Check out the top 15 ideas on the trendiest and most stylish short silver hairstyles 2022!

by Kristiyana

I am really looking forward to cutting my hair short. It’s just… you know, such a drag to have to always take care of your long locks. You skip your hair mask once and all hell breaks loose. Split ends, impossible knots, expensive hair care, you name it. I just really want something low-maintenance, but fashionable at the same time! What do you think? Does a haircut like that even exist? Well, sure it does! I have a couple of ideas worth of trying. Why not check out the top 15 ideas on the trendiest and most stylish short silver hairstyles 2022! Let’s go girls!

1. Short chic silver hairstyles 2022

short silver hairstyles 2022_chic white-and-silver-hair-color

Looking to go for something stylish and chic? I have just the thing for you! Go with this look if you want to make your hair seem more voluminous and easy-going. The silver streaks in this hairstyle add dimension to your hair, and it is a great choice if you have thinner locks.

2. Trendy short silver ash gray hair

short silver hairstyles 2022_silver-ash-grey-balayage-hair-color


Silver is a very fashionable hair colour this year, but if you are looking to focus more on the white in your hair, pick this trendy option. This hairstyle consists of a silver ash and gray balayage, again perfect if you are looking for a more voluminous look for your hair.

3. Short silver pixie undercut hairstyle

short silver hairstyles_edgy-short-silver-pixie-with-an-undercut

Talk about one of the most fashionable choices for short silver hairstyles 2022!  If you are looking for a haircut with an edge, go with this asymmetrical silver pixie undercut! Make sure to speak with your colourist about a slow lightening process so that you can preserve the condition of your hair as much as possible.

4. Dimensional silver short bob hair 2022

short hairstyles 2022_dimensional-silver-bob-cut

Mix things up with your silver hair streaks by adding another colour to fit your style! Get this multidimensional feather bob look by asking your colourist to add some highlights and lowlights to your hair and achieve this stylish effect! Perfect hair colour for women above 60!

5. Short blue and silver hairstyles

gray hairstyles ideas_silver-undercut

Another very fashionable and unique take on short silver hairstyles 2022! This textured silver short hairdo looks amazing with some additional blue tones. Just remember, that if your hair has been lighted in order to achieve the silver colour, you will need to use products that will preserve the dye for longer as it quickly fades.

6. White and gray pixie cut hair 2022

gray and white hairstyles_trendy silver hairstyles

Jamie Lee Curtis’s short hairstyle has been an influence to many since forever.  Now her hair is of a beautiful white-gray colour that perfectly suits her iconic pixie cut.  Not only is this fabulous hairstyle low-maintenance, but it also looks sophisticated and chic.

7. Metallic silver short curls hair

trendy silver hairstyles__short gray hairstyles

Ahh, these short silver curls are to die for, don’t you think? I love Ciara! She just always knows how to pull off a trendy look. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will really make you stand out, then definitely go with this one! The metallic shade of the hair is very shiny and creates a really modern and exceptional take on the silver hair trend.

8. Salt and pepper short curls hairstyle 2022

salt and pepper hair_salt and pepper curls

One of the trendiest silver hairstyle trends of 2022, why yes, it is the salt and pepper look! Streaks of white, silver, and black make the curly hair more eye-catching and mesmerizing! A short, stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle for anyone who is looking for a more natural hairdo.

9. Platinum silver pixie & long fringe hairstyle

glenn close hairstyle_glenn close silver hair

Glenn Close is a silver hair icon, and it’s no wonder that her fashionable short hairstyle is in this article. The silver and white streaks in her hair add dimension to this icy platinum pixie cut, while the long fringe greatly frames the shape of her face. Ideal choice for an easy-going and low-maintenance hairstyle!

10. Blue and silver short whimsical bob 2022

lucy boynton hairstyle_stylish silver hairstyles

By far my favourite take on the silver hair trend! Actress Lucy Boynton’s whimsical short bob hair, complemented by subtle blue and green-gray tones, perfectly mix with her natural hair colour. The different colours add dimension, depth, and contrast to her hairstyle, and it is certainly one to show to your colourist right away, so you can get it for yourself!

11. Buzzed fade gray-white short hairstyles

stylish silver hair ideas_short silver hairstyle ideas

Another great option for really curly hair! Get the buzzed fade gray-white short hairdo for an easy-going and fashionable take on the silver hair trend. With this super short fresh grey-white hairstyle, you won’t have to think twice about how to style your hair when you are about to go out!

12. Pale gray layered short bob hair 2022

helen mirren hair_gray bob hairstyle

Helen Mirren’s pale gray layered short bob is definitely silver hair goals, wouldn’t you agree? Her platinum gray hair is the shade every women over 60 wants to achieve for her own hair. The added wavy layers give this trendy hairstyle a kind of playfulness, to an already modern bob cut.

13. Silver faux-hawk pixie hairstyle

short gray hairstyles_stylish short gray haistyles

Looking for something both edgy and chic? Well, I think you found it! This pixie cut with some extra length on top is what you need to really “wow” your friends and co-workers. I can just picture the faces of the people in my office if I get a haircut like this one! To style this pixie cut, try to have the long top upward, and for it to lean toward the centre.

14. Natural gray short bob hairstyles

gray bob hairstyle_bob hairstyle for older women

To achieve this silvery hairstyle, just let your natural gray hairs grow out and cut your hair short in a bob. Speak to your hair stylist about adding some layers to get the voluminous look! Perfect for anyone who isn’t looking for a dye, but just a simple and stylish haircut.

15. Blonde-gray short hairstyles 2022

blonde gray hair ideas_blonde and gray hairstyles

Such a graceful and stunning gray hairstyle, don’t you think? This short blonde-gray haircut is one to really show off your face features if you are looking for that. If you don’t have natural blonde hair to complement your grays, you can discuss with your hair colourist to give a natural blonde shade to your hair.

Hope you girls loved all of these ideas, and are getting ready to hit the hair salon as soon as you can! Remember, to always bring pictures and consult with your stylist before getting the cut. Have fun!

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