Silver highlights on black hair hairstyles: Top 10 most trendy highlights to try now!

by Kristiyana

Are you looking to try out a fresh and fashionable new hairstyle? I mean, a lot of big holidays are coming up, and with holidays come celebrations, hence parties! Wouldn’t you like to awe all of your friends and acquaintances with a new look that would make you the talk of the event? I thought so! I have just the thing you are looking for. And this hairstyle would be especially suitable for those raven-haired maidens that I know are reading this article as we speak. So, keep on reading to discover the 10 most stunning takes on silver highlights on black hair hairstyles!

Silver highlights on long black waves

long dark waves with silver highlights-silver hairstyles

Let’s start our top picks with these fascinating silver and gray highlights on long wavy hair! If you are fed up with your black hairstyle, why not spice things up a bit with a few (or a lot!) gray and silver highlights throughout your raven hair. This would be exactly the change you are looking for!

Ash gray and bronze babylights

ash and bronze babylights-ash highlights


If you want to add some gray or silver to your hair, but for it to not be as striking, go with the gray ash and bronze babylights! What are babylights you ask? They are a lightening technique similar to highlights, the difference being in the placement and amount of the captured hair in foil. Babylights focus on creating a subtle, sun-kissed strands look.

Gray balayage on dark hair

black-hair-with-balayage-gray highlights on black hair

What a fabulous gray and black balayage! For anyone who is not familiar with this colouring technique, a balayage refers to when lighter shades are hand-painted into the hair to create a natural-looking lightening effect. The gray tones will create a great contrast with your black hair, and the balayage will make it look natural!

Silver ombre on black hair

silver ombre_gray ombre

What’s not to love about an ombre hairstyle? And isn’t it even better when it’s a silver on black hair one?! Amazing! The silver ombré is a super stylish and glamorous hairstyle that is basically adored by any girl who wants to keep up with the latest hair trends. Get this outstanding look and have heads spinning around you like crazy!

Face-framing gray highlights

face framing gray highlights_face framing highlights for black hair


Did you just discover some gray hairs around your temple? But wait, you don’t need to be in a hurry to cover them! Simply try these stunning face-framing gray highlights! Face-framing highlights, or Money piece highlights, are a colouring technique used to highlight the streaks of hair around your face to nicely frame it, and add contrast to the rest of your hair.

Silver, purple and turquoise highlights

gray hair with black lowlights and turquoise highlights_trendy hairstyles

If you, like me, are up for doing loads of crazy things with your hair, then you will love this silver highlights on black hair idea! Instead of just going for the gray and silver colour, add additional hues of purple and turquoise blue. You can also curl your hair to boost the effect and volume of your new highlights. Definitely worth trying!

Gray ombre for short black hair

silver ombre short hair-silver ombre

No one said that these gorgeous silver and gray highlights hairstyles look great only on long hair. Just look at this fabulous take on a silver ombre for short hair, and you have your proof! Wearing the ombre short will also make your hair look more voluminous. For more stylish short silver hair ideas, be sure to check out our top 15 picks for 2022!

Single silver streak highlight

silver streak highlights_trendy highlights

Once again, here is an idea for a silver highlights on black hair hairstyle for those which are seeking a softer change with their appearance. Get the striking silver streak at the front of your hair to create contrast, but at the same time preserve the texture of the main body of your hair.

Ash gray highlights on black hair

ash-gray-ends-gray highlights on black hair

Ash gray highlights are the perfect cool-toned hair colouring technique to apply to your black hair. If you want to get that unique look, or to just wear your natural gray hairs with grace, go with the ash gray highlights, and you will find exactly what you are looking for! This multidimensional neutral colour will flatter your black hair and can work with any hair length.

Multiple gray streaks in dark hair

silver streaks in dark hair_black hair with silver streaks

And last, but by all means not least, we have the multiple gray streaks in black hair hairstyle! Are you already rocking the salt and pepper hair colour (dark and gray hairs)? Do you want to break up the harsh, uneven contrast between the darker and lighter parts of your hair? Then opt for additional gray streaks and wear your silver with style and grace!

I hope you girls enjoyed these lovely takes on silver highlights on black hair hairstyles, and are thinking of visiting your favourite hair salon as we speak! Remember to bring pictures with you so that your stylist will know exactly what hairstyle you desire. Go get that makeover and have fun!


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