Fall Window Box Decorating Ideas: How to Beautify Your Outdoor Planters?

by Kremy

With the right fall window box decorating ideas, every seasonal plant ensemble will look especially beautiful. The following ideas with decorative pumpkins, branches and cones are guaranteed to spice up your outdoor space or balcony!

DIY Fall Window Box Decorating Ideas

fall window box decorating ideas pumpkins and black cat silhouette

You have planted your window boxes for fall, but something is still missing. Maybe it’s the right decoration? You can give the arrangement an autumnal look with ornamental pumpkins, wooden decorative figures and dried ornamental grasses. They are perfect for window boxes in which evergreen plants and ground cover plants such as ivy grow.

At the end of September you can also add a Halloween touch. For example, by painting a wooden cat silhouette black or buying cat figurines from a craft store.

Beautify Window Boxes with Decorative Mushroom

window box fall decor ideas diy fall planters


Evergreen climbing plants, yellow-blooming fall flowers and ornamental pumpkins will create a stylish composition. You can also decorate the window box with dried grasses, driftwood and decorative brass mushrooms. Combinations of green, yellow and orange shades look particularly attractive. Fall is a beautiful season that fascinates with wonderful bright colors.

Fall Decoration with a Cute Scarecrow Made from Household Items

window box fall decoration ideas scarecrow and pumpkins

Make a scarecrow and display it in the middle of the window box. For the scarecrow you need scraps of fabric, a Styrofoam ball and fall leaves. Cut pants and shirt from the fabric, glue them together with hot glue and fill them with straw or Styrofoam. Attach the head and paint the face with permanent markers. Glue three wooden skewers together and attach them to the scarecrow’s back. Fold a fabric hat and glue the ends together. Decorate the figure with fall leaves.

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Pumpkin Decoration for the Window Box

diy fall window box decorating ideas

In garden centers you can find a mix of different ornamental pumpkins. They are annual plants used for decoration only. To make the pumpkins last really long in the window box, you can rub them with wax or spray them with hairspray. You should still turn the pumpkins regularly and always check for signs of rotting. At some point they will rot and should then be disposed of.

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Fall Window Box Decorating Ideas: DIY Pumpkins from Grape Vine Branches

fall window box decorating ideas pumpkins made from tree branches

Bend and tie grapevine branches together to make a durable pumpkin. To ensure that it keeps its shape, you can fix the branches with wood varnish or glaze at the end. Place a cloth bag in each pumpkin and fill it with sand. Thus, the decorative figures will not fall over even in the wind.

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Beautify the Window Box with Fall Flowers and Foliage

fall decorations for window boxes with ivy and pumpkins

Wonderfully colorful fall planters are a gem for the balcony. September and October are the right time to plant perennials. The temperatures are still mild and it rains frequently – two important conditions for rapid growth and root formation. This gives the young plants enough time until the first frost to adapt to the new location. Of course, you can also decorate your outdoor planters with natural treasures.

NB: A beautifully decorated flower box attracts attention. To ensure that the decorative pieces please the eye for a long time, they should be fixed well. Pay particular attention to safety, as heavy objects that slip from the window box and your balcony planers or tip over and fall in the wind could injure passers-by or cause damage to cars.

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