DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Decoration: Simple and Beautiful Fall Decor Ideas for Your House Entrance!

by Kremy

Welcome fall with a creative outdoor pumpkin decoration! Charming arrangements with natural materials will make the house entrance shine.

DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Decoration: Welcome Fall Creatively

outdoor pumpkin decoration ideas for fall front door porch decor ideas

Bright colors, seasonal fruits and a lot of creativity – that’s what the next DIY outdoor pumpkin decorations ideas have in common. Whether for the house entrance or the outside stairs, in the flower bed or around the garden path – pumpkins announce the arrival of fall and spice up the outdoor area!

Welcome the fall season by carving three jack-o-lanterns or stamping the letter H on three pumpkins. Arrange the pumpkins on a decorative ladder or chair to show them off better.

Fall Decorations with Seasonal Flowers and Pumpkins

house number written on a diy outdoor pumpkin decoration for the house entrance


Fall flowers in rich colors and decorative pumpkins in different shapes will brighten up even dark niches and corners at the entrance to the house. Combine different types of pumpkins and colors to make the fall arrangement look more exciting. Paint a large pumpkin white and write the house number on it in black.

Seasonal Fruits, Fall Leaves and Pumpkins

fall decorations for house entrance with pumpkins and fall leaves

Creative fall decorations don’t necessarily have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s enough to arrange a few pumpkins between fall planters and containers. The rule of thumb applies – don’t overdo it. Combine a maximum of 4 fall colors to create a stylish decoration. Match the natural materials and other items to the color of the front door, the house wall or the outside stairs. Add subtle accents with pumpkins in different shapes.

Red apples, pumpkins and fall leaves create an irresistible fall arrangement. You can display them in fruit bowls, on old cake stands, or even in flower pots. For large pumpkins you can also repurpose the saucers from a bucket. And best of all – nature’s edible treasures can be gradually recycled and replaced with new “decorative pieces”.

You can also decorate a window box with small pumpkins. In our article Fall Window Box Decorating Ideas we have already presented some ideas for decoration with decorative pumpkins.

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Pumpkin Decoration in a Wheelbarrow

diy outdoor pumpkin decoration reuse old wheelbarrow

An old wheelbarrow, that is already worn out, can be repurposed.  With a zinc bucket with fall flowers, pumpkins and rose hips, the wheelbarrow becomes an important decorative element and can be effectively displayed next to the garden path or in the middle of the lawn. You can also write anything you like on the pumpkins using permanent marker, for example “Welcome, dear fall!”

Not only the typical ornamental pumpkins can bring variety to the garden. Most edible varieties that grow in the garden are in no way inferior to the smaller species in terms of decorative value. Combine bishop’s hat, patisson or mushroom pumpkin, butternut squash to create a colorful decoration. Best of all, all of these varieties can be eaten cooked, stuffed or, in some cases, raw.

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Paint Pumpkins for Fall

diy outdoor pumpkin decoration ideas

Do you have green or white pumpkins and want to display them effectively? Then you can paint them as you like. Acrylic paints are suitable for this because they have good coverage and can be applied with a brush. Color gradients or striped patterns look particularly cool. If you want to paint the pumpkins, start from the bottom. Blur the boundary between the two shades or colors with water and a clean brush.

Paint Fall Flowers on Pumpkins

paint pumpkins with flower patterns long lasting fall decoration house entrance

Decorative pumpkins can be painted just as easily. For example with beautiful floral patterns. You can also glue stickers on them and achieve a similar effect. The important thing here is that you first clean the pumpkins thoroughly, and remove dirt. Then paint them in a base color like white, pink or orange. Let the acrylic paint dry and then decorate the pumpkin with flowers or other natural motifs as you like.

Pumpkin Decoration in White for the House Entrance

diy outdoor pumpkin decoration house entrance front door fall decor

The next decoration idea with white pumpkins is playful, charming and romantic. Arrange alternating vases or containers with fall flowers with white or pink blossoms, lanterns with white candles and leafy ornamental perennials on steps. The puristic color scheme will show off the large white pumpkins better.

A beautiful pumpkin decoration doesn’t have to be complicated. Seasonal flowers, fall leaves and cones can be used to make the pumpkins look especially effective. You can also hollow them out and turn them into lanterns or paint them any way you like or simply glue stickers on them.



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