TOP 15 Timeless Kitchen Design Elements: The Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style!

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When you are renovating or creating your new kitchen, you need to think about how to keep it looking modern for longer. This can be achieved very easily with classic furniture that will never go out of style! What are the timeless kitchen design elements? How to implement them in your kitchen? 

TOP 15 Timeless Kitchen Design Elements: The Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style!

rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas 2023 timeless design classic

The kitchen is the cozier place in the entire house, and we are spending time there with our family. That’s why it is essential to try to create a space where everyone is feeling well and the atmosphere is perfect. Whether you like the rustic, modern, industrial or farmhouse designs, there are timeless kitchen elements that can make your space look classy and trendy. Opting for something that will last longer is also very important. Think about these pieces as investments in the future. Our interior design experts have gathered the TOP 15 design elements that you should try and implement into your kitchen.

Stone Countertop Kitchen Island

stone countertop kitchen island timeless designs


Investing in a high-quality countertop for your kitchen island is essential. The materials like granite, marble, quartzite, etc. are more durable and it will last longer. They are not prone to scratches and on top of that they look amazing in any kitchen. Depending on the stone you choose, it is easily customizable with your interior colors. The stone countertop will bring a luxury feeling into the ambiance of your kitchen.

Shaker Cabinets: Face Framed

shaker cabinets style face framed kitchen 2023

The shaker style cabinets are the most preferred in the modern kitchen interior designs. The name comes from the Shakers, a group that used to create minimalistic furniture back in the day. They founded this style originally in England in the 1800s. But, the designers have found a way to implement it into the modern kitchen ideas for 2023. You may have known them as face framed kitchen cabinets as well. What is so different about them? They have a frame, made from four pieces of wood normally. They kind of resemble a picture frame if you look closely. It’s certainly a simple design, however it can make a BIG difference in your home.

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Golden Kitchen Handles

golden kitchen handles metal blue cabinets navy

Not only that metal handles are more sustainable throughout the years, but they will make your kitchen look more expensive and classy. Today we are going to focus on the golden kitchen handles, that can make literally any cabinets look like they are brand new. You can match them with wooden finish or colors like navy blue, black, sage green, cream, gray, etc.

Eye-catching Kitchen Floor

eye catching kitchen flooring interior design ideas 2023

Kitchen flooring is also a very important choice and can change the overall look of your space. Flooring can stand out and make your kitchen look very nice. But don’t forget the fact that a lot of food will fall on it and it should be easy to clean.  Black and white kitchen tiles are suitable if you have cabinets that are in a neutral colors, which is a frequent choice. There are also a lot of kitchen flooring ideas on a budget that you can choose from!

Hidden Shelf Space in The Kitchen

hidden shelves in the kitchen interior design trends and ideas 2023

Shelves are amazing, but if you have a lot of stuff on them, your kitchen might start looking dirty and messy. To avoid that, think about implementing hidden shelf space in your kitchen, where you can put your kitchen supplies, jars, spices, etc. That way, your kitchen space will look clean all the time and you can even install more shelves, if you need more space.

Modern Kitchen Sink Ideas 2023

modern sink ideas 2023 timeless kitchen design elements

Designers are getting more and more creative with kitchen sinks, which means you can spark your imagination and choose one that fits your entire interior. It’s very stylish and classy to make your kitchen sink stand out and look like a true masterpiece. Keep in mind that you have to make sure the material is high quality and it can be easily cleaned.

White Tile Kitchen Backsplash

white tile backsplash kitchen timeless design elements 2023

The white tile kitchen backsplash is the most picked one according to many designers. It can make the kitchen look brighter and spacious, and it will give it modernistic vibes. You can also consider this backsplash to be inspired from industrial interior design, because of the distinguished rectangular form of the tiles.

Big Contemporary Kitchen Chandelier Light

chandelier contemporary kitchen ideas ceiling lighting

Big beautiful chandeliers are one of the timeless kitchen elements that we can’t skip mentioning. If carefully chosen, they will surely contribute to making your kitchen feel wonderful. It’s best to position them above your dining table or perhaps your kitchen island. Now, you can scroll down to see the rest of the design elements that are a must for a modern kitchen!

Timeless Kitchen Design Elements 2023: Wooden Cabinets

wooden kitchen cabinets timeless design classic 2023

Metal Gold Kitchen Range Cookers for a Classy Atmosphere

metal golden kitchen range cookers

Neutral Kitchen Face Framed Cabinets

neutral kitchen cabinets ideas 2023

Free Standing and Fitted Kitchen Furniture

free standing and fitten kitchen ideas 2023

Open Wooden Kitchen Shelving Ideas

open wooden kitchen shelves timeless design 2023

Multifunctional Kitchen Island with Cabinets for More Storage

multifunctional kitchen island with cabinets 2023

Kitchen Window Design Open Layout 2023

kitchen window idea open layout design 2023

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