10+ Pine Cone Decoration Ideas to Start Fall in Style!

by Kremy

Fall has officially arrived and we can’t help but rejoice! As the weather slowly embraces the trees with its cold grip and paves the road with all the colors of fire and bronze, we start to make changes indoors! And what better way to welcome the new season than with beautiful fall decor? Here are some clever pine cone decoration ideas!

pine cone decoration ideas for fall

How to Implement the Best Pine Cone Decoration Ideas in Your Home?

Need some pine cone decorating ideas? We’re here to give you some wonderful ideas to freshen up your interior this fall! If you want to make your home cozier and feel more comfortable during the colder months, why not opt for natural decoration? Pine cones can be collected outdoors and practically, you can decorate without spending any money. But then, what decoration can you make with pine cones? The DeaVita team loves finding new, inspiring ideas to refresh not only the workspace, but also the home! Today we’re going to show you some beautiful photo inspirations so you can give your interior a whole new look without spending a dime!

Pine Cone Garland

pine cone garland


What could be better to decorate your fireplace than a colorful garland in fiery shades? If you want a richer and more attractive decoration, don’t forget to combine pine cones with other fall elements: small pumpkins and leaves.

diy easy pine cone garland

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, a simple string with a few hanging pine cones will be enough. It’s elegant, it brings warmth to the place and it costs almost nothing! All you need is some pine cones, scissors and some string!

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Pine Cone Wreath

pine cone wreath

We don’t hang only Christmas wreaths! Fall is a great opportunity to dress up your door and make your home as welcoming on the outside as it is on the inside. Adding branches and leaves is essential to make your wreath even richer and more beautiful.

diy pine cone wreath

Pumpkins are another fall essential! We are all bombarded with pumpkins in stores and… everywhere! We must seize the opportunity and use decorative pumpkins to our advantage!

front door fall decoration

And if you don’t like making wreaths yourself or if you find commercially available ones too expensive, there are other pine cone decoration ideas! Hang pine cones and decorate them with a bow. It’s simple, but so cute! You can hang them on the door or on a wall indoors.

Pine Cone Decoration Ideas for Your Fall Table

pine cones table decoration

To make your lunches and dinners even warmer, a table decoration made from natural pine cones is essential! You can scatter them on the table between plates or create a pine cones centerpiece. It’s quite simple!

pine cone decoration ideas fall table centerpiece ideas

Another great, easy-to-implement idea is to arrange pine cones, leaves, decorative pumpkins, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices on a plate!

pine cone table decoration

If you are looking for minimalist and simple pine cone decoration ideas, wrap a bow around a pinecone and place it on a plate. Just be sure to wash and clean your pine cones first!

More Pine Cone Decoration Ideas

easy fall decoration ideas with pine cones

Assembling pine cones, cinnamon sticks, star anise and other little details in a jar not only makes a perfect fall decoration, but also an inexpensive personalized gift!

pine cone decoration ideas fall decor ideas

Or why not create a beautiful centerpiece by stacking pine cones and placing them under a clear lid or glass container?

pine cone decoration in glass container

You can create your own cozy light for the cold night by using a glass container, placing pine cones and branches with fairy lights! It is magic!

pine cone craft ideas

Need a pine cone craft for kids? Give your child some craft glue, googly eyes and pine cones and let them have fun!

pine cone craft ideas for kids

You can also give them a paintbrush and paint and let them paint the pinecones in different bright colors.

pine cone decoration ideas living room coffee table fall decor

You can also place them aesthetically on the coffee table! You will see how much this little detail makes a difference!

Other Fall Decorating Ideas

pine cone decoration ideas fall decor

Fall decoration with dried leaves and acorns in a vase.

fall decoration with natural materials

Natural fall decoration with cozy lights.

outdoor fall decoration ideas

Outdoor fall decoration: Pumpkins everywhere!

front yard halloween decoration

Get ready for Halloween with sublime decor!




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