envy your royal demeanour. Just in case.

Minimalist Zodiac Symbol Manicure

leo season birthday nails gold chrome lettering 3d art

While still on the topic of simple nail art designs, this is one I’m definitely looking forward to getting for my birthday! The gold powder-dipped decorations look absolutely stunning against the clear nude base! A cute and original idea would be to find a little piece of your birthstone and add it to your nail design.

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Red Flames for Leo Babes

red flames abstract french tips leo season nails design

Not only is Leo ruled by the Sun, but it’s also a fire sign. These natives burn big and bright! Own your fiery nature with these classic red French Nails with a subtle flame decoration. Keep it classy, but still, let them know who’s the boss!

Eclectic Abstract Leo Season Manicure

abstract colorful leo season short nails design crocodile animal print sun zodiac sign symbol

Okay, NOW we’re talking! If you’re gonna go big, you better make it sensational! This abstract manicure is an absolute feast for the eyes! We have chromes, neons, animal prints and of course – a Sun and Leo zodiac symbol. If I’m ever asked to describe what a Leo personality looks like, I’ll just show them this manicure! It’s full of energy, fun, vibrant, and absolutely fabulous!

Vibrant Tie-Dye French Tips

red orange pink tie dye french tip nails leo season manicure

I feel like the tie-dye nail art technique doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. There’s something quite interesting and eye-catching in the way the different shades mix together. To keep it on trend for this Leo season, try out a pink, orange and red color combination.

Iridescent Red Chrome Kitty Claws

iridescent red chrome nails summer leo season manicure design ideas

If you’re ever in doubt about what manicure to get, you can never go wrong with red! Not many people experiment with this color, because it’s such a timeless classic. However, if you want to stand out in the crowd there’s one simple way you can elevate this iconic shade. Simply add some iridescent powder on top and you’ll get a really interesting and complex unique design!

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Nude Animal Print with a Dash of Color

nude matte leopard print nails red accent leo season manicure design ideas 2023

Let your inner lioness roar this season with these stunning animal print nails! The subtlety of the nude shades gives the leopard print a refined appearance. And the little red accent nail is just a little reminder of your elegant and beautiful fiery nature! She’s a wild woman, but a classy one!

Neon Marble Effect Nails

marble effect orange nails leo season manicure inso trendy colors summer 2023

The marble effect nails remain one of the most stylish nail art techniques that quickly turned into a modern classic. To give it a summer twist suitable for the likings of a Leo Queen, give it a colorful pop with a vibrant neon orange shade!

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