How to modernize your home with the new IKEA October 2022 collection?

by Kremy

October is all about coziness, comfort and family gatherings. That’s exactly what the new IKEA October 2022 collection is all about! Today we’re going to take a look at the Scandinavian brand’s new items that will instantly modernise your home for less. You’ll find incredible colors, textures and patterns inspired by nature. What’s more, the new collection has a retro feel and ethnic patterns that make you feel like you’re in your grandmother’s house. What could be better than that? Discover below the key elements and how to implement them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and even your entryway! Trust me, it’s definitely worth your attention!

The new IKEA October 2022 collection combines history and creativity

minimalist style decorative LED lamp

There’s something really intriguing about this collection from IKEA. It’s like opening your album of memories. We feel comfortable, loved and safe. Whether you choose one or all of the products, you can certainly create that atmosphere in your home too.

Ikea aims to connect the interior with the exterior. With the wonderful designs and color palettes, cushions, furniture and all the little accessories, your home can turn into the fairy garden of your dreams. You can even add some real plants in pots to enhance this effect. Some of the best options include Dracaena trifasciata (Snake plant), Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant or aroid palm), and Guzmania.

Interior design 2022 – 2023: What materials are trendy?

modern carpet folklore IKEA 2022 scandinavian carpet


It doesn’t matter if your home is designed in an industrial or minimalist style, these rugs can add a vibrant yet cozy touch to it. You can choose between two options:

CYKELVÄG – this rug includes elements of Scandinavian folklore and is made from synthetics. Its advantage is that it is very easy to clean, as it is stain resistant.

BRÖNDEN – this one comes in two colors and the great thing is that it’s handmade from natural materials. Another key advantage is that this rug has a design called “color block” which is super trendy this year.

When it comes to fabrics, at IKEA everything is designed in a practical way. It’s not just the design that brightens up any home, it’s also about the feel of the fabric and how you care for it, how it’s made, and how durable it is. It’s amazing how affordable an eco-friendly product can be. If you check out the rest of the collection, you’ll see towels and bed sheets dyed with plants like saw palmetto, and cushions made from various scraps from textile production.

New IKEA collection October 2022: Trendy colors

modern and minimalistic living room ikea trends

The IKEA 2022 collection includes colors like yellow and red and cooler tones like blue and green. These colors are all inspired by nature, and instead of being bold, they are earthier. In this way, they create a soothing and warm atmosphere. Imagine setting them up in your reading nook or in the bedroom… There’s no better place to relax on a rainy day.

How to decorate the house to create a cozy atmosphere?

modern living room 2022 2023 in olive green with trendy wallpaper and paintings

Mixing soft, solid textures and earthy colors gives the home a vibrant character. To create a harmonious design, you have several options in IKEA’s “October 2022” mini catalog. TRÅGSPINNARE curtains, for example, have botanical patterns that look like retro wallpapers, but bring a classic, neat look to the room.

They are a great choice to get you ready for winter. They combine perfectly with KRÅKRISMOTT bed linen. If you prefer to integrate it into the decoration of the living room, then the ESSEBODA sofa could be right for you. The ESSEBODA sofa has a wonderful shade of deep blue that can easily be adapted to a Scandinavian living room, in industrial interior and even a room with a bohemian chic design.

Find more home decorating ideas in the photos below

wall decoration with dried plants

Olive green is one of the trendiest colors of the fall-winter 2022/2023 season.

simple and inexpensive solutions to furnish a small home entrance

Mustard yellow is another trendy hue that can warm up your interior.

How to decorate the living room in october to create a warm ambience

Hang an ALMARÖD mirror on your hallway wall to make it look bigger.

How to modernize your house with low cost products

HÖVISK lanterns are truly magical. They can decorate your interior as well as your exterior.

home decoration modern trend IKEA 2022 2023

The PINNTORP dining set has a deep red color representing the colors of fall.

decorating the living room and dining room rugs IKEA

The HEMNES cupboard offers stylish storage for all your belongings.

trendy furniture 2022 IKEA fall catalogue 2023

BIRKELÅNGA products offer a warm and friendly welcome.

new collection IKEA 2022 fall winter 2023

This wonderful blend of shades of green makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the woods.

new IKEA October 2022 collection for the bedroom

Linen, cotton and wool are the key elements of the season.

modern living room 2023 with ethnic patterns

Go back to basics with plant dyed textiles.

olive green or blue colored towel


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