2023 Haircut trends for 40 year old women: which one will suit you perfectly?

by Kremy

Well, here we are – 2022 is almost over. And what better way to start the new year than with a complete makeover? Cutting your hair has a very important meaning: leaving the past behind and getting rid of negative energy. If you’re tired of having the same hair for years and want a new and improved look, then keep scrolling! Here are the five 2023 haircut trends for 40 year old women. Which one would you choose?

2023 Haircut trends for 40 year old women: 5 trendy hairstyles

2023 Haircut trends for 40 year old women

Want a new look for New Year’s Eve? Why not get ahead and get a fabulous new hairstyle to celebrate the arrival of 2023? If you’re in desperate need of a confidence boost, that’s a sign to schedule a hair appointment! Or, if you’re confident enough in your hairstyling skills, grab the scissors!

Long wavy hair

long haircut women 40 years old


Long hair will always be in style. Beach waves are out of style, but romantic, soft curls are very trendy! Explore your feminine and sensual side by sporting long wavy locks. Part your hair down the middle (side partings are a no-no!) or learn how to wear bangs. Either way, you’ll look great!

haircut for women 40 years with long face

If you have thin, damaged hair, we recommend trying heatless curls. It doesn’t take long and your hair will thank you in the end.

Wavy lob haircut

2023 Hairstyle trends for women 40 years old

For those of you who don’t like super short hair, but are tired of their long locks, why not try the lob haircut? It is easy to maintain, especially when all you have to do is curl your hair!

bob hairstyles women over 40

It is also an excellent choice for women with thin hair. Long hair tends to weigh down, resulting in little to no volume. With the lob hairstyle, it will have movement and you will feel much lighter!

The trendy bob haircut and its variations

haircut short bob

Are you looking for a classic elegant hairstyle that is always in style? Then the trendy bob haircut is for you! It is shorter than the lob and is so flattering! Try the Amélie Poulain French bob or several of its other variations like the asymmetrical bob or the boy bob.

haircut woman 40 year old round face

Or, if you’re more on the rebellious side, opt for a short bob with baby bangs. By the way, this hairstyle is extremely flattering for oval faces! Why? By adding bangs to any haircut, your long face will appear smaller.

The pixie cut

pixie cut woman 40 years old

The pixie cut is bold and sexy and and works great for the most confident women! Wear it with side bangs, baby bangs or up, it doesn’t matter! Cutting your hair this short is considered a big statement and says a lot about your personality. If you are curious about how to wear a pixie haircut, check out our full article on the subject.

trendy haircut woman 40 years old

The pixie cut frames the face nicely and accentuates your features. If you also want to dye your hair, why wait? A light ash blonde is a rejuvenating and flattering color. It warms the complexion and gives the illusion of “smoothing out” fine lines. By the way, if you’re interested, you can check out if you’re interested, you can check out how to do a skincare routine over 50. In general, the same routine is perfect for women in their 40s as well.

2023 Haircut trends for 40 year old women: The layered haircut

haircut woman 40 year old oval face

Finally, we come to the last hairstyle option. The layered haircut gives your hair so much movement and volume, it’s crazy! However, here is a word of warning. For ladies with very thin hair, you won’t magically wake up with volume. You have to use products and heat in order to achieve this look. Otherwise, it will simply be flat.

mid length haircut woman 40 years brunette

For others, who have more textured and wavy or even curly hair, you will magically wake up in the morning with a perfect hairstyle. I love this Joan Jett haircut… Good! So, which of the 2023 Haircut trends for 40 year old women did you like the most?



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