Hairstyle for a New Year party: How to do your hair for the last party of 2022?

by Gabby

The Christmas holiday once again went by in the blink of an eye. When you’re having a good time, the time seems to start flying by at a crazy speed. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have occasions to celebrate. The New Year is coming, and I definitely want to welcome it in style. I’ve already prepared the awesome outfit I can’t wait to wear. But what to do with my hair? This is the eternal question for many of us. What is the most appropriate hairstyle for New Year party? What hairstyle will match our outfit perfectly? Let’s check some of the trendiest suggestions!

Hairstyle for New Year party: What are the trendiest options?

hairstyle for new year party curly hair accessories blonde trendy haircut

What are the appropriate hairstyles for a New Year party? There are always trends to be inspired by and many ideas to draw from. Whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair doesn’t matter as there are suitable hairstyles for every hair type. Let’s not forget that at such a memorable party, you need your outfit to match your hairstyle so that they complement each other perfectly. You will undoubtedly look stunning if you try some of the trends of 2022 that will continue to be trendy in 2023. Today I’m going to show you some of my favorites that if you don’t have time to go to the salon, you can do yourself at home.

Old Hollywood hairstyles for New Year party

old hollywood hairstyle for new years eve party hair accessories with perals trendy 2023


This type of curled hair, which reminds you of the style of Old Hollywood, will always be one of the absolute favorites if you want to look elegant. In this era of chic outfits and long dresses, looking feminine and sophisticated was the only choice. If you want to send off this year like you’re going to walk the red carpet, opt for this hairstyle. If you want to make it look more expensive, add a pearl hair accessory. This year pearls gained a lot of popularity again, and they will continue to do so in 2023.

Hairstyles for curly hair

hairstyles for curly hair how to do my hair for a party 2023 new years eve

What are the best hairstyles for curly hair? I think something simple will suit you perfectly, as your hair is already stunning in its own way. I, who have straight hair, can never get those natural, beautiful curls. So if you want something appropriate for a New Year’s Eve party, style it lightly with some hair clip and use approachable products to make it shiny. You can also wear your hair down, or in a messy bun.

Big bow for hair: French style

bow hairstyle new years eve hair cut blonde curly

Most of you probably know that the third season of Emily in Paris came out on Netflix. Some people, like me who had no patience have watched it all in one sitting. If you’re feeling inspired by Emily, you’ll probably think this hairstyle is the best for a party. I adore this French style which is cute yet very chic. If the outfit you chose is simple and elegant, a black bow like this will make it look even better. You can curl your hair or wear it straight. The only rule is that the ribbon should be big. It is also giving a little bit of Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Barbiecore hairstyles

barbiecore hairstyles blonde curly hair with rhinestone accessories new years eve party

If anyone knows how to party, that would be the blondes. What hairstyles to get for the New Year’s Eve party if you have long blonde hair? Why not try something from the recent Barbiecore trend? In 2023 the movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will be released and the Barbiecore trend is expected to come in full force. Some of the big celebrities like Megan Fox and Hailey Bieber have already tried it out. How does Barbie wear her hair? Let’s just say she always chooses something very girly and cute! You can curl your hair and put a small tiara with rhinestones on top, or try putting your hair in a bun and again add an accessory that is very sparkly.

Hairstyles for a New Year Party if you have a bob

hairstyles for bob haircut what to wear on a new years eve party ideas trends

When you cut your hair short and have a bob, doing different hairstyles becomes limited. But that doesn’t mean you won’t look great even with short hair! If you maintain it properly, your bob hairstyle will be trendy enough to just wear it straight and not have to do anything different with it. You can use some hair accessories to make it look sparkly and suitable for a New Years party.

Messy bun

messy bun hairstyle for new years party brunette blonde long hair

A messy bun is always a good idea when you want something to make you look effortlessly gorgeous. You don’t even have to book an appointment at the hairdresser. This effect can be achieved easily at home. There are endless video tutorials for you to try. If it doesn’t work on the first try, then on the fifth you will have the perfect bun you always dream of.

Other hairstyle for New Year party

sparkle hair ideas hairstyles for new years eve party ponytail very trendy

Sparkle hair for New Year’s Eve 

sparkle hair for new year party golden foil extensions hair trends

Old Hollywood glam 

wavy hair old hollywood glam ideas hairstyles blonde color very chic

Wavy hairstyle 

wavy hair big curls old hollywood chic hairstyles elegant and trendy

Hair bun with pearls 

hair bun with pearls on it accessories for hairstyles new years eve party ideas

Trendy hair clips 

trendy hair clips butterfly elegant bun hairstyle for a party

Barbiecore trend hairstyles 

babriecore hairstyles trends brunette hair for a party easy to make at home

French style

french hairstyle wavy curly big bow how to wear your hair for a party easy ideas

Wear your hair in a chic ponytail!

ponytail ideas for new years eve party 2022 how to wear my hair trends

Put sparkle in your hair for one last party in 2022!

sparkle hair for a party golden particles hairstyles for 2022

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