Trendy hair color of women in their 40s: How to choose THE ONE correctly?

by Gabby

Do you follow the trends or do you just do what you want? If you are easily influenced, this article is for you. Having plunged into the world of hair colors, I made a list of shades that would triumph this year. You are tempted by change, but you doubt which trendy hair color 2023 would look great on you? A 40 year old woman should not be impulsive and try to avoid mistakes. In that case, I will try to help you choose between creamy blondes and metallic brunettes, bright reds and toasty ash hues. Let’s find the 2023 trendy hair color for women in their 40s that you should check out!

Hair color for women in their 40s: How to choose THE ONE correctly?

hair colors for women in their 40s trends hairstyles 2023

I have always wondered on what criteria we define trends. Things became a tad clearer to me when I consulted Pantone. The color of 2023 that is taking decoration trends by storm is Viva Magenta. I thought to myself that this vibrantly dynamic shade could serve as the basis for a palette where we can come across a trendy hair color for 2023, which would be yours and mine, maybe, who knows…

Viva Magenta is a powerful shade that could stimulate and help build inner strength. Courageous and optimistic, joyful and intrepid, this color of red invites itself everywhere in decoration and in fashion. Even accessories and mobile devices adopt it without hesitation. So if you’re dynamic and rebellious, why not include it in your makeup and hair color style?

Make an appointment with the hairdresser!

hair color trends 2023 for women in their 40s ideas shades


New year, new look! If you spent the month of January enthusiastically adopting new habits, in February you already have an idea on what color is trendy in 2023 for the women in their 40s. Browse through our suggestions for a haircut that will suit you perfectly and make an appointment with the hairdresser. The hair specialists predict that 2023 will be all about subtle yet statement colors that don’t require constant upkeep. You can go between creamy blondes in the summer and metallic brunettes in the fall, bright reds and current ash gray hues in every season and for any age.

Hair trends are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up with all the different ways you can change your hair. But if you’re trying to avoid looking like everyone else, you need to know what the future holds for hair color and style.

Red hair color

red hair color is it trendy in 2023 how to wear it ideas hairstyles

I’ve always said in my articles that you shouldn’t follow trends with your eyes closed. Because if you are looking for a major change in your look, shades of red will be trendy in 2023. This includes traditional red, burgundy tone, auburn and copper shade. Red is a versatile color, but it’s not for everyone. To wear the burgundy color which is a deep red-purple, you must have a matte skin complexion. The same goes for burgundy, which is very daring. This duo comes closest to Viva Magenta.

Trendy hair color for women in their 40s: Copper

copper hair color red shades hairstyle ideas in 2023

Although auburn was in style last year, hair stylists predict this trend will continue in 2023. It is a reddish brown color concealing a hint of orange. You want to spice up your mane, well, try out this copper shade. You already know that it will be IT hair color for fall 2023. This rich, warm shade is perfect for adding volume to your locks. It will highlight your tanned complexion after the holidays and can suit anyone who feels a reckless adventurer. The copper color will require you to pre-lighten your dark hair if this is the case.

Golden brown

how to add volume to your hair layers curly hairstyles highlights


One shade that can come closest to your natural hue and is low maintenance is golden brown. It can win you over for a few reasons. The first is that this color adds a touch of warmth and depth to your look without being too drastic. The second is that the change will subtle and will make you look amazing with minimal effort. The golden brown will flatter light or dark skin.

The honey blonde: Is that for you?

honey blonde hair how to wear it hairstyle ideas color trends 2023

Looking for the right shade of blonde? Honey and wheat blonde are the perfect combo! Ask your stylist for balayage or ombré with highlights all over or just in certain areas, around the face for example.

As the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer, trend colors change too. For the past few years, ash and platinum blonde have ruled, but in 2023, peach-pink blonde is set to take over. Perfect and flattering for anyone looking to transition from their winter hair color to something brighter for spring and summer.

This look requires pre-lightening the hair to pale blonde before tinting it with rose gold or peach toner so it doesn’t over-bleach. The exact shade will depend on your starting point and the desired end result.

Hair color for women in their 40s: Gray

gray hair color trends hairstyle ideas 2023

Gray hair will never fade away to look trendy. Whether they show up in abundance or you just kick things off a little, going gray is a trend that’s close to the hearts of many women, even in their 40s. Once your natural grays are at their peak, swap out your regular shampoo for a purple one, once a week to keep them looking shiny.


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