Fall Wreath from Leaves: You Should Try These Simple DIY Ideas for Door Decoration!

by Kremy

Witnessing nature’s transition from summer to fall is a unique experience. The green leaves of summer gradually turn into bright shades of orange, yellow and crimson from September onwards. Making a fall wreath at home is easier than you think. Would you like to make a fall wreath from leaves? With these simple DIY instructions you can do it without any problems!

If you make a wreath from beautiful fall leaves, you can enjoy their beauty all year round. Adults and kids can get busy with these cool craft ideas!

Make a Fall Wreath from Leaves – Idea for Beautiful Door Decorations

diy fall wreath from leaves

If you don’t have a wreath for your door by mid-fall, this is the wreath for you. For this fall craft you only need glycerin to protect the leaves from drying out. The process is also applicable to the green leaves of spring and summer. Some leaves don’t respond well to the glycerin, so you have to experiment a little. However, the ones that do make it are beautiful and durable enough to justify the work. Always cut the leaves in the evening when temperatures are lower and never use leaves that have been exposed to frost.

Gather a large amount of colorful leaves for your fall wreath before you begin the actual work. If you want to make a wreath from fall leaves, use only fresh, new leaves.

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Materials Needed

make a fall wreath from leaves idea for a beautiful door decoration
  • Cut, leafy branches
  • hammer
  • Bucket of water
  • Acidity test strips (pH can be lowered with citric acid or lemon juice)
  • Glycerin, which is available at most drugstores or pharmacies
  • Pruning shears
  • wreath base
  • floral wire

Step-By-Step Instructions

step by step instructions to make a fall wreath

Select a dozen or more small branches with many leaves, as long as the foliage is in full bloom. As already mentioned, for the technique to be successful, you must use leaves that have not yet been exposed to frost this season. Remember that glycerin changes the color of the leaves. The green leaves acquire a maroon hue but retain their shiny veneer, the red and orange leaves become reddish-brown, and the yellow leaves become more vibrant.

  1. Remove the branches with a hand saw or pruning shears. Using a hammer, pound on the end of the small branch or the leaf stalks: you should crush the stems.
fall craft ideas diy leaves wreath
  1. Then fill a large bucket halfway with water. Make sure the pH of the water is between 3 and 4 using a test kit: if the pH is too high, add some lemon juice. After that, add some glycerin (water – 2 parts, glycerin – 1 part).
  2. The leaves and branches will absorb the glycerin if you cover them with the solution in the bucket and protect them from the sun. The leaves become soft and pliable after three to five days. You can then remove them.
make a fall wreath from leaves
  1. Pluck the leaves from the branches and wrap them with floral wire to make small bouquets. Wrap some wire around the bouquet and place it on the wreath base. Wrap another group of stems with wire so that the leaves overlap the first group. Continue until the wreath is full.

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DIY Fall Wreath with Leaves and Pumpkins

diy wreath with leaves and pumpkins

You can make this wreath from entirely natural or artificial materials.

What Do You Need?

You can purchase artificial pumpkins from a craft store. Of course, you can also find real, small pumpkins and to make this fall wreath. The pumpkins in the pictures are made from paper and painted wire and weigh next to nothing. They are coated with varnish and are perfect for the craft idea. It seems sensible to also look online to see what artificial decorative pumpkins are available.

Also get:

  • Rattan wreath
  • Raffia
  • Leaves (artificial or real)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bird figurine

DIY Fall Wreath Instructions

how to make a fall wreath instructions
  1. A strip of raffia is used here as glue to attach the pumpkins to the rattan wreath. To attach the pumpkin to the branch, slide the wire under the pumpkin and attach it to the wreath. What a simple solution! You can cut off the raffia threads that you didn’t use. If you want, you can also save them because they add to the rustic look of the wreath.
  2. Then add some realistic looking fake fall leaves. As an alternative, use real leaves preserved with glycerin. You can easily hide them in the twisted branches of the wreath. A dab of glue from the hot glue gun at the base of the leaf or stem and gluing it between the branches in an inconspicuous place should do the trick if you want to make sure they stay intact. This way you can reuse the wreath year after year. There is no need to attach the leaves any further and this makes them appear even more natural.
make your own door fall decorations
  1. A small bird is a beautiful embellishment that you can purchase at a craft store. The bird’s warm tones are a fantastic addition to this wreath while providing visual variety.

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