Women’s bob haircut fall-winter 2022 trend: Here are the 3 favorite styles of It-girls

by Kremy

It’s not true that short hair limits your styling options. On the contrary, a bob, a lob or even a pixie cut can give rise to creative styles that you wouldn’t consider on long hair. Just take a look at the inspirations in the images below to put your mind at ease! The season’s most striking looks almost all feature a shoulder-length cut, but that’s where the similarities end. Every 2022 women’s bob haircut represents a personal style, whether it’s old Hollywood glamour or this fall/winter’s newest trends. Here are 3 hairstyles that every trendy girl is embracing with her eyes closed right now!

Women’s bob haircut in 3 hot variations for this fall-winter 2022

boyfriend bob fall winter 2022

With fall in full swing and winter (and, whisper it, Christmas) approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about your end-of-year look. Nothing is more impactful or mentally transforming than a new hairstyle, whether you opt for a big cut or simply tie your hair in a different way. Whatever your aesthetic, there’s a world of options, and if the beginning of the year – which was defined by short haircuts – is an example to follow, the end will be just the same. The general mood? You might have guessed it, it’s a women’s bob cut inspired by the past, and mainly the 90s. DeaVita browsed the web to find out exactly which variations will be in style this fall-winter.

Boyfriend bob – the ‘it’ haircut for this fall-winter 2022

womens bob haircut 2022 boyfriend bob


Forget wavy braids and curls that graze the waist and shoulders. Right now, a hairstyle that’s both old and new is back in style, and it’s probably not what you expect. It’s the bob. But not just any bob, it’s the boyfriend bob.

Before your mind turns to the 1920s pixie cut or the shorter, choppier cuts that can sometimes be tricky to style, just know that, as the name suggests, the boyfriend bob is not your grandmother’s bob. In fact, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kaia Gerber, and Laura Harrier have recently been seen sporting this relatively low-maintenance, yet playful hairstyle. It is characterized by a square shape and a medium length that you can style very neatly or more casually.

The boyfriend bob is extremely square, so it best suits people who have a round or square face shape. Round faces can pull off any look, and for those with a square face and an angular jawline, create a softer edge by adding bangs.

Side-part bob – the ultra-glamorous 2022 trendy bob

fall winter 2022 hairstyle trend side part bob

Mainly with updos at the moment, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and JLo, but we’ve been seeing more side bangs lately with Billie Eilish and Megan Fox wearing them, so we feel like the side part is making a massive comeback for this season. As a result, the flipped bangs or side parted bob is about to become hugely popular, as short bobs remain one of the most requested cuts.

bob haircut woman side part bob fall winter 2022

We’ve seen the chic French bob invade our social media feeds, thanks to its low maintenance and endless charm, as well as the collarbone bob, which is a great compromise for those who don’t want to lose too many inches of their hair length. But there is something very cool about the short side parting. It can be elegant or bold and best of all, it suits all face shapes and can help frame features. Best of all, it’s exceptionally versatile. It works just as well on hair flipped to the side, Hollywood wave style, with a tousled texture, as it does on slicked back hair with a wet finish.

Airy bob – the fall-winter 2022 women’s bob haircut that gives volume

short airy bob fall winter 2022 2023 trends

With a good haircut, you can take it easy on the style, because the shape will do the heavy lifting. A good example? The airy bob – so named because the skillful layering and shaping results in a cut so light, voluminous and airy, that it defies gravity.

short airy bob fall winter 2022

What distinguishes the airy bob? Next-level volume and movement. Essentially, you want a classic bob that will turn heads. If you have thick hair, you’ll need to take some weight off to make it easier to achieve the style you want. If you have fine hair, it’s best to cut it at an angle and use a spray that gives volume and hold.



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