Easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces: 8 DIY inspirational ideas!

by Anjelina

There are many things to consider if you are hosting Thanksgiving this year! And we are not just talking about the delicious dinner, which requires a lot of preparation! Make sure you create a wonderful holiday atmosphere for you and your loved ones! We will show you that it is not at all difficult to do it yourself, as long as you want to! Read on and find inspiration in some of our easy thanksgiving table centerpieces ideas!

DIY easy thanksgiving table centerpieces

simple Thanksgiving table decor idea pumpkins on a tray

There is no need to clutter the table with different decorations to make it look festive! Keep it simple! A few small creative details and items are quite enough! Bring fall motifs to your table – fall leaves from trees, fresh flowers, or little ornaments! Don’t forget, you can add fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Try to create a centerpiece on the table, it should be decorated in autumnal style and remind you of all those gifts that autumn harvests bring. Check out our easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces ideas!

1. Fall floral arrangement

floral arrangement Thanksgiving table decor idea flowers and leaves in a vase


An easy and cheap way to decorate your table for Thanksgiving is to use natural elements such as stems, leaves and beautiful fall flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds, or even opt for some wildflowers. Pick your favorite vase and simply arrange all these beauties for a classic nature-inspired centerpiece!

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2. Rustic log centerpiece

log centerpiece with tea candles cones pumpkins red leaves

Another creative idea for your Thanksgiving table decor is to make a rustic log centerpiece with tea lights. Drilling a few holes takes less than 10 minutes, and the results are fabulous! Incorporating natural elements into decorations is always a great idea and creates a feeling of calm, coziness and predisposes to sweet conversations! For a wonderful festive atmosphere, decorate around the log with fall elements of your choice!

3. Pumpkin vase

pumpkin vase easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces nature-inspired

Needless to say that pumpkins are downright mandatory for creating a festive feel during Thanksgiving dinner! We want to share with you a striking idea that combines fall flowers and pumpkins in one! We’re talking about making a vase out of a real pumpkin that holds beautiful fall flowers. Follow our easy steps to create your pumpkin DIY centerpiece:

Tools and supplies:

  • A pumpkin
  • Fall flowers
  • A knife
  • A metal spoon
  • A small glass vessel/vase

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Place your pumpkin on a stable, flat surface. Take your glass vessel, turn it upside down and use it to trace and draw the opening of your pumpkin.
  2. Trace the line and carve out the top of the pumpkin.
  3. With a metal spoon, scoop out the inside and place the glass vessel in the pumpkin.
  4. Pour water into the glass vessel and add fall flowers of your choice!

Your beautiful, easy-to-make pumpkin centerpiece is ready! Make a few more pumpkin vases if your table is large!

4. Candle-sticks and pumpkins

centrepiece repurposed candle holders pumpkin leaves fall table decor

If you have a few extra candle-sticks at home, turn them into a unique decoration for your table. Place a small pumpkin on top of each candlestick and scatter autumn leaves around them, then add a few candles of your choice. Achieving an elegant centerpiece for the table can be that easy!

5. Use a serving tray

easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces idea arrange fall elements on a serving tray

Use any serving platter or decorative tray you can find at home to make a simple yet attractive Thanksgiving centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful! Arrange your favorite fall items such as pumpkins of different sizes, flowers, candles, and leaves, you can even add fruits or veggies of your choice! Carefully choose all the items that you’ll add! Make an accent by choosing a predominant color to match other elements of the table, for example – the napkins!

6. Golden Thanksgiving centerpiece

gold Thanksgiving centerpiece idea luxurious-looking accents

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your Thanksgiving table, take advantage of our next idea. Turn your favorite fall items into glamorous accents! All you’ll need is a paintbrush and gold paint to achieve phenomenal results! Paint a few small faux pumpkins gold and find the right items to match the style you’re going for – candles in gold, autumn leaves in yellow, etc. Arrange everything on a piece of scrap wood. Enjoy your pretty-looking creation!

7. White pumpkin centerpiece idea

white pumpkins eucalyptus centerpiece elegant and simple idea for Thanksgiving

Our next Thanksgiving centerpiece idea focuses on white pumpkins, which recently have been used more and more for decoration. They are perfect for achieving an elegant and simple table decor, especially when combined with other delicate elements, such as eucalyptus and other green plants. The color combination (white-green) is extremely pleasing to the eye and creates a very positive and warm atmosphere, especially if other rustic elements are added (wood slices or stumps).

8. Simple Thanksgiving centerpiece idea

Making a Thanksgiving centerpiece has never been easier – follow the simple, and yet essential steps for a charming fall table decor that will amaze everyone!

Easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces – Photo Gallery

plenty of pumpkins for Thanksgiving centerpiece table decor idea

Pumpkin vase for your table decor

pumpkin vase floral arrangement for Thanksgiving table decor

Succulents in small pumpkins

succulents in little pumpkins fall decor idea Thanksgiving day

Candle centerpiece with cones, leaves and pumpkins

candle centerpiece with cones leaves pumpkins for Thanksgiving dinner

Simple Thanksgiving table decor idea

easy thanksgiving table decor idea vase with flowers

Rustic Thanksgiving table centerpiece

budget-friendly rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece decor

Beautiful centerpiece easy-to-make idea

DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea candles pumpkins fallen leaves

Lovely floral arrangement – pumpkin vases

pumpkin vases with flowers for Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece warm and cozy idea


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