Overwintering Mandevilla: This Is How to Care for Laxa, Splendens and Sanderi Varieties in Fall

by Kremy

They are a real eye-catcher in the garden and on the balcony. But how to overwinter Mandevilla Laxa, Splendens and Sanderi and at what temperature do these species have to be kept indoors? Read our tips for overwintering Mandevilla varieties.

Overwintering Mandevilla Laxa

overwintering mandevilla laxa chilean jasmine

Chilean jasmine is a fragrant plant with white flowers that thrives outdoors in summer.

Is Mandevilla Laxa hardy? Mandevilla Laxa can withstand temporary frosts. It is particularly important that the plant does not get “cold feet” in September. Therefore, the container should be placed on a warm surface and kept on a spot as sunny as possible in early fall. A stone patio is therefore unsuitable. It is better to place the flower pot on wooden or Styrofoam coasters.

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At What Temperature to Overwinter?

overwintering potted mandevilla laxa when to get it indoors


When temperatures drop below 32F/0C degrees in October, Mandevilla has to go into winter quarters. Choose a room that is as bright as possible, where the temperature does not fall below 40F/5C at night and varies between 40 to 53F/5 to 12C during the day. A heated winter garden or a temperature-controlled greenhouse are best.

Prune Mandevilla Laxa in Fall or Not?

Pruning in fall is only recommended if your Mandevilla Laxa has become too tall for the winter quarters. However, the plant is not cut back severely, but rather brought into proper shape. Only in the exceptional case that the winter quarter is oriented to the north and, accordingly, darker in the fall and winter, you can prune Mandevilla. Otherwise, you can give the plant a maintenance pruning in March.

Caring for Mandevilla Laxa in Fall and Winter

mandevilla laxa care and pruning in fall

Stop fertilizing in the fall. Water the plant even in the winter quarters – the soil should remain moderately fresh. Water mandevilla only when necessary.

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When and How to Overwinter Mandevilla Splendens?

Mandevilla Splendens is an exotic climbing plant that cannot tolerate temperatures below 50F/10C. At temperatures between 32-50F/0-10C it sheds its leaves.

When to Bring Mandevilla Indoors?

It cannot tolerate even short-term frost and will die. Therefore, it should be moved into a heated greenhouse or a south-facing room as early as September, before the first frost. Overwinter Mandevilla Splendens in a bright and warm place – at room temperature.

Prune Mandevilla Splendens or Not?

mandevilla splendens overwintering in fall where and how

This Mandevilla variety does not need any pruning in fall. Sick and weak shoots are removed in spring. Strong and healthy branches are not shortened. Pruning could further weaken the plant after winter dormancy and make it more susceptible to disease.

Proper Care in Fall and Winter

Fall is the right time to repot Mandevilla. When doing this, you should avoid putting young plants in large containers. Because this will encourage renewed growth and exhaust the plant just before winter.

Mandevilla is watered less frequently in winter than in summer, about once every two weeks. The plant thrives best in rooms with high humidity. Since this is not always possible in winter, a trick comes to the rescue – spray the leaves with water twice a week so that they stay nice and moist.

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Overwintering Mandevilla Sanderi

mandevilla care and useful tips

The Mandevilla Sanderi is a compact climbing plant with hanging shoots. It cannot survive at all even in light frost. Therefore, bring it to the winter quarters as early as September. A bright, sunny room with a temperature between 46-53F/8- 12 C proves to be optimal. If it feels comfortable there, it will keep its foliage. However, if it sheds its leaves, this is an indication that the location is not suitable.

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Prune Mandevilla Sanderi

In contrast to the other two species, Mandevilla Sanderi can thrive when pruned. However, this should not be done in fall, but in spring. April is the right time to repot Mandevilla Sanderi.

Care for Mandevilla Sanderi in Fall and Winter

You should stop fertilizing in September. You can fertilize for the first time after pruning in the spring to encourage new growth. It is best to water the plant as needed during the dormant phase. Young plants and small specimens are watered every 8 days, and larger and older ones – every 10 days. Good drainage is an absolute must in winter. This species cannot tolerate waterlogging and is often attacked by fungi if not cared for properly.

Overwintering Mandevilla: The Most Important Things Summarized

overwintering mandevilla when and how fall care tips

The different Mandevilla species have similar requirements for their winter quarters: it should be light and warm. The optimal temperature range can vary depending on the Mandevilla variety, but is usually around 53F/12 C. Fertilizing stops from September and watering is at larger intervals in fall and winter. Pruning is not necessary unless the plant has diseased shoots or does not fit in the winter garden.

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