Trendy Women’s Combat Boots in 17 Looks for Fall-Winter 2023

by Kristiyana

A timeless classic for winter footwear, the trendy women’s combat boots warm our feet from fall to spring. And just because they return every season without ever losing their splendour, doesn’t mean that they are not influenced by new fashion trends. So what’s new in the women’s combat boot department this season? Which model to choose to hit the streets in style? And what to wear with these must-have ankle boots that we never get tired of?

Why Fall for Trendy Women’s Combat Boots This Fall-Winter 2023?

combat boot women trend shoes fall winter 2023 modern look

The military look has undoubtedly been the must-have trend in women’s shoes for several seasons now. And for this fall-winter 2023, the phenomenon will not change. With its XL notched soles and oversized look, the trendy women’s combat boots of the moment possess everything in order to please us. In addition to being super aesthetic, they are very easy to wear, day or night, summer or winter. Another major advantage is that they go with everything and can be worn everywhere: at the office, in the streets, in the evening, or even after the shows during Fashion Week 2023. But that’s not all. Thanks to their chunky soles, combat boots allow you to gain 5 cm in height, without losing comfort. Good news for those allergic to stiletto heels! And finally, it is a model that looks and feels warm when temperatures plummet. Here are our tips for finding the ideal pair for this season!

Which Model of Trendy Women’s Combat Boots Should You Choose?

best fashion women's military boots trend fashion black leather combat boots fall winter 2023


After the popularity of Dr. Martens boots, brands have understood this: women’s combat boots are among the fashion essentials that we wear every season. Consequently, the stores are full of varied models in different styles… So much so that we have difficulty choosing the one we want on our feet. Rangers or Chelsea boots, with laces or buckles, in (faux) leather or shiny vinyl, high or low, with heels or ultra-wide soles, with pointed or rounded toes, black or white, combat boots are available practically at infinity. The important thing is to choose them chunky enough, ranging between 5 and 7 cm, to have maximum style.

combat boots women's boots trend shoes fall winter 2023

Lace-Up Combat Ankle Boots

Thanks to fashion designers, lace-up combat ankle boots will be back this season. Flat or with heels, they are perfect for enhancing each silhouette. In leather or vinyl, with a chain or pockets like Prada, high or low, this pair is the most cutting-edge in terms of style!

Combat Boots with Wide Heels

Those who are allergic to stiletto heels but still want to gain a few extra centimetres, the XL heeled combat boots are made for you! In shiny or patent leather, choose them in black, so you can easily pair them with all your outfits.

women's combat trend boots soles padded glued leather black chelsea boots look fall 2023

Trendy Women’s Combat Boots with XL Soles

For a look that stands out, there’s nothing like women’s combat ranger-style boots with thick XL rubber soles. This is undoubtedly the strongest shoe trend for several seasons already. With them, you won’t go wrong.

trend combat boots in white women fashion fall 2023

White Combat Boots

Finally, white boots are back, but this season, in a military version. Easy to wear, they make an excellent alternative to white sneakers in winter when the cold sets in. Rangers or Chelsea style, flat or wide heel, lace-up or zip, in leather or vegan leather, white combat ankle boots will look great in the coming months!

How to Adopt the Women’s Boot Trend for Fall-Winter 2023? Outfit Ideas

how to wear women's trend shoes military boots combat leather black this fall winter 2023

From the first chills of fall, combat boots become the essential accessory to shake up an ultra feminine mid-season outfit which includes a leather mini-skirt or even a long and semi-transparent dress, very fashionable at the moment.

In winter, when temperatures drop, stylistic options multiply. Combine chunky boots with a flowing trench coat, a faux fur coat, a sleeveless open jacket or a turtleneck jumper worn under a wool overshirt. On the bottom side, if you’re tired of mom and boyfriend jeans, leather leggings or black skinny jeans will do the trick. In fact, it’s the black tight pants and combat boots that you should bet on when you’re short. The combination guarantees a visibly elongated silhouette.

chelsea boots women's military combat boots trend in black leather stylish dress fall winter 2023

How to Wear Them Every Day?

Another major advantage of combat boots? Whether you are team dress or team pants, both options are validated. Another idea? Pair your unsinkable boots with a trendy jacket, a pair of cargo pants and a crop top. They also go very well with the full denim look. In short, the secret to adopting the fall-winter 2023 shoe trend with style is to free yourself from old fashion beliefs!

how to wear women's combat boots trend autumn 2023 to the office

And at the Office?

In everyday life, at the office or even in the evening, women’s combat boots combine perfectly with several pieces of your wardrobe: long floral dress, midi skirt, flare leggings, leather shorts, trendy blazer, flowing trench coat, winter coat, etc. Our favourite combo, whether for the office or for a night out with the girls? Black leather combat boots with a slightly oversized pantsuit (or skirt) and a shoulder bag. Usually worn with pumps or wide sneakers, the women’s suit has a new favourite pair of shoes!

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The Best Looks with Combat Ankle Boots to Copy

trendy women's dress with military boots combat leather black

Women’s outfit with black combat boots with pockets

trend combat boots in leather pockets

Black Leather Chelsea Combat Boots

outfit idea woman with chelsea leather combat boots thick soles

White combat ankle boots with XL soles and pockets

outfit women boots combat white

Combat ankle boots with zip in vegan leather

women's dress trend winter 2023 combat boots military rangers dr martens

High combat boots with pockets and laces

fashion women's idea fall 2023 desk with combat ranger boots pockets leather black

Women’s combat boots in black patent leather

womenswear trend inspiration fashion week rangers combat boots in leather black

Lace-up high combat boots

combat boots in black leather women shoes modern dress

Low-top combat boots with XL vinyl soles 

modern women's dress trend fall 2023 shoes military rangers combat boots leather varnished

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