Exceptional Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

by Kremy

Are you looking for ideas how to decorate your festive dinner table? Do you want to surprise your guests and highlight the beauty of autumn? Then have a look at these exceptional Nature inspired Thanksgiving table decorating ideas!

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

The ideas for a festive Thanksgiving table setting are as diverse as the time of the year itself. There are elaborate decorations full of color and there are simple and modern tablescapes that look no less beautiful.

How to Create a Fantastic Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Settings?

Fantastic Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Settings


Fall pleases us with the richness of bright colors, the velvet touch of the sun’s rays and the generous gifts of nature. So why not take advantage of that and create a beautiful table setting inspired by nature? Natural materials always bring good mood, warmth and comfort that are invaluable for your family feast. The great thing about nature inspired Thanksgiving table decorating ideas is that you can use everything that the season offers – acorns, ripe apples and pears, spikelets of wheat, pumpkins, fall flowers, composition of fruits and vegetables decorated with leaves, wooden logs, etc.

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your nature inspired tablescape, fall provides many options – orange, green, yellow, red, brown, beige, purple, metallic shades like gold and copper. Choose one main color and one or two accent colors that will add visual interest to the decoration. Tablecloth, table runner, placemats, napkins – these are elements that are noticeable and can set the palette. Combine different textures as well, they will add depth to your table setting. Accessories like napkin rings, place cards, candle holders, lanterns, vases or tiered stands add to the overall appearance of the table and the festive atmosphere.

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas – Choose a Theme

Choose a Theme for Your Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Decor

You can choose a specific theme for your Thanksgiving table setting, which will determine your color scheme. For example, if you choose pumpkins, you can combine orange and white, orange and gold or if you paint your pumpkins in white, you can arrange the table in white and browns.

Nature inspired Thanksgiving table decorating ideas feature a variety of materials – colored leaves, fresh fall flowers, fruit centerpieces, pinecones, greenery, etc. Let’s look at some of the options!

Pumpkin Decorations for Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Setting

Pumpkin Decorations for Thanksgiving Table Setting

Pumpkins have become not only a symbol of the holiday, they are great as table decorations and there are numerous ways to arrange them as a centerpiece. Small fruits can be used as candlesticks, decorating them with twigs and leaves. Decorative pumpkin varieties of miniature sizes can be simply beautifully laid out on a table or a large plate. Pumpkin vases are hugely popular as well.

Colored Leaves Table Decorations

Colored Leaves Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Leaves are the gold of autumn. Fortunately, these gifts of nature are always in abundance and it will not be difficult to assemble a composition of multi-colored leaves. Place a bunch of leaves in a transparent vase, add some tree branches and you will have a magnificent centerpiece in minutes! Fall leaves can be used as place cards, to decorate homemade napkin rings, etc.

Table Decor with Floral Arrangements

Thanksgiving Table Decor with Floral Centerpiece

Fall flowers hardly leave anyone indifferent. They are always welcome at celebrations and family dinners. Their rich colors and fragrance cheer up and give the atmosphere a special charm!

Gifts of the Nature on Your Table

Thanksgiving table decor with natural materials

Ornament like cones, spruce, pine or cedar branches, as well as chestnuts and acorns look very festive. This green-brown palette will be a great addition to vibrant fruits and vegetables.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Pomegranates

Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Pomegranates

An impressive solution is the table in pomegranate colors. The shape and color of this fruit are amazing. Pomegranates can be a central element of your centerpiece composition or placed on each guest setting as a name card holder. Pomegranate blends beautifully with all types of wood and creates vibrant color accents against the backdrop of light textiles.


modern minimalist nature inspired Thanksgiving table setting

nature inspired Thanksgiving table apples theme

nature inspired thanksgiving table setting beautiful centerpiece

thanksgiving table setting in natural colors

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